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Epic & Minimalist – Porsche 911 Targa

Porsche. Did you know there’s a video on how to correctly pronounce the brand? I mean how cool is that? as if there aren’t enough cool stuffs revolving around this most iconic of Stuttgart automobile manufacturer. Together with being the absolute epitome of coolness and all the impromptu adulations be it literal or clichéd or anything in between, Porsche cars have always reside upon a special place within the collective hearts of car enthusiasts, or simply, people who love cars, the world over, for a long, long time.

Consider that in the past I had trouble coming up with angles or materials on a particular feature, as in anecdotes, true stories and legends, racing drama and happenings, gossips from Hollywood et al. and yet, soon as I key in Porsche nearly 400 million results appeared within what was it zero point eight seconds; who knows how many couple of billion results would come out should you give it a full second? Yeah well such is the persistence of time in this day and age, the intrinsic value of time itself multiplying exponentially it seems rendering us humankind to deal with time in milliseconds or nanoseconds. Whew!

Yeah well that’s all part of the nature of things these days ennit? Just like a 911, with its illustrious genealogy, motorsport achievements, awards, accolades, intertwined with its huge pool of tuners and specialists, further emboldened with its massive global following; has always been, undoubtedly is, and shall forever more be, an automobile icon – an anointed giant amongst an exclusive ensemble of widely acknowledged automobiles that defines the purest embodiment of speed and drama both form and function.

Indeed ladies and gents, Porsche’s halo car brings out the most poetic most eloquent and deeply articulated literary nuances from even the most verbose, most obtuse of minds. Consider that despite being essentially more than fifty years in production, the 911 remained true to its 1963 genesis; its famous, instantly recognizable silhouette remained essentially unaltered despite having undergone many evolutions from birth.

Together with the 911’s exalted stature its ‘multinational’ list of highly established tuners slash specialists have inevitably ‘rode shotgun’ astride the 911’s relentless evolution, each going about R&D-ing and honing their products to match the stellar levels of performance and panache the 911 has credibly accumulated over the years. One such name is TPC – the US’ Mid-Atlantic’s premier Porsche builder cum tuner cum specialist, with its well planted roots in the IMSA Supercar Series of the late 1980s and early 1990s. TPC one-make focus (exclusively on Porsche) has made them unquestionable experts in Porsche service, tuning, and racing.

Apparently one of those who knows his Porsche the owner of this exemplary 911 Targa chose TPC ‘positive displacement’ Supercharger kit simply because it provides lag-free performance, at a low boost level, without the need for extensive internal engine modifications, resulting in a reliable, high-yield, performance upgrade available – the perfect compromise between stomach churning performance and everyday reliability. Supervising the considerable power hike is a Unichip ECU – yet another popular name in the aftermarket tuning scene with proven track record in both street and race applications. Sucking out excess gases from the higher state of tuned 3.6 liter flat-six is a top quality custom exhaust system.

As per its looks the owner set about his approach in much the same way he did with the go aspect – straightforward minimalist concept. The narrow body unblown 911 Targa gets a fat and blistering widebody Turbo conversion, suavely topped off with that evergreen Falken Azenis shod BBS LM wheels sized 18 inch with its famous meshed spokes given a cool gold finish complete with a Porsche center cap.

Car: Porsche 911 Targa (964)

Engine: 3600cc Flat-six, Air-cooled, dry-sump lubrication, rear-mounted

Engine Mods: TPC supercharger kit, TurboXS blow-off valve, Unichip ECU, custom exhaust

Transmission: 5-speed Tiptronic

Exterior: Turbo widebody conversion

Wheels & Tyres: 18 inch BBS LM wheels (with spacer), Falken Azenis 40 Series tyres

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