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Major Modified Mayhem – Megane 4XX HP

What more can we say about the RenaultSport-badged Megane that haven’t been verbally and written for the record as well as off the record, by automobile pundits and critiques the world over. Time and time again this larger than life performance hatch has received one thumbs-up after another from even the most hard to impress race drivers.

Among the countless reviews, anecdotes, comments, outbursts of emotion, off-the-cuff remarks, back-handed jibes, or even one syllable yelp denoting indescribable ecstasy, that littered the worldwide web, I’d figure we ought to partake one excerpt from a UK automobile website as per what superlatives the Megane RS possess and why it is that good.

“Like all the best hot hatches, flooring it feels like a natural, progressive step; the Mégane is about as friendly as a front-drive car capable of almost 160mph can be; Few cars, including those far distant from the Mégane’s asking price, equal its conviction that hard and flat-out fast are the only way to driving enlightenment. Confined to a road, fewer still compel you to find – and exploit – their outer limits with such a faultlessly friendly disposition.”

From this verbatim comment it would eventually compel any individuals with a tendency for getting their jocks off by going fast in their cars to accept, acknowledged and (whether submissively or begrudgingly) admire the Megane RS that is the current benchmark in its class, the standard by which others are measured against. For most car owners and enthusiasts the Megane RS in its factory guise is all the car with all the speed and all the potency their own real world would ever need. And for the most part that observation is spot on, and true as ever. For the most part anyway.

But this is not exactly a conservative publication now is it? it isn’t exactly the sort that fits the government’s lame concept of what constitutes an automobile. This highly accomplished Sepang conqueror belongs to one member of the highly select one-make club known as RS Collectif – a RenaultSport car owners club that counts SIC as its second home. We have chronicled RS Collectif in our club feature, and it goes without saying that what we can all read into that is they’re among the most accomplished track enthusiasts, with close collaboration with our own racing pros. Should you be intrigued enough to know more then you should make good and productive use of that data of yours and seek out RS Collectif to your heart’s content.

Anyway being a designer by profession the owner of this smartly tailored Megane knows what looks good and obviously his Megane is a manifestation of his tastes and preferences. Without much in the way of extra aero additions except for a GT wing and lowered stance along with black alloys gives his Megane RS retains most of the original look. The lower ride height coupled to the RenaultSport’s brooding stylized presence gives it a more potent and menacing looks, and as it turns out on the track, it was indeed potent and a real menace, winning the recent Euro Showdown in the Touring category.

Apart from the owner’s own well honed driving talent, that richly deserved trophy was attributed to a number of key mods on his Megane; the stock suspension was replaced with a multi adjustable Nitron R3 kit fine tuned by Nexus Racing – a mighty name in the region’s GT racing circle. There’s also adjustable anti-roll bars front and back, along with rear camber plates. Brakes are a combination of oversized PFC rotors, CCRG pads and Brembo mono bloc 4 pot calipers, with K-Tec brake lines.

Power upgrades are substantial to say the least: forged engine components, bigger bespoke turbocharger system consisting custom ‘plug & play’ hybrid ball bearing turbo, a pair each of external wastegates (Turbosmart) and BOV – Tial Q50 and HKS SSQV Racing, upgraded intercooler (Forge tropical climate intercooler with full aluminum piping) plus Kenstomoto intercooler and radiator water bar spray system. Then there’s the open –pod air filter from K&N, full 3 inch exhaust system (Everco custom), plus Snow performance stage 2 water methanol injection kit among others. Running on RS tuning custom remap plus GT Auto programmed Unichip this Megane registered and I quote 4XX hp dynoed on the 2 liter F4RT engine.

Read into that what you will but you can however read the full mod list just below in order to truly appreciate the depth and class of this truly special RS Collectif Megane. But that is in no way a prerequisite to genuine admiration.

Renault Megane RS

Engine mods:
Forged engine components, CNC port and polish, Snow performance stage 2 water methanol injection, Forge tropical climate intercooler with full aluminium intercooler piping, Kenstomoto intercooler and radiator water bar spray system, Kenstomoto metal cage short shifter, Custom plug and play hybrid ball bearing turbo, Dual Turbosmart external wastegates, Dual BOV – Tial Q50 and HKS SSQV Racing, K&N Open pod intake, Everco custom 3″ full exhaust system, 850cc Injectors, Lightweight battery

Kenstomoto metal cage short shifter, Custom clutch type LSD

RS Tuning custom remap, Unichip with 5 custom maps by GT Auto

Nitron R3 with 3 way compression and rebound adjustments and external canisters, refined revision by Nexus Racing, Superpro front and rear adjustable anti roll bar, Kenstomoto rear camber plates

Brembo mono bloc 4 pot calipers with PFC oversized rotor and CCRG brake pads, K-Tec stainless steel brake lines, Endless RF650

Kenstomoto custom full carbon fibre GT Wing

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