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Legends Never Die

The Celica nameplate has been around for decades, with the first ever Celica being produced in the 1970s. The A20/35 series Celica, known to many as the Celica ‘Senyum’, is steadily making a comeback amongst JDM car nuts around the world, and as a result, beautifully restored examples are bring proudly displayed on internet forums and online car magazines.

The latest Celica, the ZZT230/231 series, stopped production in 2006, and Toyota has yet to announce the arrival of its replacement. The Celica has evolved a lot over the years it has remained in production, from a nimble, rear wheel drive coupe, to a turbocharged 4WD rally homologation special, to the current, sleekly styled, eye catching beauty that is the ZZT231.

The Celica is such a provocative looking sports car that many have bought one just for its looks. Then the proud new owners start the engine and go out for a drive and suddenly realize just what a fun little car the Celica is. With a lightweight chassis and a powerful 190bhp naturally aspirated engine, the Celica is a manic, free-revving, high spirited sexual beast on wheels which just loves it rough.

Here we have two modified examples, one an automatic, the other a full on, 6-speed manual. Both differing in spec, but both owners have the same tastes when it comes to modding cars. Both cars sport choice engine mods, a comprehensive handling package, aero, vinyls and scissor door conversions.

The White One
Under the hood of this white beauty is the 190bhp, 1.8-litre 2ZZ-GE engine which has been beefed up with a choice selection of bolt on parts, such as an A’PEXi air filter, NGK Power spark plug cables, Denso Iridum spark plugs and a TRD exhaust system. For optimum power and torque, the engine’s ECU is tweaked by a GReddy E-Manage. Other parts which help to improve engine efficiency include a Pivot Raizin voltage stabilizer and a HKS Cable Body Power Supply grounding kit.

The gearbox is also not neglected, with a TRD clutch replacing the standard one for better bite and bragging rights. For handling, the Celica gets a set of TRD lowering springs and dampers.

Inside the car, the seats have been given custom leather upholstery, while a plethora of gadgets are strewn across the interior, such as a HKS vacuum gauge, a HKS voltmeter, a Pivot Digital Speed Meter (which also helps to remove the 180km/h speed limiter), a GPS navigation system, a touch screen monitor and a Mohawk sound system.

Outside is where most of the work has been done. The custom bodykit gives the Celica and even meaner look and the scissor door conversion elevates the Celica’s cool factor to a whole new level. Other cool parts include the carbon fibre hood, the projector head lamps from Eagle Eyes and the aftermarket the tail lamps.

Car: ZZT231 Toyota Celica
Engine: 2ZZ-GE, 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder, DOHC, VVTL-i
Engine modifications: A’PEXi air filter, NGK Power spark plug cables, Denso Iridum spark plugs, TRD exhaust system, Pivot Raizin voltage stabilizer, HKS Cable Body Power Supply grounding kit
Transmission: 6-speed manual, TRD clutch
Suspension/Chassis: TRD springs and dampers
Brakes: Stock
Wheels & Tyres: 17 inch Advan RG replicas
Electronics: GReddy E-Manage, Pivot Digital Speed Meter, HKS volt meter, HKS vacuum meter
Interior: Custom leather upholstery, Momo shift knob, GPS navigation system
Exterior: Custom front bumper, TRD side skirts and spoiler, Eagle Eye projector headlamps, aftermarket tail lamps, carbon fibre hood, scissor door conversion, HID fog lamps, neon underbody lamps
ICE: Touch screen monitor, Mohawk sound system

The Red One
Although this Celica is an automatic, it’s no less special than the white manual one. This Celica also has its fair share of performance parts and is quite a beast. The same, 190bhp 2ZZ-GE powers this Celica, and it now breathes through a HKS air filter and a GReddy exhaust. The meat of this Celica’s performance mods comes in the form of a Torq nitrous oxide injection kit and rounding up the list of mods in the engine bay is a GReddy oil catch tank and a grounding kit. Optimising the air/fuel ratio to make the most of the parts fitted is a GReddy E-Manage Ultimate piggyback ECU.

Rolling on 17 inch ADR wheels wrapped in Falken ZE912 tyres, this Celica sits nice and low thanks to the TEIN adjustable coilover kit while the wheels really bring the best out in the Celica’s sharp and edgy lines.

Inside the Celica’s cosy cabin, the seats have also be rewrapped in the finest cowhide while a smattering of electronic gadgets like an A’PEXi RSM, an A’PEXi turbo timer and an Autogauge tachometer decorate the dashboard. The sound system is also top notch and some the components include an Epsilon subwoofer and a Pyle amplifier.

Finally, the exterior receives a makeover with a custom bodykit and vinyls, a scissor door conversion and a carbon fibre hood and carbon fibre trunk.

Car: ZZT231 Toyota Celica
Engine: 2ZZ-GE, 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder, DOHC, VVTL-i
Engine modifications: HKS air filter, custom exhaust piping, GReddy exhaust, Torq nitrous oxide system, GReddy oil catch tank, grounding kit
Transmission: Stock automatic
Suspension/Chassis: TRD lowering springs, TRD dampers
Brakes: Stock
Wheels & Tyres: 17 inch ADR wheels, Falken ZE912 tyres
Electronics: GReddy E-Manage Ultimate, A’PEXi RSM, A’PEXi turbo timer, Autogauge tachometer
Interior: Custom leather upholstery
Exterior: Custom bodykit, Lambo door conversion, carbon fibre hood, carbon fibre trunk
ICE: Pyle amplifier, Epsilon subwoofer

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