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Fire-breathing Magic – NISSAN GTR 35

There’s never a better time to reflect on the ever more happening, ever more accessible and the ever more ‘hyperactive’ (pun intended for our own amusement) state of the local car scene, than right now. I mean right now being opened to your own time considerations and of course, the art of managing it. I am not being careless with my terminology here fellas as the nature of time nowadays tend to be rather, what’s the best word for it abstract? Or mysterious, or just downright undefineable.

Why’d you think that be the case? Well for one thing in less than a couple of flickers of your girlfriend’s eyelids (with the fashionable extra long designer eye lashes don’t forget) this major league R35 would already be nudging 100km/h and beyond, like way beyond! Taking the narrative a little bit further the fact that cars are getting quicker and quicker has prompted the discussion of how quick can a car go from standstill to 100km/h seeing as previously unheard of sub 2 seconds acceleration figures are hitherto being more than heard of, they’re being videotaped mind you!

Science dictates that an object with a mass need to adhere to that law of motion from that old dude. A car can never ever go from naught to 60mph in 0.1 seconds, can it? Can it? I mean really, there are mind-blowing stuffs that were in the realm of impossibility only a few years back; ‘stuffs’ that you’d either utilize, take benefit from or indulge, over indulge, make as your new hobby, get distracted, get sucked in and ultimately becoming the idiot who screwed up getting carried away with his new hobby. All of which happens to be recorded with his premium smartphone, and end up being viral.

That’s like in the vestige of time also only on the other end of the whole thing, as in those with way too much time to go dicking around pardon my foul language. Its just that some people have little or no understanding of the relentless progression of time, its progression being the operative word. Time progress with nary a micro second of pause, and you’d do well to take no heed to the ‘time stood still’ or ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ cliché. It goes on and on, and on some more whether you’re laughing it away, or crying your heart out. You can only make the most of it, and seize the moment – all wise words no doubt but how should you go about it? What with your wholesome love for cars to consider.

Ask this dude right here he seems to know, as per his down time or up time I don’t really think he has either, he tend to have that go-getter persona that most successful people have. One indicator is his preferences on what goes into his visceral ride – with all the extra wide Varis designer double breasted three piece suit, the ‘flavorful’ orange finish, the Advan wheels and the sonic explosion stemming from its major performance upgrade. They’re all top-shelf stuffs, the sort that sounds very expensive even in USD!

Of course to him those are all semantics, which he never wastes his thought process on. He only needs to make his R35 not just fast, but very fast to the point of minimizing his transit in between the important business he’d ascribed to, and get the most satisfaction out of it. And so begin his quest to load up his orange GTR with the appropriate levels of tractable horsepower. The go-to brand he chooses was none other than one of the most preeminent aftermarket brand with both superlative reputation and the dossier to match – Boost Logic.

At the heart of all the freakishly huge power perking action is the brand’s default R35 horsepower galore package – the 4.1 liter Stroker kit further enhanced with their Stage 3 head, and as if that aren’t all that impressive to you somehow (then what would exactly we wonder) there’s yet more gems from the Boost Logic R35 catalog – both being the top of the heap, best of the lot items – the Boost Logic V2 Inlet Manifold, HKS intercooler, Boost Logic 4 inch piping full exhaust system; with a trick AAM intake kit doing the excess air sucking tasks.

All in the net outcome yielded just 20 less than 1000 bhp with a tarmac screeching 1150Nm of the twisty stuff. Some reflective moment of silent contemplation would be ideal right now does it not? Okay that’s enough contemplating seeing as we have yet more top shelf premium aftermarket components still to ogle over – as per its chassis mods. On the suspension there’s the Litchfield Road Suspension kit tailor made by Bilstein, stopping power gets dialed up to 11 thanks to Endless Racing stoppers, and finally its rolling combo consists of 20 inch Advan Racing GT and Bridgestone RE070R Potenzas.

Simply a class act through and through!



Engine Mods:
Complete Boost Logic 4.1L Stroker Kit with stage 3 head, Boost Logic Inlet Manifold, HKS intercooler, Boost Logic 4 inch piping full exhaust system, AAM air intake kit

Chassis mods:
Litchfield Road Suspension Kit by Bilstein

Brakes modifications:
Endless Racing Brake Kit

Varis full bodykit

Wheels & Tyres:
20 inch Advan Racing GT wheels & Bridgestone Potenza RE070R

Max Power:

Max Torque:

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