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Habitual Showstopper – Nissan R35

Are we stoked yet? As the actual release date draws near the actual shape and nature of ‘it’ began to manifest itself more and more clearly, or more and more accurately, and we’d be left abdicating our current rides in favor of ‘it’. Now what might you ask ‘it’ is? Err new iPhone 20 maybe, or some brand new portable washing machine that recycles water clean enough for you to drink, or maybe a handy laptop that, via a ‘yes’ command transforms into a bicycle. Phew! Such is the nature of progress!

In any case the ‘it’ in this case is of course the R35’s successor which at this moment in time is designated as the R36. And just like that I‘d gone off the grid and began scrolling down the Virgin Galactic website for some ‘uncharacteristic’ daydreaming; what do you think? What might the next R35 have to do with venturing into Space? Not a damn thing upon first impression but within a few moments of deep reflection it soon becomes clear, like crystal 4K resolution clear, like that. Alas, for those who’re still in the dark on the subject some sort of meditative process is necessary, so start meditating.

Meditating and or some form of outer body experience aside we can at least correlate the speedy nature of the R35, excuse me the R36 with going into space could we not? We can also ‘extrapolate’ the inherent prowess of the speediest Nissan with a rocket ship, going ballistic and all. Or maybe I’m just milling about right here at the beginning part just to extend this feature, as in adding words and sentences where none were required. Yeah well, it is a conundrum of sort albeit an unavoidable one.

Okay then we’d best get down to business, with the fast approaching date of the eventual unveiling of the next Nissan GT-R, we’re ‘left’ with some sort of consolation prize in the form of the outgoing R35, though take nothing from its ‘consolation’ tag as the R35 possess all the fearsome firepower that justifies its iconic status in every way imaginable. Even this specimen right here a 2008 model which even straight out of the box can readily whoop some latest high end exotic speed machines’ asses without so much as a smidgen of rubber being worn.

I mean with a wind slicing 0.27 drag coefficient, 480hp 588Nm 3.8L V6 twin-turbo double overhead cam VR38DETT, its spec sheet alone gets your juice flowing, and I am not referring to your ‘lower body functions’ neither. Stock numbers are indelibly impressive – 3 and a half seconds century sprint, a tenth under 12 seconds quarter mile, these are enough to smoke like at the very least about 95% of cars out there. Sure, that is a conservative estimate there’s no two ways about it but in any case, the bottom line is this – the Nissan GT-R is fast.

So if the production GT-R is considered as ‘fast’ then the abundant selection of modified ones out there ought to be hailed as what exactly? Ultra fast? Mega fast? Ultramegahyper fast? Well, such impromptu tag pertaining to the GT-R have become commonplace these days (queue Godzilla) and regardless of the state of tune which inordinately ranges from ‘regular’ to ‘extra crispy’ they’re all the purest and truest embodiment of the word fast.

Fast is indeed what springs to mind upon our first glimpse of this 2008 example right here; its VR38DETT has pretty much a modicum of performance enhancements – merely a couple of custom hardware in the form of intake system and straight as the main SIC straight exhaust kit. Also the brains of the setup gets an Ecutek Stage 2 remap along with a software upgrade for the transmission from the same folks. See, nothing remotely close to a major mod but still lively enough to do ‘some kinda magic’.

Chassis upgrades are more extensive: M7 Japan adjustable dampers, Alcon stoppers with Endless pads, while the bulk of the modification centers around the visual styling, from the familiar Advan GT 20 inch alloys, and the huge galore of bodywork enhancements made up of the upper tier premium brands such as Revozport, C-West, Mines, Top Secret, Voltex, Wald, Valenti, you name it they’re all top-notchers in the GT-R sub universe.

Check out the mod list below for the details.

Car: Nissan GTR 2008

Engine Mods: Custom Made Intake Kit, Custom Made Fully Straight Pipe Exhaust system

Transmission: Stock

Electronics: Ecutek Stage 2 Remap, Ecutek Transmission Software Upgrade

Brakes: Alcon Racing 380mm Brake Disc, Endless CCRG Brake Pad

Suspension & Chassis: M7 Japan Adjustable Suspension

Wheels & Tyres: Advan GT 20×10 +35mm 5×114.3 (Front) and 20×12.0 20mm 5×114.3 (Rear), Nitto NT01 Semi Slicks Tyres

Exterior Mods: Revozport Carbon Bonnet, C-West Carbon Fender with Carbon Emblem, Valenti Headlamp, Carbon Nose lip, Mine’s Carbon Canard, Top Secret Carbon Front Lip, Voltex Type 5 Carbon Gt Wing, Wald Carbon Rear Diffuser

Interior Mods: Carbon Interior, Works PRO II Boost Gauge

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