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Hyper Evo Chameleon

With the demise of the Mitsubishi Evolution name, it is only right to look back at a worthy swan song for the legendary rally bred street weapons. Each and every spawn of the Tri-Diamond sports car has been a revolution, pun intended, to the automotive scene. Cults has begun, on global scales, worshipping the winged and unhinged 4 door turbocharged rally rockets in any automotive field that takes them fancy. You’ve got 1XXX HP drag monsters to blitz the quarter mile, extreme time attack weapons that slice lap times, aired out show cars with glittering clean engine bays and sitting 1 mil off the ground. There’s probably more too! You name it, the Evo’s got it because it’s as versatile as duct tape.

On the streets, you will not mistake this chameleon Evo for any other. First off, is the ultra cool paint job. It ain’t just a wrap guys let me tell you that. It is 5 tone chameleon effect paint job that incorporates both soft matte and high gloss effects applied by Aikka The Paint Masters. The other unique feature that sets this baby apart from other JDM folks is the one off wide bodykit by B.A.R Boone Ae Ro. B.A.R are famous for constructing show worthy kits and they’ve certainly gone to work on this one with wide front and rear fenders along with matching rear wide door parts. The overall bodykit itself boosts its rarity complex. Carbon fibre is generously used for the bonet, fenders, spoiler, ducktail, front splitter, Varis rear diffuser, Varis side skirts, front splitter, front lips, door handles, canards and airduct. An aggressive CWest front bumper and Evo9 rear bumper completes the package for your rear view mirror and tailgaters. Wet yet?

If yes, I suggest you brace yourself, cause we’re about to hit that engine bay. This is a 2001 Evo 7 CT9A, much like what the late Paul Walker drove in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Factory figures put the 2.0L 4G63 engine at around 270hp. Modifications have given this 17 year old engine a spark to much younger rival hot hatches. World renown JDM tuner Tomei supplies 270-degree camshafts and adjustable cam pulleys. The TD05 turbo is accompanied by an external TIAL wastegate, HKS racing blow off valve and a performance enhancing HPI intercooler.

A Power FC ecu keep things running like clockwork. Max power now sits at 350hp and torque is at a gut punching 420Nm. The gearbox is relatively standard but now runs a Ogura twin-plate clutch in order to harness the new found spark. In your face to those who judged it as a show pony based on pictures. That much power needs to be in safe keeping so the front brakes are 6 pot callipers that are APP aviation performance products while the rears are 4 pot callipers from APi Racing.

With a car of this pedigree, handling cannot go to waste. So of course, only the best is allowed to be a part of this machine. Tein Super Street no less WITH the Electronic Dampening Force Controller(EDFC) allowing the driver to make adjustments to the ride on the go. The wheels, NS-GT2 18″-ers, are pretty wide at 9.5jj yet require 1.5inch spacers to fit the wide bodykit. Puts into perspective how wide this thing really is.

The interior is decorated in a not so subtle carbon decor with nearly everything being given a carbon look by using the water transfer technique from Aikka. Interior checklist is complete given the Evo9 steering wheel, Defi gauges, sift indicator, Recaro full bucket seat and an Ultra Racing room bar.

Car Specs
Car: 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 CT9A

Engine: 2.0L 4G63, Tomei 270-degree camshaft, Tomei adjustable cam pulley, TD05 turbo, Tial external wastegate, HPI intercooler , HKS BOV off racing. Max Power 349, Max Torque 42.29

Transmission: 5 speed manual gearbox, Ogura twin-plate clutch

ECU: Apexi Power FC

Suspension: TEIN Super Street with EDFC

Rims: NS-GT2 18inch x 9.5j offset 15 (additional 1.5inch spacer for wide body needed)

Brakes: Front 6-pot caliper (APP aviation performance product); Rear 4-pot caliper (AP racing)

Exterior: Hyper EVO wide bodykit design by B.A.R Boone. Ae. Ro (Only 1 unit in Malaysia), Carbon fiber Bonet, Cwest bumper front, Evo9 rear bumper, Carbon fiber canard & airduct, Carbon fiber front lips, Carbon fiber front splitter, Carbon fiber door handle, Carbon fiber rear ducktail, Carbon fiber rear spoiler flap, Carbon varis rear diffuser, Varis skirting with Carbon fiber lips, Carbon fiber arch, B.A.R wide fender, B.A.R rear wide fender, B.A.R rear wide door parts, Ganador Side Mirrors, Evo9 cf spoiler

Interior: Interior parts AIKKA water transfer printing Carbon looks, Defi meter – turbo, oil temp , oil press , water temp; Ralliart dashboard & meter, Shift indicator; Recaro full bucket seat, Ultra racing room bar, Evolution 9 steering