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Chirpy Racer

Having a small and petite ride is a big plus nowadays especially if you’re living and breathing (the smog infested air) in the city. Take me for instance, me and my trusty, Perodua Kelisa by day Bat Mobile by night, Malaysian made hatch. How many a time have I left some fuming Dominic wannabe in my wake by virtue of being small? Well, not my wake exactly, someone else’s wake maybe, stuck behind a big ‘lori antu’ unable to do a damn thing except scream out curses and dirty language.

The above example is par for the course in the city really and a shared and cherished experience amongst small car ‘aficionados’, and then there’d be some more yes? For starters you could squeeze your way in between the railings and the inside lane without much in the way of problem, and this is exactly why you’re bound to see an endless supply of small diminutive cars not just in any city but in our cities especially, even more so as we’re heading for a not so distant future where petrol and pretty much most of earth energy resources would be mined to dry, and hybrids and electric cars would end up being the major form of transport.

See now, bear with me for a little bit yeah? Where was I? Yeah hybrids and electric cars when such archetype vehicles are of the sort, size matters more than anything ennit? As you’d logically figure you’d need x amount of energy to move y amount of mass. So in that regard a vehicle would be more efficient if the y value is at a minimum ya dig? Alright then enough with the physics 101 let us proceed to the gist of the discussion/presentation right here: the advantages of a small car and its centrality in achieving superlative dynamics and mobility. And as such the relevance of the fantabulous Polo GTi and its uniquely derived microchipped mayhem right here sourced from none other than the nice speed-mad RaceChip crew.

We’re all pretty well and truly familiar with RaceChip’s amazing work over the past, the numerous ‘plug-in and let it loose’ approach that RaceChip have perfected, for the most part with their hands-on treatment of VW’s mighty hatch. For this feature segment we have another of RaceChip amazing creation – a wholesomely embellished Polo GTi empowered with a number of RaceChip products. Before, we have provided details as per the essence of the RaceChip go-faster program: its multi faceted rechipping dossier, its cutting edge offerings that utilizes the very latest in megabyte processing devices, as such. Thus now let us go about pursuing our raison d’être, what Hypertune has excelled and perfected on our own – the multi-paged feature car segment with decorative sensual portrayal slash artistic pictorial repose; a fancy statement for our trademark car & babe spread.

First up we have on the outside the exemplary VW Polo bodykit from After12 Motorsport – a top ranked player in all things Continental (and then some) in the local scene. The kit’s a full on complete custom package and should you’re into the whole ‘good things come wholesomely in small packages’ school you’d be down with the Polo GTI’s stylized new ‘midnight’ outfit – the front end all sported up, with the sides and back end as well, while the timeless multispoke 17 inch Enkei alloys with Advan 40 series rubbers put the collective seal of approval into the whole package, and not just any seal of approval, it is our seal of approval.

The lowered stance came about from the time-honored necessity of having a good and proper lowering set-up as well as the installation of Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs combo; thence there’s also a litany of Ultra Racing chassis sprucing components, with additional kits from H&R, Evolution Performance and Spoon. Stopping force is perked up with the KSport 8-pot front big brakes kit.

Now on to RaceChip’s own ‘Speed-dom’ – the brand’s benchmark chiptuning program. The Polo GTi’s 180 hp 1.4 liter Twincharger motor is tuned with RaceChip’s Ultimate Connect, and given an e-throttle controller module called the RaceChip Response Control. Actual revised figures with the entire tuning package can be obtained from RaceChip direct. Further performance enhancements includes upgrades to the ignition system, intercooler, replacement exhaust system and more, including custom DSG reflash from Everco.

Dart your gaze about this page (or the next) for the full tuning monty.

Car: Volkswagen Polo GTi

Engine mods: Chiptuning: RaceChip Ultimate Connect (with Bluetooth connected to smartphone), RaceChip Response Control (e-throttle controller), Ignition: T.M.WORKS Multiple Spark Ignition kit, Ignite VSD alpha 16V kit, Hyper Direct Coil, Super ECO Pulser for battery, CTS Turbo BOV kit, Wagner Tuning Intercooler, Everco Motorsport Custom turbo back full exhaust system

Transmission: Everco custom DSG reflash

Brakes: KSport 8-pot front BBK

Chassis/Suspension: Bilstein B12 suspension kit with Eibach, H&R Front & Rear Sway Bars kit, Ultra Racing Front Lower bar, Middle Lower bar, Rear Lower bar & Room bar, Spoon Rigid Collar Front, Evolution Performance custom Front Camber Kit

Wheels & tires: Enkei RCT4 17 X 8.0J, 5 X 10J; Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R 215/40 R17

Exterior: After Twelve Motorsport Custom Full Bodykit

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