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Little Rascal

It’s apparent that all our readers are aware of the popularity of compact vehicles that have been earmarked for modifications these days. There has been a huge following of compact cars as we know it amongst our local enthusiasts, ever since the inception our very own Perodua Kancil. There was no looking back since.

Before the Kancil came into the picture, other foreign compacts such as the Toyota Starlet, the Suzuki Swift, the Daihatsu Charade all but cast shadows on the other minions of the compact category. Lightweight, nippy handling and in most cases turbocharged; it was the recipe for an exhilarating success which did not take long to grow in the hearts of us thrill seekers.

With multiple various transplants made available with more powerful, turbo-aspirated engines and endless supply of aftermarket parts, it wasn’t hard to see why more and more embarked on the K-car journey. Back to our local favourite the Kancil, it’s not rocket science to devise why most people opted for this pint-sized machine for some obscene power upgrade.

One such example is this Kancil we have here; whose owner is a mechanic who lives for such compact cars as his machine has been built and nurtured with the love and dedication only comparable to that of a mother. Blessed with the impeccable knowledge of a full-time mechanic, Amir the owner of this car has put his machine through many trials and errors before achieving such an end result.

Among the notable elements in his formula to turbocharged success is the 1000cc EJ-DE block from another local favourite road runner, the Perodua Kelisa, which has a bigger displacement compared to the 660cc engine from the L200S model. Inside the 1000cc Kelisa block are 75mm pistons from a Honda while the original camshafts have also been replaced with those of higher duration with adjustable cam pulleys for adjustments on the camshafts.

With bigger pistons in place, the engine’s fuel supply has also been upgraded with a Walbro fuel pump unit along with 390cc injectors to quench the thirst of this new Franken-engine while a custom fuel regulator is ensures fuel pressure remains constant. In reducing the risk of generating excess turbo pressure, the blow-off valve and a 35mm Mine’s wastegate has been fitted to expel the excess compressed air.

This then brings us to the main source of this lightning quick Kancil, as its power lies with its larger than life Garret AR50 turbo, along with a custom ‘banana’ manifold, followed by the 2.5” stainless steel piping and a 3” muffler. Finally, cooling the turbocharged air is the AVS intercooler.

Besides the mechanical hardware, its software also contributes significantly to this Cili Padi’s mind-bending power delivery. This includes the A’PEXi S-AFC which allows for adjustments to the air/fuel mixture. Other parts of this Kancil’s brain are the HKS EVC (Electronic Valve Controller) and the HKS FCD (Fuel Cut Defencer).

Putting down power to the ground via the two front wheels is a gearbox from a Daihatsu Charade, which has been beefed up with an Exedy custom racing clutch, this allows every bit of power to be utilized and delivered in a smoother fashion whilst providing more crisp gear engagements. Speaking of power delivery, the Advan RG wheels matched with Falken Azenis tires significantly improves on the traction of this little rascal.

The simple and functional interior consisting of SSCUS bucket seats and a few analog indicators has been well complemented with the Moderna bodykit on the outside which gives the aging Kancil a breath of fresh air. Look no further if you’re already a K-car enthusiast or a budding one, this Kancil is the epitome of the saying that “good things comes in small packages.”

Car – Perodua Kancil 660
Engine Modifications –1000cc Perodua Kelisa Block, Honda 75mm Pistons, High Cams, 35mm Wastegate, Adjustable Cam Pulley, 390cc Injectors, Ultra Racing Cable Plugs, Custom fuel regulator, Walbro fuel pump, Garret AR50 Turbine, Custom Banana, AVS Intercooler
Transmission – Gearbox Charade, Exedy racing clutch custom, Double pressure clutch cover
Wheels & Tires – 15-inch Advan RG, Falken Azenis ST115 165/50R15
Electronics – HKS Electronic Valve Controller (EVC 4), HKS Fuel Cut Defences (FCD), A’PEXI S-AFC 5 button
Interior –SARD Boost Meter, SSCUS Seats
Exterior – Moderno body parts
Horsepower – 195.8 hp
Tuner – AMR Garage @ MSM Service Centre, Amir: 012-9553033

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