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It Ain’t Over Till The Fatboy Sings – Proton Wira

Having a car stolen can be one of the most disheartening blows to strike a petrolhead. They almost always end up being stripped for parts and the shell abandoned in some nondescript automotive graveyard to rot away in the sands of time.

Recovering the vehicle can be a double-edged sword. Yes, you get the flower of your delicate heart back but she won’t exactly be in mint condition. Those Craigslist ads for cars that say “some work needed” on something that clearly had its rear half engulfed in flames and burnt to a crisp look more viable than returning the icing to your cupcake.

Depending on circumstances; financial or otherwise, most recovered cars that have been stripped don’t enjoy a return to their glory days but every once in a while, we come across a fairytale ending and a rebirth worthy of the annals of time.

So how did this humble Proton Wira end up with the drivetrain and mechanical bits from an Evo 3 to see it call Sepang its home these days?

Keeping with the storyline, it was stolen and recovered in a pathetic state. Obviously, the owner decided to reincarnate it in the best possible form… racecar.

What elevated it to the status of racecar though? Well, for starter it has a Frankenstein 4G6X built by Future Racing under the hood. Opting out of a one-make 4G series, Future Racing used all the best bits from the different iterations to create a robust combo to take the abuse of track days.

The head was CNC ported by the boys at Nasty Portflow before it was fitted with Kelford TX276HL camshafts, AEM cam pulleys, Kiggly Beehive valve springs and Wiseco HD pistons. Beefing up the bottom end are Howard conrods, a Manely crankshaft and a Racetech crank scraper that works to reduce windage. ARP bolts hold the block and head together.

Forced induction is courtesy of a Forced Performance ball-bearing turbocharger attached to a manifold also by them. A JUN intake manifold leads air into the engine after its been cooled by the Blitz five-inch thick intercooler. A Turbosmart 45mm wastegate releases the excess exhaust gases once the preset boost level is achieved.

Fuelling is handled by a quartet of Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors, a Fuelab fuel pressure regulator and a Walbro 450 fuel pump. Completing the supporting pieces are a Fluidampr main pulley, Synapse blow-off valve, Moroso oil catch tank, Fwin radiator, Racetech radiator cooling panel, oil cooler and straight through MF Works exhaust system.

Lending the car more traction than intended is the entire drivetrain from an Evo 3. With the rear subframe in place to handle the driveshafts, an Evo 3 transmission with a HKS twin-plate clutch transfers power that is governed by an ATS tarmac-spec centre differential splitting it front and rear before an ATS front diff and Cusco RS rear diff further split the power right and left.

Part of its transformation to racecar included a full rewiring of the car with a milspec harness and connectors for harsh weather resistance. A Microtech LT10c works with a Turbosmart Eboost2 to control the engine’s parameters and sends important info to the driver via a Microtech dash display.

With great power comes the need for great stopping prowess. Four-piston Brembos bite on Girodisc rotors with EBD Yellow Stuff pads between them.

All-wheel drive is awesome in improving traction but the fundamentals require a well setup suspension and chassis to truly maximise grip. For that, revalved BC ER coilovers sit in the wheel wells. SRF Fabrications handled the work required to fit the rear subframe and lower arms. Racetech bushings reduce flex and an Ultra Racing front strut bar ties the front end together. AHM Technik did the fine-tuning to get all the components working together in harmony. Lastly, a Safety 21 roll-cage keeps the driver safe and the shell stiffened.

Mechanical grip comes from a set of super sticky Hankook Ventus Z221 rubbers measuring 255/40R17 in a square setup on Advan Racing RZ wheels.

Inside, things are naturally quite spartan save for a Momo F1 steering wheel, Sparco Sprint bucket seat and harnesses from Takata as well as Sabelt for the driver and passenger.

Keeping with the Evo 3 theme, the exterior gets a conversion to the authentic Mitsubishi look, aided by a Cruisepower front bumper. Custom widened fenders keep the wheels under wraps and rear downforce is increased with an ARC spoiler for the Evo 3. All racecars need liveries and here, Yaxan did the artwork.

So there you have it folks, a petroheads bedtime story of a happy ending. Car gets stolen, is abused and left for dead before being found and dressed to the nines to bring out its true potential.

Car – Proton Wira

Engine – 4G6X Future Racing, Nasty Portflow CNC head port, Kelford TX276HL camshafts, AEM cam pulleys, Kiggly Beehive valve springs, ARP bolts, Wiseco HD pistons, Howard conrods, Manley crankshaft, Racetech crank scraper, JUN intake manifold, Forced Performance ball-bearing turbocharger and manifold, Turbosmart 45 wastegate, Blitz 5-inch intercooler + stainless steel piping, Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors, Fuelab fuel pressure regulator, Walbro 450 fuel pump, Fluidampr main pulley, Synapse blow-off valve, Moroso oil catch tank, Fwin radiator, Racetech radiator cooling panel, oil cooler, MF Works exhaust system

Transmission – Evo 3 4WD conversion, Evo 3 transmission, HKS twin-plate clutch, ATS tarmac centre LSD, ATS front LSD, Cusco RS rear LSD

Electronics – RNR Auto milspec wiring, Microtech LT10c, Turbosmart Eboost2, Microtech dash display

Brakes – Brembo four-piston calipers, Girodisc rotors, EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads

Suspension & Chassis – Custom BC ER coilovers, AHM Technik suspension setup, SRF Fabrications lower arm + subframe, Racetech bushings, Safety 21 roll-cage, Ultra Racing front strut bar

Wheels & Tyres – Advan Racing 17x9jj, Hankook Ventus Z221 255/40R17, ARP wheel studs

Interior – Momo F1 steering wheel, Sparco Sprint bucket seat, Takata four-point harness, Sabelt six-point harness

Exterior – Evo 3 bodykit, Cruisepower bumper, custom fenders, ARC Evo 3 spoiler, Sparco kill switch, liveries by Yaxan

Garages – Fatboy Racing, Millennium Motorsport Asia, RNR Auto, Drax ECU, Shaiful Azri Racing Parts, Squirtparts, Advance Racing Autoparts, Powa Racing, SRF Fabrications

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