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Full Boost: Avantech Drag Honda EG6

As of now, drag racing is currently the motorsport discipline to have the biggest fan base in Malaysia. No matter what the event is, it seems that every time there’s a drag racing event, grandstands will always be full of spectators. Thus, it would be no surprise to see fans will usually have their favourite car in any competition. Among one of the biggest contenders in the Malaysian drag racing scene would be Avantech Racing located in Equine Park. Nearly every drag racing event, the guys at Avantech never fails to bring out a full arsenal of souped up rides.

Avantech was and always will be known for their crazy Honda builds. With their extensive research and development and racing knowhow, it would explain why you would see cars built by them would finish in the podium spot most of the time. It was about a few years back when in an event feature on Shift Magazine, a photo of one crazy Honda Civic EG6 was published. Now it finally graces the pages of this magazine.

As an outcome of cooperation between Avantech Racing and Sani Hotel, this Honda Civic EG6 received extensive upgrades to turn it into a full on drag setup car. A fresh 2 liter B20B motor was sourced as the base of this build. So the guys at Avantech ripped apart the motor and rebuilt it with a Super 90 block, Arias 84mm pistons and BME aluminum conrods.

Port and polish work by Nasty Port Flow was done on the cylinder heads. Aside from that, Web camshafts and Toda cam pulleys were fitted as well. The whole valvetrain was also replaced with Ferrea valves, springs, and retainers. A Skunk2 intake manifold is also installed on the set up. For the turbo, the B20B is currently running a GT40 turbine that was custom built by Tong Turbo which sits on a Tonnka exhaust manifold.

For the fuel system, 3 Bosch 044 fuel pumps are used and it is also equipped with a Tomei fuel regulator and an AEM fuel rail. The fuel rail is equipped with a set of Siemens Deka injectors. For optimum cooling, an ARC aluminum half width radiator is installed for this purpose.

In order to transfer all that power to the asphalt, the stock gearbox was replaced with an Albins 1-4 dogbox transmission. Other components that are used in the drivetrain are a competition triple plate clutch and a Quaife LSD. The whole set up is dialed in and tuned with a Hondata 4 bar map sensor and a LINKS G4 Extreme engine management system making sure the B20B motor runs at optimal condition.

In order for the EG6 to withstand the forces on its chassis, a Cusco roll cage is installed for better chassis rigidity and to protect the driver. Custom engine mounts were also made to make sure under whatever stress, the B20B motor stays intact and doesn’t fall out of the engine bay. For better stability during the drag pass, a set of Ftuned custom coilovers were fitted to make sure the car stays planted.

In all, Avantech has built a very capable and purpose built machine. We would like to thank Avantech for giving us a chance to feature their fully built drag machine. With a set up like this, one can’t blink in order to see this car make its run on the dragstrip.

2.0L B20B Inline-4,
Super 90 Block,
Arias 84mm Pistons,
BME Aluminum Conrods,
JE Pro Seal Piston Rings,
JE Pro Seal Head Gasket,
Nasty Port Flow Port And Polished Head,
WEB Camshafts,
Toda Cam Pulleys.
Ferrea Valvetrain,
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs,
Skunk2 Untra Racing Intake Manifold,
Skunk2 90mm Throttle Body,
MAC Boost Solenoid,
HKS Intercooler,
Tonnka Exhaust Manifold,
Tong Turbo Custom Built GT40 Turbine,
Tial Blow Off Valve,
Tial Wastegate,
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump,
AEM Fuel Rail,
Siemens DEKA Injectors,
ARC Radiator,
Speedfactory Head Studs,
Hondata 4 Bar Map Sensor,
LINKS G4 Extreme ECU,

Albins 1-4 Dogbox Transmission,
Competition Triple Plate Clutch,
Quaife LSD,

Custom Engine Mounts,
Ftuned Suspension,
Skunk2 Camber Kit,
Cusco Roll Cage,

FRP Hood, Front Fenders and Custom Front Bumper,

Bride Zeta III Bucket Seat, Mugen Steering Wheel

Avantech Racing, Sani Hotel

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