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Jazzy Jazz – Honda Fit GD3 2005

The Jazzy vibe in this primary color finish GD3 Fit is so abundantly clear that you get a palpable sense of its funkiness almost upon first sight. And when you factor in the huge emporium of Mugen accessories scattered pretty much all over the exterior and interior of this distinctively ‘jazzy’ Jazz, the whole ‘jazziness’ gets mightily cranked up – all the more appropriate for it to be featured in this very mag.

Just to recap what the Jazz is, it is one of Honda’s most successful models of recent time – pretty much an instant success following its 2001 debut – the GD model which was launched initially as a 1.3l with the L13A i-DSI engine and CVT gearbox. The combination of a well rounded design, good looks and driveablity promptly established a large fan base the world over.

However, with a basically economy-biased set-up, outright performance is understandably limited. This gave rise to situations where Fits/Jazzes looked faster than what they were capable of. Consequently enthusiasts started calling out to Honda for a higher performance Fit / Jazz. In Japan, this was led by influential and ‘powerful’ reviewers like Keiichi ‘Drift King’ Tsuchiya and Formula Nippon racer Naoki Hattori calling Honda for a Fit Type-R. Honda’s response was to introduce a 1.5l Fit with the new L15A VTEC engine and the 7 speed CVT gearbox which so happens coincides with the example we have right here.

Anyway the L15A single cam engine is rated at 110ps and for this ‘application’ it remained untampered, pretty much. The owner opted to do up exclusively on improving the efficiency of channeling the gaseous wastes out – sort of a more intricate, articulated definition of doing up the exhaust system. Starting right off the engine block there’s four separate components beginning with the Mugen extractor, then the J’s Racing Downpipe, on to the J’s Racing titanium B-pipe and finally the Mugen Titanium Tip Muffler. The owner also installed a couple of dressing up components both of which are listed in the spec sheet at the feature’s end.

Before we cover the aesthetical revisions in this here GD3 Fit lets do away with the chassis slash handling upgrades first. The stock dampers were dumped in favor of an F-tuned Racing Road / Touge Inverted Monotube with High & Low, Soft & Hard adjustability; as per the chassis enhancements there’s the Mugen Strut Tower bar at the front, a couple of J’s Racing bars – one’s the Room/floor Bar while the other is a Monkey or pillar bar.

Stopping power gets quite an awesome Project Mu upgrade package: racing caliper and 282mm slotted discs up front, slotted disc with the stock caliper at the rear, and lastly steel braided brake hose all around. The cool setup is displayed nicely behind the 15 inch Mugen MF10L shod with Yokohama Advance Neova AD08-R.

Now the Mugen rims hints at the huge collection of Mugen accessories which virtually cover this GD3 Jazz in its stylized Mugen mobile personification. From the front to the back its all Mugen this and Mugen that – Mugen carbon fiber hood, Mugen Front Bumper (with chrome garnish), Mugen rear bumper (for single exhaust), Mugen Side Skirt, Mugen HID foglamp with switch, Mugen Spoiler, Mugen Rear Shark Fin, Mugen Door visor, Mugen Tailgate, phew! I guess that’s about it, at least on the outside. Then you got a titanium HID 3step with switch, clear lens tail lamp plus the original sunroof for the Fit GD3.

On the inside the Mugen presence permeates every nooks and crannies if ever a nook and a cranny had ever been adopted to describe the interior section of a Honda, that is. In any case here they are, in no discernable sequence save for the fact that they’re all Mugens: Mugen FG360 Steering wheel (and Boss kit), gear knob and gear booth cover, gear shifter indicator plate, handbrake cover, sport paddle, door step, rear mirror cover, black face assist gauges, Type S door trim, and a complete seating package: Mugen MS-R driver seat, MS-Z co-pilot seat, genuine leather hide Type S rear seats.

If there’s ever a Mugen GD3 Jazz out there, then this Type S Garage & R-Pit Garage & Aiez Garage prepared example might just be it.

Honda Fit GD3 2005

L15A High Spec 1.5 VTEC

Engine Mods:
Mugen extractor, J’s Racing Downpipe, J’s Racing B-pipe (titanium), Mugen Titanium Tip Muffler, Stout Racing carbon fiber head Cover, Gruppe M open port (carbon fiber)

Mugen FG360 Steering wheel, Mugen Boss kit, Mugen Gear Knob, Mugen Gear booth Cover, Mugen Handbrake cover, Mugen Gear Shifter Indicator plate, Mugen Sport paddle, Mugen door step,
Mugen assist meter (black face), Mugen rear mirror cover (Yellow), Digital air-condition system, Door trim Type s with tweeter, Mugen Ms-R (driver seat), Mugen Ms-Z (front passenger seat), Type S rear seat (with genuine leather By Mugen), Arm rest slide (Black Fabric), blue room light Honda access

Mugen Front Bumper complete with Chrome Garnish, Mugen rear bumper (single exhaust), Mugen Side Skirt, Mugen HID foglamp with switch, Mugen carbon fiber hood, Mugen Spoiler, Mugen Rear Shark Fin, Mugen Door visor, Mugen Tailgate, Titanium HID 3step with switch, Clear Lens Tail Lamp, Original Sunroof For Fit GD3

Chassis / Handling:
F-tuned Racing Road / Touge Inverted Monotube (High Low Soft Hard), Mugen Strut Tower bar 2nd Batch (front), J’s Racing Room/floor Bar, J’s Racing Monkey/pillar bar, Stiff Ring set

Project mu racing caliper (front), Project mu slotted Rotor Disc 282mm (front), Project mu slotted rotor disc (rear), Steel Braided Hose brake lines

Wheels & tyres:
Mugen MF10L, Yokohama Advance Neova AD08-R 195/55/15

Type S Garage / R-Pit Garage / Aiez Garage

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