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MOB Mentality

Let’s face it, looks are important. It is often said that first impressions are lasting impressions and nothing strikes your attention first than physical appearance. In many situations the way a person presents him/herself can say a lot about the kind person he/she may be, which is why dressing appropriately is always taken into great consideration.

The same applies to cars, and more often than not, car enthusiasts pay more attention to their rides rather than their own selves. It couldn’t be simpler, with vinyl wrapping becoming a quick and easy solution to dynamically change the appearance of your vehicle, and companies like MOB.Design Decals offer these services to suit each individual customization at affordable prices.

Most of you would already be familiar with the MOB brand, not only for their vinyl wrap work on various vehicles, but also for their annual ‘MOB.FEST’ event. And if you have attended any of these events (or similar) you may have spotted this little Daihatsu Charade.

The guys at MOB put together this little beauty as their show car and makes for one of the more unique JDM machines to be featured here. The Charade certainly has presence with its widebody kit, exposed louvered hood vents, rear bumper cutouts, yellow lights, and 15-inch Work Meister CR-01 wheels, giving it an imposing stance. But to make a lasting impression the boys do what they do best and sticker up the car with an eye-catching one-off design. Nothing over-the-top, instead cleverly matching contrasting colours.

The big red ‘Turbo’ on the grille isn’t just for show, rather it hints of the motor which lies beneath. Straight from a GTti Turbo model is the top of the line CB80 993cc DOHC inline 3-cylinder turbocharged engine offered for the Charade and now finds its home in the MOB-mobile. The engine bay is a paring of orange and blue, yet somehow it works for this car.

The engine has been fully rebuilt and now supports a RHFB5 turbocharger which is fed with a HKS air filter. All the piping is made from stainless steel and attaches to a Blitz Super Sound blow-off valve and a HKS front mount intercooler which is hidden away by the front bumper. Internally the head has a custom adjustable cam pulley which means the car definitely has some serious grunt to it. This also necessitated the installation of a HKS double layer radiator and a GReddy oil catch tank.

A GReddy E-Manage Blue is utilized for tuning the engine, proving once again that proper tuning always requires the appropriate hardware regardless of engine size and capacity. Now all that power needs to be carefully monitored for the driver, and the equipment to take the task includes an Apexi RSM, boost meter, water temp, and oil press gauge.

A lightweight hatchback with a turbocharged engine is the ideal recipe for a punchy little car. But the ace up its sleeve is actually the drivetrain – a close ratio gearbox with a Daihatsu Coure final drive, which puts power to its Yokohama PARADA Spec-2 tyres. Combined with a Tein suspension and L5 brakes make it a very fast and agile machine which can hold its own around corners as well.

The guys at MOB certainly caught everyone’s attention by turning this unassuming vehicle into a lethal demo car. It represents their philosophy of encouraging motorsports for the local scene and proves that you can build a performance car from any base vehicle that also looks good enough to be show worthy.

Car: Daihatsu Charade G11 Turbo

Engine: CB80 993cc DOHC inline 3-cylinder turbocharged from a GTti Turbo, fully rebuilt engine, RHFB5 turbocharger, HKS air filter, Turbosmart boost controller, Blitz Super Sound blow-off valve, custom adjustable cam pulley, HKS front mount intercooler, stainless steel piping, HKS double layer radiator, GReddy oil catch tank

Transmission: Close ratio gearbox with a Daihatsu Coure final drive

Electronics: GReddy E-Manage Blue, Apexi RSM Black Edition, Apexi Turbo Timer pen, Apexi boost meter, NRG water temp, NRG oil press

Chassis & Handling: Tein Swift Cultus

Brakes: L5 brakes

Wheels & Tyres: Work Meister CR-01 wheels (15 x 9jj, PCD 100), Yokohama PARADA Spec-2 tyres

Interior: Stock

Exterior: Daihatsu G11 Turbo widebody with Mob Design decals

Garage: MIG Autogarage, GT Auto, Mob Performance Parts, Ijal Exhaust

Words: Sean Eu
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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