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GC8 Rally Legend Reborn

Being a petrolhead, I would say one of the best times to be born would be the late 70’s. This way you’d be able to grow up in an jaw dropping era of automotive perfection. It was a much simpler time where fuel economy and exhaust gas pollution were mere statistics in fine print somewhere hidden in car brochures while performance figures were all we wanted to know. Motorsport was hailed as a testing ground and used as an advertisement for respective car makers and models. And if you were born in the 70’s, by the time you could afford a car, you’d be spoilt for choice.

Exhibit A, the Subaru Imprezza GC8. Born into the world of rallying, this car had a lot to live up to back in its day. The Subaru faced fierce competition from its JDM brother, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo but joy of joys, the GC8 came out victorious and very quickly earned the status of being a rally legend. Especially with the late Colin McRae behind the wheel, the GC8 was something of a rocket ship on loose surface. It became something every petrolhead craved to see, sit in, smell, and of course, drive.

What you see is a homage to that very rally bred GC8 of the 90s. Despite being a 4 door, the owner has done his best to recreate the bedroom wall poster image with the classic rally car vinyl design, decals and massive signature Subaru wing on the back. The bodykit is by B.A.R, as is the diffuser accompanied with Perrin spoiler stabilizers. You’re probably trying to figure out where you can get the same rims aren’t you? Well you can’t. They’re a set of rare Prodrive GC10 wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE11 rubber.

The 90’s car lifestyle grows stronger inside when you see the Defi meters, GReddy boost controller, Carbing room bar, Prodrive steering, STI gear knob and pedals. The driver and passenger sit in a younger STI Version 9 seat facing a Version 8 dashboard. These cars are of course famous for having interchangeable parts within their bloodline.

She’s not only all about looks though. This girl packs a punch. Under the scooped bonnet sits the EJ20 engine from a Version 8 STI that’s boosted by a Power Enterprise PE1820 turbo. Hold your jaw, there’s more. The engine is running on Kelford high cams, Bosch 850cc high impedance injectors and NGK Iridium spark plugs. An APS top mount intercooler is in its rightful functional location meanwhile SYMS equal length extractor and Fujitsubo full exhaust system get rid of waste gasses with a crisp boxer-like burbly note. Getting the power down to the Symmetrical AWD system is a 6 speed manual gearbox with a Cusco hyper single clutch and an OS clutch hose.

The responsibility of braking is completely handed over to Project MU. This GC8 runs Project MU 6 pot front callipers, 4 pot rears, rotors, brake pads and brake hoses. Only the brake stopper is from Cusco. Sometimes it’s easier to raid a single company’s catalogue for products, especially when they’re a trusted brand.

Another famous old school Japanese product on this car is TEIN adjustables. A set of TEIN mono flex adjustables allow the car to be precisely setup as per the drivers needs and feedback. Most of you know that a car’s suspension setup can make or break it. Thankfully this one does the former. The almost three decade old chassis is braced with a range of Cusco strut bards and anti roll bars with the addition of a complete STI rear linkage in their signature pink. Maintaining a well built 90’s sports car may not be easy but thank god there are people out there still doing it.


Engine: STI Version 8 Ej20 Engine, Power Enterprise PE1820 turbo, Kelford High Cams, Bosch 850cc High Impedance Injectors, APS Top Mount Intercooler, NGK Iridium Spark Plugs, Cusco Front Strut Bar, Fujitsubo Full Exhaust System, SYMS Equal Length Extractor

Transmission: 6 Speed Manual Gearbox, Cusco Hyper Single Clutch, OS Clutch Hose

Brakes: Project MU front 6 pots rear 4 pots, Project MU 2pcs Rotors, Project MU Brake Pads, Project MU Brake Hoses, Cusco Brake Stopper

Suspension: TEIN Mono Flex Adjustable

Interior: STI Version 8 Dashboard, STI Version 9 Seats, STI Gear Knob, STI Manual Pedals, Prodrive Steering, JVC Double Din Players, Defi Meters, Greddy Boost Controller , Carbing Room Bar

Exterior: B.A.R. GC8 Body Kit, B.A.R. Diffusers, Perrin Spoiler Stablizers

Handling: Cusco Front Anti Roll Bars, Cusco Rear Anti Roll Bar, STI Pink Rear Linkage Complete, Cusco 4 point Front Lower Bar, Cusco Rear Tower Strut Bar

Wheels: Prodrive GC10 with Potenza RE11, Rays Lock Nuts

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