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Mega-lo-MINI-act!!! – MINI 1971/1994

In between its myriad of Hollywood appearances, the Marvelous Mini, with a prolific almost 40 years production run, a total of 5,387,862 cars manufactured, have transcended one important era after another, and in doing so have successfully redefined itself from a mass-market commute to a fashionable icon loved the world over.

Although it had quite a bit to do with the many ‘special editions’ launched exclusively for the British market throughout the 1980s right up to the 90s, the design essence of the Mini – its ultra compact dimensions coupled to an evergreen style that remained fresh and trendy all the way through the swinging 60s, the 1970s, and right through the 80s and the 90s before production ends symbolically on October 2000, epitomizes its natural tenacity despite its diminutiveness.

Now I’m sure being tenacious or being scrutinized 24-7 weren’t what the man which this stunning matte black finish MINI right here belongs to, had in mind when he sets about re-engineering & restoring this 1994 re-bodied 1971 Mini into the handsomely groomed new Mini Classic draped in bespoke designer suit from Zeemax – UK’s famed aerodynamicist known especially for its conversions and bodykits for the Classic Mini, as in Zeemax’ classier take of a feistier widebody Mini on steroids.

Sporting the full complements of Zeemax Mini bodykit – the front & rear bumper, pair of sideskirts , blistering wheel arches (a set of 4) the indispensible roof spoiler and that reinforced composite hood leading to that brushed silver grill & lighting façade, simply a class act. Of course with the Mini all the killer bodywork in the world wouldn’t cut it without a ‘right’ set of wheels, which the owner takes to be a custom 13 inch JRD retro style spokes 7J width and +10mm offset wrapped with A539 175/50/13 Yokohamas. Additional exterior extras are: 7″ LED Headlights, LED Taillights and Custom Clear Rear Taillights Cover.

Since we’re taking in the visual delight that this compact pseudo retro raunchy mobile worthy of Austin Powers the man himself in the flesh, let’s move right along into its superbly well appointed innards, starting with the carbon fiber compliments covers the door panels, rear panel and the dashboard, of which a speck of gauges adorns the custom it – Autometer Ultra-Lite Gauges, plus a slew of Defi gauges compliments. Other key extras apart from the smack bang in-your-face obvious Recaro N-Joy seats, Mountney steering with removable kit and 11 point roll cage, includes green, red & amber warning lights and Multicomp MCR17-10B toggle switches.

Now on to the serious stuff; the multiple ‘remix’ engine features a number of different donors: the Mira L200S Engine Head and 5 speed manual LSD gearbox (equipped with Exedy clutch) the former having undergone CNC dimple ported by Nasty Port Flow. Then there’s the block and crankshaft from the L700 (fifth gen Cuore), with up-rated innerworkings consisting of: 72mm Nissan March Super Turbo 72mm pistons, Tomei Conrods, Daido Conrod Bearings, RIK Piston Rings. The cams are Matspeed 280 degrees while the crank pulley comes from Works.

Upgrades were also made to the fuel system: DeatschWerks 320 LPH, Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors, Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator, Golden Eagle fuel rail etc; intake: Lancer GSR throttle body, custom intake manifold, K&N air filter; exhaust: custom 2 into 2.5 into 3 inches straight thru exhaust system, Cooling: Sard 52mm Aluminum Radiator, WRX STi Spec C 12 litres Intercooler Water Spray Tank, SPAL 11″ Straight Blade Low Profile Fan, RX-7 oil cooler. Further power increment comes from the addition of HKS GT2510 turbo. The engine mods also feature a torque damper which reduces engine vibrations affecting the chassis. Check out the full spec sheet in the Hyperfacts.

A premium selection of cutting edge Haltech components topped by the Haltech Platinum 1000 engine management, Haltech Autospec 2.5m/8ft flying lead harness (with Haltech fuse box with 6 circuits), Haltech 4 Bar GM MAP Sensor and Haltech Air Temp Sensor. Continuing right along to the handling, this Mega Mini runs on KONI Lowered Height Dampers (Front and Rear), Mini spares ball joint kit, front & rear geometry suspension pack, poly bump stop and front sway bars. PBR Brake Pump made up the sole upgrade for the brakes.

And there’s one final kicker right here folks as according to the owner “there are surely others which are not listed as it’s still some minor work in progress.”

Go figure.


Engine Mods:
L200S Engine Head (CNC dimple ported by Nasty Port Flow), L700 Block (Bored), L700 Crankshaft (Balanced), Works Crank Pulley, Sard 52mm Aluminum Radiator, DEI Reflect-A-GOLD – Heat Reflective Tape on firewall, Nissan March Super Turbo 72mm Pistons, Tomei Conrods, ARP Bolts, Daido Conrod Bearings, RIK Piston Rings, L700 Oil Pump, Matspeed 280 degrees Camshaft, HKS GT2510 Turbo Custom Exhaust Manifold, Custom Intake Manifold, DeatschWerks 320 LPH, Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors, Sard FPR, Golden Eagle Fuel Rail, RX-7 Oil Cooler, K&N Air Filter, Section Engine Torque Damper (EK9), Lancer GSR Throttle Body, WRX STi Spec C 12 litres Intercooler Water Spray Tank, SPAL Fuse Relay, SPAL 11″ Low Profile Fan – Straight Blade – Pull, New Fuel tank float, Custom straight through exhaust system (2″ to 2.5″ to 3″), Stinger 300Amp Circuit Breaker

Haltech Platinum 1000, Haltech Autospec 2.5m/8ft flying lead harness (with Haltech fuse box with 6 circuits), Haltech 4 Bar GM MAP Sensor (inc plug & pins), Haltech Air Temp Sensor – 1/8 NPT Thread (inc plug & pins)

L200S 5 Speed Manual LSD Gearbox, Exedy clutch

Mini Spares Ball Joint Kit, Mini Spares Suspension Pack Of Geometry Items (Front & Rear), Mini Spares Poly Bump Stop, KONI Lowered Height Dampers (Front & Rear), Front Sway Bars

PBR Brake Pump

Wheels & Tires:
13″ X 7J +10mm custom JRD wheels, Yokohama A539 175/50/13

Mountney Steering and Removable Kit, Recaro N-Joy (RHS & LHS), Carbon Fiber Door Panels, Carbon Fiber Rear Panel, Carbon Fiber Dashboard, Autometer Ultra-Lite Gauges (Speed 4489-M, Tacho am4498 and Fuel am4310), Warning Lights (Green, Red and Amber), Multicomp MCR17-10B(BLK) – 4pcs, Defi Boost Meter, Defi Oil Temp Meter, Defi Water Temp Meter, Defi Oil Pressure Meter, 11 Point Roll Cage

Full Zeemax bodykit: front & rear bumper, sideskirts, wheel arches (a set of 4), roof spoiler & reinforced composite hood

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