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Maniac Orange VTEC Monster

It’s a struggle to mod the hell out of your road legal baby without being scared at every roadblock, so to solve that issue, get a proper track only car and go nuts with it.

Every car guy will dream of becoming a race car driver at least once but not many have the privilege but if you somewhat come across a chance to become one, don’t think twice and just do it. Nothing feels more surreal than doing what you’ve dreamed of.

The Integra DC5 is the last of its generation and it is relatively rare to find one in Malaysia but this particular car takes that rarity and kicks it up a notch, maybe two. Sure you can find a Type S or a Type R body if you search hard enough and since the Integra DC5 doesn’t have any limited edition model but little did you know, this orange DC5 is a proper Mugen DC5 Macau Cup car, hence it’s rare.

As a proper Cup car, you know this build is going to be function over form. Every panel, holes, modifications up to the interior serve a purpose and with the owner choosing simplicity makes it stand out in a world of wide-bodies and extreme aerodynamics. Like all cup cars, this DC5 has an AP Racing Air Jack and that makes pit stop less of a hassle.

At the time the DC5 was launch, it may very well be the fastest front-wheel-drive car on sale. Under the hood of the DC5 lies Honda’s K20A N/A engine that revs up to its 8,600 rpm limiter. The stock engine is claimed to have a peak output of 220hp and 206Nm of torque but for this build purpose, even the Type-R parts wouldn’t cut it. The stock block was replaced with a Super 90sleeved block but retains the standard 86mm bore and 86mm stroke. The standard pistons were replaced with Wiseco HD 86mm high comp pistons paired with Carrillo I beam forged rods. The standard oil pump was modified to withstand the higher revs that this car can do.

With the bottom end build, it’s time to build the top end and to start with that, the head is port & polished by Nasty Portflow, a set of Drag Cartel 3:2 camshafts were installed along with Super Tech valve spring and retainer kit. Put this head together with the build bottom end and you have now gained a high revving VTEC monster. Skunk 2 Ultra Street intake manifold paired with Skunk 2 74mm throttle body sucks in loads od air which is later expelled through a Mugen header and 3-inch exhaust system. The fuel system was also upgraded with an RDX 410cc injector fed by the Walbro 255Lph in-tank fuel pump. To deter any fuel surge during hardcore track attack, a custom surge tank with Bosch 044 external pump is installed. The cooling system remains stock but the stock radiator is replaced with an aftermarket one by Koyorad.

The entire setup is tuned using the Hondata S3000 engine management system and the magical numbers it made on the dyno was kept secret but we do know that it is way more than the stock figures. With a better powerband and torque curve, the owner chooses to install the OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch in order to harness the extract all the power without the clutch slipping. The gear changes in this car are made to be more frequent thanks to the super short 5.06 final drive ratio and the H Drive 3,4,5 & 6 short ratio gears keep the DC5 in the rev range in its optimum powerband.

A proper race car isn’t just about the power but it also requires the similar attention on its handling therefore to complement the more powerful high-revving engine and short six-speed gearbox, the DC5 needs to stiffen its chassis and it is done by a full Mugen rollcage made of Chromoly which is light but at the same time strong enough to take a beating. With the added rollcage, this DC5 race car is now capable to withstand the beating of the BC Racing ZR 3 way coilovers. A set of wider Work Emotion wheels wrap in 255/40/17 Hankook RS4 were installed and these combos were so sticky that the DC5 cornering speed mind-blowingly fast.

Behind those front wheels are a set of ATS 6 pot racing brakes while the rear remains stock. A complete set of Endless Endurance pads were installed to ensure no brake fade under continuous harsh braking condition. To reduce the brake sensitivity and make the pedal feel firmer, the Tilton Brake Booster Delete kit was install and it really improves the car’s braking control.

Inside the cockpit, there isn’t a whole lot of things going around but one look and you’ll know that this is a professionally prepared racecar setup. This DC5 is equipped with a Sparco Rev XL bucket seat, Sparco steering wheel, Defi Oil Temp & Oil Press gauge, Pivot Speed Meter and a Sparco FIA fire extinguisher (safety first). The cabin is done in a way that all of the essentials for the driver is where it should be without distracting the driver while he is going all out on the track.

How a race car gets its attention is simply by being fast rather than sitting still looking all pretty. When you slow down and pick every single detail that has gone into creating this track machine, you will figure out that you really don’t need much, function is greater than form and that phrase itself is a beauty which is clearly shown in this DC5 race car.


Car : Honda Integra DC5 Mugen Macau Cup Car

Engine modification : Super 90 sleeved block, Stock 86mm crank, Carrillo I beam forged rods, Wiseco HD 86 13.0 compression pistons, Oem Honda main and conrod bearing, OEM Honda head gasket, OEM Oil pump modified for high rev, Head port polished by nasty portflow, Drag cartel 3:2 camshaft, Super tech valvespring n retainer kit, Skunk 2 ultra street intake manifold, Skunk 2 74mm t/body, Mugen header compete with 3 inch exhaust system, RDX 410 cc injector, Walbro 255 intank pump, Custom surge tank with Bosch 044 external pump. Custom full braided an-8 lines for fuel system, Koyorad Radiator

Electronic : Hondata S3000

Transmission : OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch, 5.06 Final Drive, H Drive 3,4,5,6 Short Ratio

Brakes : ATS 6 Pot front disc, Stock DC5 rear brake, Endless Endurance Pads, Tilton Brake Booster Delete Kit

Suspension : BC Racing ZR 3 Way Coilover, AP Racing Air Jack

Rim & Tyre : Work Emotion 17x9jj, Hankook RS4 255/40/17

Interior : Mugen Chromoly Rollcage, Sparco Rev XL Bucket Seat, Sparco Steering, Sparco FIA fire extinguisher, Pivot Speed Meter, Defi Oil Temp, Defi Oil Press

Garage : Millenium Motorsport Asia

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