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Mansory Draped Fezza

Question: How do you make a gorgeous woman stand out in a crowd more than she already does? You drape her in the finest deep cut high slit dress from one of the biggest names in the fashion business. This guarantees that she’ll be the focus of every camera lens and without a doubt, the limelight of the night.

Cars aren’t so much different. The exact same concept, albeit with a couple of obvious alterations, applies to our favourite mode of transport. The only chink in the armour is, with a car as extravagant and outlandish as the Ferrari 458, what could you possibly do to it to feed your desire to pop. Cue, Mansory.

A bit of history, Mansory is a German company with rich history in accessorizing and tuning of automobiles. Starting off back in the early 90’s by with British marquees such as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin, Mansory has since moved up in the world by expanding their influences to almost any high end car maker. You name it, and they’ve got a Mansory kit for it. Mansory primarily produces extravagant carbon fibre bodykits, down from a bumper to extremely rare wheel designs, that often completely change the design intended by the original factory designers. To the match the bespoke new outlook, Mansory supplies a high-end performance tuning package as well.

What you see here, in a stunning shade of Giallo Modena, is called the Mansory 458 Italia Siracusa. The Mansory Siracusa package transforms the, now ordinary looking, factory 458 into a carbon clad weapon of a machine. I mean, look at it. It’s almost as if the Siracusa was designed by someone who looked at the 458 and thought “Meh, not wild enough” and then went berserk on Photoshop.

At this point, it’s important to note that the entire Mansory Siracusa body kit is made of carbon fibre. In this application you can note that with the visible carbon fibre on the front bonnet. Make no mistake, that is by design to tease a bit of carbon fibre and not a mere “wrap”. The aggressive Enzo-esque front end is taken up a notch with canards, air scoops and vents that run along the wheel arch parallel to the headlamps. The side skirts have with them air vents that channel into the mid mounted V8 of the prancing horse.

The rear, oh yes the rear end. A true work of art. Trailing down from the carbon fibre roof is the carbon fibre engine cover that simply bursts in contrast to the yellow of the body and continues underneath the engine cover as well. The aurbox cover, engine compartment cover and engine cover is all carbon fibre-fied.

The stock 458 doesn’t come with a wing due to the witchcraft levels of engineering gone into the chassis. That hasn’t stopped Mansory though. The rear wing is not only work of art given it’s unique double decked design, it also manages to not come off as ostentatious but rather, functional. The carbon mania continues inside with a carbon fibre interior and and the highly sought after carbon seats. Now this begs the question, how many Mansory kitted cars does Malaysia have?

A quick shout out to Xing Sing the angelic model with the Mansory 458. Why her? Because she’s one of the winners from Works Model Search and of course, a car of this stature needs a model of epic proportions.

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