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Bring on the zombie apocalypse

Perhaps the movies weren’t all fiction. The future is a bleak dystopia infested by zombies and every sunrise is a blessing for the remaining splinters of humankind as they fight to kill the undead.

There’s rumours of a haven somewhere in a remote part of the country, unblemished by the zombie infestation and a safehouse to regroup and rebuild humanity from. You just need to make your way there but it’s a few hundred kilometres away.

Easier said than done. It goes without saying that making the journey on foot is foolish and bound to conclude in you being zombie chowder. A vehicle is required… a sturdy one that can surmount any possible obstacle yet make haste to outrun what can’t be defeated.

The checklist boxes are next to the words “SUV” and “fast.” SUV here harks back to the days of the body-on-frame, tough-as-nails beasts that could take on mountains and the apocalypse if needed.

You ponder on it for a while and the answer seems blatantly obvious. It’s got to be a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. It’s been inducted into the hall of fame for unbreakable SUVs and the AMG version touched by the magic wand of engineers and a sprinkling of turbocharging will ensure it covers all manners of ground with much haste.

It wouldn’t even need much; if any, modifications. Get it, start and trample zombies into the grooves of the tyres as you make your way to safety.

The G-Wagen fits the bill perfectly and the one featured here looks the part too with the urban camo vinyl wrap that’ll help it blend in with the bleak urban environment peppering the route to security.

Rightly so, the one here hasn’t been tweaked much. Apart from the vinyl, the exterior has been given a Brabus body kit and carbon fibre front grille in addition to extended side steps because you don’t want to be missing a step jumping in with zombies on your tail.

Most importantly however, the lighting department has been heavily fortified. Electricity is probably out of the question in this imagined dystopic future so complementing the factory-fitted DRL LEDs under the headlights are more LEDs mounted on the lower bumper and on the roof to illuminate the road ahead.

A carbon fbre air-scoop helps direct more air into the engine to feed the appetite of the 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 that makes a whopping 537hp and 760Nm of torque. A seven-speed automatic delivers the power to all four wheels.

The 4Matic all-wheel drive system has been proven a capable performer on all terrains and although nothing has been changed under the hood, the grip levels may vary now courtesy of the 22-inch Vorsteiner VFF-107 wheels. Who says you can’t roll in style escaping zombies?

Wrapped around the wheels are Continental ContiSportContact rubbers in a 265/40R22 sizing that should improve the grip levels considerably. Poking out from behind the wheels are the bright red factory AMG brakes that still bring it to a halt right on the dot.

Inside, it’s all left untouched because comfort is key during an apocalypse and you want as little distractions on the run to safety. Being an AMG machine, the interior is a very nice place to be in as the end of the world approaches.

So, there you have it, if the end of times is approaching and the undead are hot on your heels, you know what vehicle you need to get in order to ensure your survival… a G-Wagon.

Car – Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Engine – Stock

Electronics – Stock

Transmission – Stock

Chassis & Handling – Stock

Brakes – Stock

Wheels & Tyres – Vorsteiner VFF-107 22-inch, 265/40R22 Continental ContiSportContact tyres

Interior – Stock

Exterior – Brabus body kit, carbon fibre front grille, carbon fibre air-scoop, side steps, roof-mounted DRLs, vinyl wrap

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