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Bringing Back An Old Timer

The most common question asked when driving this car is, “dei what car is that la?”. Allow me to start from page 1. This here is an old school build of the Datsun Laurel C130. Usually most people react with a confusing look thanks to its unpopularity but anyhow, it has quite a following among the old school fanboys and in more so with the Bosozoku lovers.

This is purely a car done for show and attending car meets in absolute style. It has no performance modifications aside from Nissan S13 adjustables. It even still runs the original L20 carburettor engine albeit with an engine bay clean up to keep it neat and running.

The wow factor of this Laurel is the Bosozoku elements. By elements I mean, the massively flared arches, screaming exhaust and lack of a rear bumper. To achieve such street presence and to qualify for the Bosozoku name, the flared arches can’t just be stuck on the outside of the body. No sir, you’re going to have to man up and cut away at the precious body. The end product is worth it however. After fitting the right spec of wheels, wide 12j and 13j in this case, you get one hell of a mean machine.

Inspired without a doubt from our petrolhead maniacs in Japan, the Bosozoku culture highlights the madness of modifications. Go as low as possible. Have the most ridiculous exhaust. An interior that makes no sense ergonomically but is so crazy that it is cool. Hence the paint job too. It is an eye catching black and red with almost race car livery.

The way this Datsun has been modified would lead most people to assume it’s a 2 door long chassis old timer but if you look closely, it actually has four doors and they do work! Inside you get Bre Ken Mery racing bucket seats, in tune with the whole Kaido Racer look and a large Bre Competition steering.

All in all, this is not something for the tracks or touge. This is far more. It is something of passion, fashion, lifestyle and JDM at its core. This is BackWheelBitches.

Car : Datsun Laurel C130

Engine : Original L20

Suspension & Chassis : S13 Adjustables

Brakes : stock

Wheels & Tyres :Rim 14 Front 12J Rear 13J / Advan T1R 225/40/14

Exterior : Kaido Racer Look / Katayama Fender Flare (Bosozoku flare)

Interior : Bre Ken Mery Racing Bucket Seat / Bre Competition Steering 330mm

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