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Fist of the North Star – Honda Civic EG6

We’ve been privy to many a goalpost shifting technology and supposedly beneficial ‘for the greater good’ trends which contributes to the ‘grand scheme of things’ the exact meaning itself a universal and ethereal concept bordering on being abstract.

Now that ‘grand scheme of things’ for the most part refers to the adaptation of numerous critical ideas, conceptualized from the crucial need to take care of the environment; with palpable improvements on emissions, fuel economy and everything in between. In this regard I like to bring you back to a post F1 race Q&A with respected motorsport & automobile pundits on one side doing the queries, while on another side we have a mismatched group of F1 front runners answering/replying.

One particular question intended for Fernando Alonso (at the time with Ferrari) had the F1 hotshots shuffling in their seats, eyes and ears all perked up to listen on Alonso’s thickly accented answer; I can’t recall the exact question word for word but the gist of it revolves around ‘the most challenging/satisfying/rewarding F1 race cars’ in the Spaniard’s highly pertinent opinion. Now for the uninitiated the double champ Alonso took his two consecutive F1 titles back in 2005 and 2006, an era when these uncompromising open wheeled race cars were maximizing their potential hand over fist.

Sure enough Alonso made it pretty damn clear how ‘disagreeable’ he felt with regard to the increasingly cumbersome ruling derived upon environmentally friendly considerations. Sure they wish for us to race, max attack and all and yet, the F1 machine’s engineering fundamentals itself underlines the fuel conservation principle that cast a pretty big shadow over the crème de la crème of world motor racing. The bottom line the current front running race cars when compared to F1 circa 2004 – 2005, gets a face full of the latter’s toxic fumes for two seconds and some before they catch up! Figure that in.

So why then might you ask did an impromptu chat about the merits of F1 for the past the present and the future (with what doom and gloom vista it shall have at the ready), doing in a half baked literary piece such as this? Well it’s yet another peeling off the layer as per the matter at hand, since the matter at hand or more to the fact the heart of the matter – the purpose-engineered EG6 ‘hyper accelerating machine’ belongs to another era, alas an era which splits the distinction between pseudo retro and retro.

Of course putting things into perspective for a tiny wee bit, when you ponder the EG’s early 1990s genesis and the ensuing twenty-five years or so to the day, the rounded up frontal and rearward ends does not seem, to me tired eyes any way, all that old school, or any descriptive terms with old in the word play. Sure this mean uninhibited quarter miler, with its badass ‘take no prisoner’ demeanor, its ‘dual skinned’ image, still managed an excellent job ‘augmenting’ its makeshift drag special role while showcasing its trademark blunt nose profile in its own unique swagger slash confidence.

Now us guys knows all too well how beneficial being confident is to our manhood (code getting laid, scoring et al). When these ‘mechanized mojo’ becomes apparent in a ride, as in this red & carbon fiber slash black, pseudo retro early 90s Civic, the end result, while undoubtedly a visual feast bordering on heavy drama (the kind that sees the main babe getting an unfair deal like that), also carries a palpable imposition of fear and intimidation.

To ascertain if the substance of that last statement is substantiated slash justified slash ‘the real deal’ study and research its multi faceted spec sheet coming right up. That is if you have this radical idea the Hyper-spread on this Perlis born & bred Civic EG6 drag hatch built by ESR Garage and expertly tuned by Dinn Dynamics is all CGI or maybe even a scale model or maybe some dim-witted concept from a wannabe who thinks Ayrton Senna is an eco detergent.

Like this reasonably wise cliché & metaphor (or clichaphor yeah?) says “A picture is worth a 1000 words at least. With the Hyperfacts below as the worded reference, match the Hyper factoids below to the images on these feature. For each correct match you get to brag to your better half and maybe end the ‘down season’ between the two of you. Those who’re not privy to what this is all about need not bother.

Just get back to your consoles or google the answers for your assignments slash homework.

Car: Honda Civic EG6

Engine Mods: Super90 Block, 86mm piston 16.1:1 compression ratio, GRP aluminum conrod, OEM head gasket, Gates timing belt , port polish by Nasty Port Flow (NPF), TB Motorworx camshaft, T1 cam pulley, Skunk2 valve spring & retainer, Ferrea valve, Ferrea valve guide, AVS spark plug, Skunk2 Ultra Race intake manifold, Skunk2 90mm throttle body , HyTech exhaust manifold, Bosch 044 fuel pump, Works fuel regulator, Id1000cc injector, GME Racing oil catch tank, ARP custom head stud.

Transmission: Competition Clutch twin plate, Thanathon Dogbox 1-4, SpeedFactory SCHA, MFactory LSD

Electronics: Link G4+ ECU

Chassis & suspension: Hasport engine mounting, TEIN dampers front & rear, Hardrace camber kit

Brakes: OEM front, custom rear

Wheels & Tires: Regamaster 15 inch rims, Hoosier semi slicks

Interior: Sparco seat, OEM EG6 interior, Works oil pressure gauge, strain gauge flatshift

Exterior: EG6, custom fender, bumper, carbon fiber hood

Garage: ESR Garage, Perlis

Tuner: Dinn Dynamics Tuning

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