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Chili Padi

Back in 1994, Perodua launches its first car called the Perodua Kancil which was based on the L200 Daihatsu Mira with the mindset of a cheap, reliable and a nimble town car. Almost everyone in Malaysia has driven a Kancil before. Fast forward to 25 years they surpassed their initial target.

However, this particular car here, is a totally different story. It has the same build mindset as Perodua when they launch the car which is low cost, reliable and nimbleness, but with the added twist that it has to be an absolute track weapon yet a street sleeper.

This particular Kancil was named Chili Padi as it resembles the red paint job on the car and the firepower it has on the track. To build a car seems easy, but to build a successful and yet satisfying race car takes time with a great team behind the scene that shares the same passion to achieve a well balanced track weapon.

Under the hood of Chili Padi, is where you will discover it is serious about business. The car was given a new engine which was a force-fed 0.6L that came from a Daihatsu Move. While the engine may seem underpower, turns out that it was quite eager during spirited drives. The engine was rebuild using a fully forged internal and a custom cam among other goodies. Mated to a new RHF4 turbo and a 2 inch straight pipe means this engine isn’t here to play any games. Getting the oiling and cooling system up to speed was also vital part of this build. A Works Engineering fuel pressure regulator as well as a brand new DeatschWerk fuel pump was installed to ensure the fuel pressure remain constant while to cool the hot air an FRP intercooler was added.

The softwares remains stock with an exception of a Pivot Speed meter, to remove the speed limiter and a Turbosmart mechanical boost controller. The gearbox unit is a customized straight cut close ratio box to ensure peak boost is achieved in every gear without having much lag.

Being a track car, the handling is an area that you do not want to miss out. The car was installed with the Zerone SSR 550 fully adjustable suspension. The next thing that comes to mind in the handling department is of course the tyres. Being a K-Car, finding a set of good tyre are never easy with most sticky tyres either comes in 13″ or 15″ which requires the bodywork to undergo an intensive modification. With that it is lucky that Achilles have the right size which is 165/55r14 that fits perfectly into the car. The ATR-K sport sticky tyres were wrapped with lightweight competition Enkei ES Tarmac rims. Brake systems are stock with an addition of disc brake in the rear.

The interior of the car is almost unaltered. A set of TRXX seats was utilized while the dash is paired with a Defi Advance ZD and a Sard Racing Pro boost meter to provide the driver with all the information he needed while attacking the track.

This Chili Padi has won the title of overall champion in the year of 2018, securing 1st place for every round at the Sucimuci Time Attack Championship under the category of 1200cc Open. Currently it holds a record of 1m08s in MIMC, Malacca which unofficially the fastest street spec Kancil in the track. To conclude, the Chili Padi has proven to have what it takes as a fully balanced track car.


Car Model : Perodua Kancil

Engine :Daihatsu Move L900 JB-DET, Fully Balanced engine, Custom Camshaft, Custom Forged Piston, Custom Crankshaft, Custom Valve Spring, Custom Rod, RHF4 Turbo, FRP intercooler, Works Engineering Fuel Pressure Regulator, DeatschWerk Fuel Pump, Greddy Type RZ Blow Off Valve, Cusco Catch Tank

Electronic : Defi-link Meter Advance ZD, Original Pivot Speed Meter V, Original SARD Racing Pro boost meter

Transmission : Custom straight cut short ratio gearbox, D-SPORT DRS Competition LSD, D-SPORT DRS Competition Clutch

Brakes : L200 Front brake, L500 Rear brake, FBK brake pad

Wheel & Tyre : Original 14” Enkei ES Tarmac Competition wheels, ATR K-Sport

Suspension/Chassis : Zerone SSR550 adjustable, SARD pillowball

Exterior : L200 hood scoop

Interior : TR-XX seat complete, Daihatsu l200 steering, Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller

Workshop : CarArena, Advance Performance Centre

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