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Holy Three Fifty

Huge calipers, insane rear wheel and a pair of solid titanium dangling items. That’s all you need to have a good day on any given tarmac, on any motorsport event, preferably legal, with lots of marshals standing by, in case someone decided to run across the track naked trying to get a handful of them umbrella girls.

The first two can be bought off the shelves, but the third will require some intense polishing before any of the items installed in the machine of choice can be utilized fully to conquer the tarmac. Some are born with it, but some will need a little bit of coaxing before the boy grows into a man and comes out to play.

Everybody can take corners, but it is the G-force that will determine whether the one taking the corner hails from the land of real men, or little boys searching for something to play with. It’s simple, really, because what separates real men and boys are their cornering speed. I was told of that by this dude who drives with precision, and would smile if this real wheel driven beauty be given to him for a day or two.

Seriously, what’s not to like about the 350Z? It has the arches which spell domination, it has the beautiful VQ35, which is a very capable engine, and it will definitely make your status as a single dude become the next best thing to hit town since Michael Bublé.

Okay, maybe not Bublé, but you get the drift, right?

Taking it sideways and right into the engine bay, the original engine was given rather different sets of parts to make the neighbors scream in agony as the Fairlady growls in the morning. What the owner did was replace the stock boring pipes as well as the whole set with a HKS Air Intake system. The pipes are straighter with very little restrictions that will allow smooth air flowing into the intake, which is always a good thing if you want an uninterrupted supply of air into your engine.

A Kinetix intake plenum replaces the stock set, which if you asked me, I would probably say not the best looking intake manifold around once you’ve taken out the original cover. The Kinetix is able to create what is known for the ‘venturi effect’, as the air speed that enters the intake will increase towards the furthest cylinder, which created an equal flow for all cylinders.

The intake set boosts both acceleration and power, giving the VQ35 some amount of steroids. The whole thing looks good too in shiny skin.

A carbon fiber radiator air diversion plate helps to direct cold air towards the radiator, keeping the temperature on the down low as the engine revs up to thousands of RPM in search for glorious domination.

The HKS Exhaust system provides the music for the ears, in addition to the growl from the original V6 that has already been enhanced by the sexy intakes. I sure hope the neighbors won’t mind an alarm clock that has the capability to take them sideways, and drive them hard.

Going downward towards the little shiny thing at the bottom that connects to the prop shaft, the gearbox received a few upgrades as well. A Cusco LSD found its way into the system, which provides some serious cornering capability to the already highly maneuverable 350Z, and also an Ogura Super Single clutch set, which is really neat for that spine-snapping acceleration, or maybe to make it easier to throw the back around.

Keeping the car well over them bumps are the super rigid Tein coilovers, which are designed to perform and give any machine an awesome ability to corner with the driver’s eyes closed. A front multi-point strut bar and rear frame braces from Carbing grace the chassis for extra rigidity. If you step into this machine and drive it around for a bit, you will almost feel as if you are driving a go-kart with air-conditioning.

Thicker Eibach anti-roll bars are also installed to help reducing the rolls. The bars are stronger and stiffer, contributing to the car’s already superior cornering ability.

Looking into the wheels we can see calipers that are only fitting to be installed on awesome vehicles. Brembo big brake kits are present with full force, upgraded from the stock 350Z calipers and rotors. The Brembo’s provide an unprecedented braking capability to the Fairlady, making the competition just a little unfair but with a whole lot more fun.

The Brembo brand is, of course, need no introduction. Seen here in its original red color and three curves on the outer side, these 6-pot calipers can put the car to a complete standstill faster than your girlfriend can say ‘come meet my parents’, which in ideal world, the correct reply would be ‘hell-freaking no’.

Hiding them brakes would be the super humble Rota 18-inchers to keep it on the cost-effective-but-super-styling side. What matters most would be the rubbers, or the tarmac contact point needed for power deliverance.

Normal tyres are no longer relevant to be used here, as the power of the car is simply too awesome for it to use threadware 300 tyres. Nay, this Fairlady wanted some naughty rubbers, and the owner slapped them rims with the super rubbery Federal FZ-201 semi-slicks, which are clearly labeled ‘Competition Use Only’. I hope that’s enough to tell you that the tyre is designed for the circuit, strictly for big-boy racing.

Moving into the driver’s space, Defi VSD is used to monitor the speed, oil temp, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel pressure and exhaust temperature. The owner decided not to meddle with the ECU, as he felt the ECU is already enough for its purpose. Well, for now at least.

Sparco full bucket seats keep the driver’s body in place as the car rolls through corners while holding the super sexy Sparco steering wheel and kept safe by the Sparco four-point harness that is screwed directly to the body. We’d like to think the racing suit is from Sparco as well.

On the exterior side, the stock body kit has been replaced with a complete Charge Speed 350Z Fairlady body kit, which is looking quite awesome, if I might say so. A huge spoiler dominates the rear end for that extra downforce as the vehicle sped through insane corners, especially on turns 13 and 13 at Sepang.

The timing claimed to have been met in Sepang International Circuit is 2 minutes and 35 seconds, and it was made possible due to the capable hands of N1 Racing, Ultra Tune, and Motorsport Playground.


Engine Mods: HKS air intake, HKS exhaust system, Kinetix intake plenum, Pivot radiator cap, carbon fiber radiator air diversion plate

Electronics: Defi VSD, Stock ECU

Transmission: Ogura Super Single clutch set, Cusco LSD

Chassis & Handling: Eibach anti-roll bars, Carbing front multi-point strut bar, Carbing rear frame braces, Teincoilovers

Brakes: Brembo big brake kit

Wheels & Tyres: Rota 18-inch wheels, Federal Z201 semi-slick tyres 265/35ZR18

Interior: Sparco full bucket seats, Sparco steering wheel, Sparco four-point harness

Exterior: Charge Speed complete body kit, GT wing

Garage: N1 Racing, Ultra Tune, Motorsport Playground

Best time in Sepang: 2:35.3

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