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Juiced Up Swedish Wagon

When the Swedes stamped out this V50 wagon back in 2005, they wouldn’t have expected it to turn out quite like this. And before you get all excited and correct me on the make year of this V50, allow me to clarify that the owner has converted the front end to that of the 2010 V50 with its appropriate original headlights.

I’d like to think that the owner is a man of taste and culture. He respects the need for a wagon in his daily life. At the same time, just from first impressions, it’s obvious that he has a true liking to cars and been blessed by the gods of automotive modifying. The exterior paint job is a homage to Volvo’s infamous racing division, Polestar. Polestar’s signature blue is applied to any model they’ve tweaked and given the list of modifications that unravels with this V50, its fair for the Wagon to flaunt the Polestar colour as well. The yellow offset racing stripe isn’t as ghastly as it sounds and completes the look the owner is going for in the metal. Especially given the way it contrasts against the hue of the body and ties in with the yellow brake callipers. And for that added touch of class, a pair of classic Volvo prancing moose emblems on the front wings.

You know how I said that the owner has a thing for modifying? Well it does not just stop at the exterior. This is one Volvo that you do not want to judge as a slow poke. Starting from the power department, the stock V50 T5 was already a potent machine. It’s 2.5L five pot 20 valve turbocharged engine chucked out a beefy 217hp and 320Nm’s of torque. A healthy serving, given that even the Germans at the time were achieving similar power outputs with larger capacity engines.

To satisfy the undying youth in our Volvo owner’s heart though, something had to be done. So this T5 has had a Stage 2ecu tune up. A Shark Performance Stage 2 tune mind you. Shark Performance has a long history with Volvo cars and there have been no horror stories. To make the best of the stage 2 tune, some hardware modifications have been included. AN ERST drop in air filter and DO88 larger air ram sit on an elevated intake plenum to ensure clear breathing.

Since the turbocharged fiver has been turned up to 11, the cooling department calls for some attention. The most significant for cars running forced induction is the intercooler. This one now runs a DO88 intercooler kit that has larger diameter air pressure pipes, silicone hoses for maximum durability and also a coolant hose kit from DO88. A little insight on DO88, they’re a Swedish aftermarket tuner that specializes in intercoolers, radiators, pipes and silicone hoses. Hats off to our wagon owner for Swedish loyalty. A rather important component that’s been fitted here is an external Automatic Transmission oil cooler. Acknowledging the added stress that has been put on the gearbox, it’s these little mods that might just save you from the cost of replacing an entire gearbox.

Handling has not been neglected either. The stylishly low yet functional stance comes courtesy of H&R lowering springs and 18″ AVS Model T5 wheels finished in a rather mafia-like shade of black. Just nice to make the yellow brake callipers pop. Speaking of brakes, the spongy rubber brake lines are swapped out for HEL steel braided hoses. Braking is yet again enhanced with ERST high performance brake pads all round. There you have it. A family mans wagon capable of running with modern day performance sedans. Best of both worlds if you ask me.


2.5L Turbocharged 5 Cylinder, ERST Drop In Air Filter, DO88 intercooler kit, DO88 larger air ram, DO88 coolant hose kit, elevated intake plenum

ATF Oil cooler

HEL Steel braided brake hose, ERST high performance brake pad(front & rear)

H&R Lowered Spring

AVS Model T5 18″x8jj

Shark Performance Stage 2

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