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Lean, Green and Mean – Proton Satria Neo

Carbon fibre trim, bright shade of The Incredible Hulk and 580hp. Yeah, we weren’t kidding when we said lean, green and mean.

The recent JB Underground event was the perfect platform for the southern tuning community to showcase some of its finest creations. There’re always a number of up and coming garages down south that churn out some amazing machinery that absolutely slay in any discipline from drift, to circuit and even drag.

Fast Work Garage is one outfit that has recently been garnering plenty of warranted attention for their builds, with the latest being this southern screamer Proton Satria Neo that belongs to Danish (not related to Nora).

As the successor to the Satria, the Satria Neo had some large shoes to fill in terms of handling and it promptly did with aplomb. However, being Proton’s very own design and powered by the local carmaker’s own range of engines meant that the straightforward transplant of Mitsubishi engines… well, wasn’t so direct anymore.

While that did catalyze the development of aftermarket options for the CamPro engine, plumbing out some crazy figures from a Satria Neo wasn’t such an easy proposition anymore.

However, Fast Work Garage isn’t one to turn away from a challenge and took on the task of breathing some fire into this green machine.

Unfortunately, the stock CamPro mill had to be given the boot for a little throwback to the glory days of the Satria. In went a 4G63 head mated to an Evo 8 short block that was beefed up with some Tomei bits for extra boost.

The head was ported and polished to improve airflow while all the valvetrain gear was replaced with Tomei 280-degree camshafts, Tomei valves, Tomei valve springs and GSC Power Division Zero Tick lifters. Completing the head are a pair of Works Engineering cam pulleys.

An Evo 8 block is already pretty hardy but when you’re aiming for half a ton of ponies, some shoring up wouldn’t hurt. A Tomei 2.2-litre crankshaft with a 94mm stroke went in together with Tomei 150mm conrods and Tomei 86mm pistons. All the bearings were replaced as well with race grade stuff from Clevite for the crankshaft and ACL for the conrods. Sealing the head and block together is a Cometic 1.5mm metal head gasket with the help of ARP studs.

Next up was the fuelling. Some 500 ponies are going to be very thirsty so a Works Engineering fuel rail now feeds Sard 700cc injectors from a HRT 340l/h fuel pump. A Sard Type-S fuel pressure regulator keeps the pressure in check to avoid lean conditions.

Lubrication is an essential part of the recipe for more power and to increase the oil pump pressure, a custom billet oil pump gear was machined to replace the stock piece. An oil pump balancer was custom made as well to keep it spinning smoothly.

Force feeding enough air into the engine is a HKSGT3240 ball-bearing turbocharger attached to a HKS exhaust manifold. Compressed air enters the engine via a Velocity intake manifold. A Super90 70mm throttle body governs the air entering the engine while a HKS 40mm wastegate lets the excess exhaust gasses out through a HKS downpipe once the preset 2.0-bars of boost has been achieved.

Some of the supporting accessories include a HKS air intake, Power Enterprise Kevlar timing belt, GReddy oil catch tank and Synergy aluminium radiator.

Transferring the 580hp to the front wheels is the five-speed manual from an Evo that now houses an Exedy Twin Hyper Clutch to reduce slip.

On the electronics side, an Apexi Power FC controls the ignition and fuelling for the engine with an AVCR; also from Apexi, regulating boost levels.

The Satria Neo was never designed for reigning in 580 horses to an upgrade in the brake department was necessary. Keeping with the Evo theme, the complete braking system from an Evo 5 was fitted.

Handling was given a leap ahead. F-Tuned Racing is one of the top suspension manufacturers in the country and can pretty much transform any mundane ride into something that rides on rails. For this hatch, they went with a hi-lo and soft-hard adjustable Race package that includes pillowball mounts as well.

Filling in the wheel arches would not just require some pretty wheels but also some fit rubbers to pound the pavement with all those hooves. Going with the Coca Cola of wheels, the timeless TE37, lends the car a touch of class while the bubblegum Toyo Proxes R888R help it stick to the asphalt like glue.

By now you may have noticed the carbon fibre treatment on the inside. That’s the work of Carbonetics Arts in Johor Bahru. Some of the trim pieces now sporting the trademark weave of the material include the steering wheel, instrument cluster surround, door cards, speaker trim, air-conditioning surround, passenger airbag cover, handbrake lever and much more. Keeping the driver and passenger in place are a pair of semi-bucket Bride Illest Edition seats.

The Hulk impersonation might not be to everyone’s taste but there’s certainly no denying the proper way this hatch has been modified with the right supporting parts and plenty of thought into churning out one well-balanced Proton.

Car – Proton Satria Neo

Engine – 4G63T, Evo 8 short block, ported + polished head, Cometic 1.5mm metal head gasket, Tomei 2.2-litre 94mm stroke crankshaft, Tomei 150mm conrods, Tomei 86mm pistons, Tomei 280-degree camshafts, Tomei valves + springs, GSC Zero Tick lifters, Works Engineering cam pulleys, Works Engineering fuel rail, custom billet oil pump gear, custom oil pump balancer, Clevite crankshaft race bearings, ACL conrod race bearings, HKS GT3240 ball-bearing turbocharger, Velocity intake manifold, Super90 70mm throttle body, HKS 40mm wastegate, HKS exhaust manifold, HKS downpipe, HKS air intake, Power Enterprise Kevlar timing belt, Sard 700cc fuel injectors, Sard Type-S fuel pressure regulator, HRT 340lph fuel pump, GReddy oil catch tank, ARP head + conrod studs, Synergy aluminium radiator

Transmission – Evo five-speed manual, Exedy Twin Hyper Clutch

Electronics – Apexi Power FC, Apexi AVCR boost controller, GReddy gauges

Brakes – Evo 5 braking system

Suspension & Chassis – F-Tuned Race Type coilovers, pillowball mounts

Wheels & Tyres – Volk Racing TE37 15-inch, Toyo Proxes R888R 195/55R15

Exterior – Stock

Interior – Full carbon fibre Bride semi-bucket Illest Edition, carbon fibre trim

Garage + Tuner – Fast Work Garage

Power – 580hp @ 2.0-bar

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