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M Worthy 330i

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is one of the most tastefully modified F30’s out there. From appearances alone, it is staggering to look at without seeming vulgar.

Best part about it is that most of what you see are upgrades from within the BMW family itself. The front bumper is from an M3, carbon hood mirrors that on the GTS, carbon trunk takes inspiration from the CSL ducktail design paired with an AC Schnitzer carbon roof spoiler and Vorsteiner carbon wing. Sitting centimetres from the ground at the front and rear is a carbon VRZ front lip and M.A.D carbon rear diffuser respectively. As a result of these, the road presence of this Bimmer is absolutely wicked. It looks the part of a playboy cruising the streets at midnight looking for a fight just for the sake of it.

So you rock up in this OG looking bimmer at a car meet or a convoy and everybody be waiting for you to “payung”. This is where the talk becomes the walk. Everyone is waiting to see if you have the performance to match the looks. I’d like to think that this is the moment where a little grin forms on the face of this F30 owner. With the click of a button, the Everco valvetronic exhaust system flicks open for more flow and the grin widens. Floor it and the traction control symbol pops on the dash almost instantly as it struggles to handle the monumental torque being chucked down. Long story short, everyone is left in awe in a cloud of tyre smoke and his dust.

The reason this 330i run near M car figures is down to a Bootmod3 Stage 2 ecu tune by AktivTuningHaus and equivalent XHP gearbox tune by the same workshop. The turbo breathes freely thanks to an FTP charge pipe and intake pipe with a BMW drop in air filter. Given the added boost, a CSF radiator is also installed for sensible usability. Some of you may be wondering what in the world Bootmod3 is, it’s not a typo don’t worry. Bootmod3 is a specialised BMW ecu tuner, popular overseas and slowly garnering attention here as well. These guys don’t pride themselves in the largest output but more for a smoother power band, reliability and being able to put down the power.

Rather than going to an aftermarket manufacturer for a brake system upgrade, homebred M performance big brake kit found it’s way into this car. Four pistons front and 2 pistons for the rear, clamped down on by Endless MX72 brake pads. This amount of braking force is the right amount for this car’s performance allowing the driver to not over brake himself, rather harness and command the available power. The braking force is assisted with a full set of Goodridge steel braided hoses.

Playing a major role in this car’s sick appearance is the 18″ O.Z Ultraleggera wheels. My god, take a moment to soak them in. They compliment the massive callipers perfectly and are staggered with 235 and 265 section AD08Rs front and rear respectively. With the drive train and grip sorted out, we come to the guys in the middle, the suspension. Stock system, although it is amazing already, simply will not cut it so the owner resorted to a veteran in the adjustable game, Bilstein. Bilstein have decades of experience in BMW’s and were a clear choice. The Bilstein B16 coilover suspension was chosen and installed. Along with it went in a H&R anti roll bar, Ultra Racing engine strut bar and Utmost Downforce Underbrace bar. Ahhh the good stuff. Not too rigid but firmed up.

From the office, it’s a full M affair, aside from the M-DCT gear shifter of course. M Performance Alcantara interior sets the serious tone and is accompanied with an M Performance Steering 2 with shift light indicators running along the top. Race car vibes. The shifter paddles are from Autotecknic for better access and the driver monitors the boost level from a Podi boost gauge.
In all honesty, I am a hardcore BMW fan and be that as it may, I am rarely drawn towards modified BMWs because I hold a great deal of respect to M cars. But after looking at the tuning approach this F30 has taken, it deserves respect.

Car: BMW F30 LCI 330i

Engine: Bootmod3 Stage 2 ECU tune by AktivTuningHaus, XHP gearbox tune by AktivTuningHaus, BMC drop in air filter, FTP charge pipe, FTP Intake pipe, CSF radiator, Everco full custom valvetronic exhaust

Wheels & Tyres: 18″ O.Z Ultraleggera, Yokohama AD08R Front 235/40/18 Rear 265/35/18

Chassis & Handling: Bilstien B16 coilover suspension, H&R Anti Rollbar, UR engine strut bar,Utmost Downforce Underbrace bar

Brakes: Mperformance big brake kit, Front 4pot Rear 2pot, Goodridge SSBH, Endless MX72 brake pads

Interior: Full M Performance carbon Alcantara interior, M Performance Steering 2 with shift light indicator, Podi Boost Gauge, Autotecknic Competition Shift Paddles

Exterior: Carbon GTS design hood, M3 design bumper, Carbon VRS front lip, Custom design fenders, M-Sport side skirt, Carbon OMS rocker panel, M-Sport rear bumper, M.A.D carbon rear diffuser, AC Schnitzer carbon roof spoiler, Carbon Vorsteiner wing, Carbon CSL Design Trunk

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