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Godzilla Rampage

I wasn’t quite sure how to kick off this here KLG R33 Superspecial and was thinking of dubbing it something along the lines of a “Celebration of the Mighty Godzilla”. I sure does like the sound of it know what I mean? There’s like a couple of key ‘existential’ elements right there – the mighty Godzilla and the ‘celebration’ thereof. In this particular case however a third element need to be added and therefore celebrated just as well; I am referring forever more to KLG.

Aside from being the sole local distributor for Fanatic Racing Parts (FRP) KLG Auto is also a reputable and highly respected specialist at providing, installing and optimising said parts as well as enlightening you on everything about them – genuine auto enthusiasts through and through. KLG also feature extensively in local drifting events, a reflection of their genuine love for ‘our’ auto sports (excerpts from their website).

Their reputation precedes them and when you speak of reputation as such, none comes even remotely close to the all-encompassing reputation of the legendary Skyline – a genuine bonafide icon of performance automobile thoroughbreds. As far as ‘performance automobile thoroughbreds’ are concerned, the Skyline lineage beginning with the R32 onwards might’ve well been among the first few examples of said ‘performance thoroughbred’.

And sure enough it was the R32 GT-R dominance in Group A racing in the early 1990s that the epic Godzilla moniker was born. The GT-Rs victories in Australia (the GT-R’s first export market from 1991) – three Group A Championships between 1990 to 1992 and 1st place at the Bathurst 1000 in 1991 and 1992 – led the local press to dub the GT-R ‘Godzilla’.

There you have it then some context to add to the whole picture. Okay I know I’ve been dilly dallying here, something that is pretty routine in literature when the subject in question has such awesome repertoire, such a huge all encompassing iconic status as the Skyline. And what’s more we also have KLG thrown in the mix for good measure, and a well heeled and deep pocketed owner as the common denominator. Things just don’t get better than this.

Unhinge the carbon fiber hood and you’d be met with a ‘conjoined’ motor in the form of an RB30 block mated to an RB25 head (try coming up with an alphanumeric designation for that). KLG’s craftsmen set about reworking the internals replacing the stock piston with Wiseco 87mm and the stock conrods with Manley H Beam conrods. It goes without saying that quite a number of OEM components were ditched in favour of costlier and better (obviously) aftermarket ones – from the cams (Tomei Poncam 256), cam and crank pulleys (Blox and ATI) plus a long list of parts are all premium aftermarket upgrades.

This includes Cometic head gasket, Gate Racing timing belt, King bearings, ARP studs, N1 oil pump, Supertech Valve Seal to name a few plus a whole host of customized components from the 80mm throttle, the manifolds, oil cooler, oil catch tank, and so on.

The major hardware in this particular KLG build is of course the FRP forced induction system which stars the FRP GT35 turbocharger, FRP intercooler with custom stainless steel pipes, Turbosmart wastegate along with a network of ancillaries all installed with expert KLG craftsmanship.

The mandatory upgrades includes those done to the fuel system: Bosch 750cc injectors, HKS fuel rail, a pair of Epman external fuel pumps, 2.5 liter fuel surge tank plus fuel hose fitting by FRP; cooling system: Forge Racing radiator with custom braided hose, electronic radiator fan; ignition – ECUSHOP Monster Spark 4 + MSD twin tower coil & cable Ignition, NGK Iridium IX sparkplugs.

Additional aftermarket components for the engine include Snow Performance water methanol injection, custom 150 amp alternator, HPI engine torque damper, custom Carbon Fiber air diversion plate, gold heat shield wrap @ firewall, Cusco custom Carbon Fiber transfer engine bar and channelling all the spent forced inducted gases is a JASMA Exhaust system. Governing this unique RB25/30 engine is a bonafide state of the art electronics in the form of Link G4+ Storm wire-in ECU aided by a HKS EVC5 boost controller. As for the gearbox only the stock clutch was replaced in favour of the OS Giken twin plate.

Handling upgrades consist of TEIN Type Flex Control Master suspension, along with a trio of chassis enhancement mods namely Megan Racing tie-rod, Hardrace upper front camber kit control arm and Ultra Racing 3 point fender bar. The Brembo brakes were taken from Porsche’s top selling SUV the Cayenne featuring 6-pot calliper with 380mm floating disc at the front, 4-pot and 360mm at the back, along with Safebrake ProRS braided lines brake hose all around.

Coming into the styling bits now starting with the wheels and tires combo: 19 inch Enkei RPF01 with Nexen tires all around kept in securely with GKTech Lock nut. The RPF01’s classy understated 6 split spoke design contrasts somewhat to the aggressive and menacing bodywork of the predominantly carbon fiber KLG R33 visual feast.

There’s the carbon fiber S2 vented hood (with D1 lock), custom carbon fiber transfer headlight air intake, carbon fiber S2 grill, carbon fiber Kevtec 1700mm Type-5 with custom bracket mounted on OEM carbon fiber GTR wing, carbon graphite rear trunk, custom IMPUL vented wide front fender & custom wide rear fender, 400R front bumper (with Autoselect lip), rear bumper (with custom diffuser) & 400R side skirt. In case you’re wondering the 400R is a racing version of the Skyline released by NISMO on November 1997 inspired by the GT-R LM NISMO fielded in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The cabin has that air of purpose with nary a dearth of raciness in the whole package. You’ve got the roll cage from Cusco, Recaro SR3 driver’s seat with Takata harness, MOMO steering with WorksBell quick release, NISMO main display plus a stack of Works Engineering gauges.

It goes without saying, these three symbiotic existence have pretty much redefined the usual R33 nomenclature, so much so that it won the Best in Show award at the recent AOS (Art of Speed) held at MAEPS.

And we think it is without a shadow of a doubt the classsiest R33, bar none.


Engine: RB 30 Block with RB25 Head

Engine Modifications: OEM RB30 Crank (fully balanced with collar), Wiseco 87mm piston, Manley H Beam conrods, Tomei Poncam 256 camshaft, Gate Racing timing belt, Blox cam pulley, ATI damper crank pulley, N1 oil pump, OEM water pump, ARP head & main studs, Cometic head gasket, Bosch 750cc high impedance injectors, 80mm custom throttle, custom manifold, custom GReddy intake manifold, FRP GT35 turbocharger, Turbosmart 38mm Wastegate, FRP Intercooler with custom stainless steel piping, Forge Racing radiator (custom braided hose with AN fitting), custom 30row (with braided hose AN fitting) oil cooler, FRP oil & fuel hose fitting, Fully braided hose, Epman 044 x 2 external fuel pumps, 2.5L Fuel Surge Tank, Snow performance water methanol injection, ECUSHOP Monster Spark 4 + MSD twin tower coil & cable Ignition, fully custom aluminum (with water tank) oil catch tank, electronic (non clutch type) radiator fan, NGK Iridium IX sparkplugs, King Racing bearings, Supertech Valve Seal, Copper water jacket plug, HKS fuel rail, HPI engine torque damper, custom 150 amp alternator, custom Carbon Fiber air diversion plate, gold heat shield wrap @ firewall, Cusco custom Carbon Fiber transfer engine bar, JASMA Exhaust, OS Giken twin plate clutch upgrade

Electronics: Link G4+ Storm wire-in ECU, HKS EVC5 Boost Controller

Handling/chassis: OEM RB26 power steering, TEIN Type Flex Control Master suspension, Megan Racing tie-rod, Hardrace upper front camber kit control arm, Ultra Racing 3 point fender bar

Brakes: Porsche Cayenne Brembo 6-pot with 380mm floating disc front, 4pot 360mm floating disc rear, Safebrake ProRS braided lines brake hose

Wheels & Tyres: Enkei RPF01 19″ 10jj ET22 (same for all 4), NEXEN 275/30R19 all around, GKTech Lock nut

Exterior: Carbon Fiber S2 vented hood with D1 lock, 400R front bumper (with Autoselect lip), rear bumper (with custom diffuser) & 400R side skirt, Custom IMPUL vented wide front fender & custom wide rear fender, Custom side lip, Carbon Fiber Kevtec 1700mm Type-5 with custom bracket mounted on OEM Carbon Fiber GTR wing, Nardograu LY7C/T3 finish, Carbon Graphite rear trunk, Custom Carbon fiber transfer headlight air intake, Carbon fiber S2 grill

Interior: Cusco Roll cage, Recaro SR3 (Drivers’ side) seat, Takata 3″ 4 point Harness, Workbell quick release, MOMO Race steering wheel, NISMO main display, Works Engineering Gauge (boost, oil temp, water temp, exhaust temp, fuel pressure, oil pressure), Innovate A/F wideband

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