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Big Bad Coupe With Big Bad V8 – Mercedes SL63 AMG

The days are numbered they say, the age of big bad howling V8 on full tilt scaring the life out of kids and adults alike, making small animals scampering for dear life, are all in the past they say. And you know what? They’d be spot on. Indeed the days of big atmo engines with its visceral engine note have all become part of the automobile folklore. From now on as insanely fast as a performance car can be, as potent as any bi or quad turbo motor, there shall always be an integral aspect of the entire equation that caters exclusively for energy efficiency, the environment and the future whatever that may entail.

But still, being who we are and where we at, the culpability of the fate of the earth notwithstanding, we can still partake in the celebration of excess – the sort that lives and breathes by the ‘big is better’ credo. Now do not mistake us for rebellious as per the wind of change that’s sweeping us along even as we speak. We’re all for change, and rightly so if it is all for the betterment of mankind and all that positive and uplifting vibe. But once in a while we find that our primordial appetite for big earth shaking powerplant, needs to be satiated. We need our nicotine, we want our cholesterol, and we want to indulge in a jumbo plate of succulent and gelatinous fat.

With our mouths half full of ‘succulent and gelatinous fat’ let us get right to it then – take it in people, this might just be your last look at a big rumbling V8 with more than 6000 cubic centimeter of capacity. It lies ominously within the generous engine bay of this intimidating looking SL Merc. With cars even hypercars in the not too distant future purported to be all about small almost miniscule engines blown up with huge turbos yielding humongous stratospheric output. Imagine for a moment then if you will that instead of ‘small almost miniscule engines blown up with huge turbos yielding humongous stratospheric output’ you have ‘big gargantuan engines blown up with huge turbos yielding humongous stratospheric output’. Dream on.

But do not tell that to this fella right here because he’s actually living the dream. We can’t however begrudge his hard earned reality you know what I mean? We can only look on in envy and hope that one day a new untapped oil reserve with billions of barrels of oil be discovered so that we can have big 8 or 9 liters V10 engines au natural, as in unblown; so that we can return to the days of total excess – doing our bid with our own big bad ride unleashing big black smoke with carbon monoxide poisoning the neighborhood for days on end. That’ll be the day.

Meanwhile we have the SL63 getting all manner of juicy enhancements that guarantees loads and loads of begrudging and envious looks. Nothing overtly excessive was done on the 6.3 liter V8, the first major bit is without a shadow of a doubt the Weistec ECU which takes over running supervision for the engine from the stock engine management. The Weistec enhanced brainpower unleashed a pretty substantial amount of extra ponies and extra torque, while also eliminate the top speed limiter, increase the throttle response as well as optimizes the 32 valve V8’s fuel and spark. The Weistec presence wasn’t limited to the ECU alone, as it also supplies a remap for the MCT Transmission – the ultra cutting edge AMG Speedshift 7-speed.

Further aftermarket goodies encompassed upgrades to the air intake – BMC twin air induction kit, the entire exhaust right through to the headers – a combination of AMG exhaust system, Supercircuit X-Pipe and MBH headers. Chassis remained untouched with only the brakes – the AMG brakes mind you, given a new set of Brembo brake pads and BF Goodridge stainless steel brake hose.

And finally we have the aesthetics – the SL R230FL pretty much the best looking SLs of all kept most of its AMG exterior parts intact but had some additional bling courtesy of the bling maestro Prior Design with its frontal and rear ends carrying PD’s spoilers. The wheels are BC Forged HB05 shod with Michelin Pilot Sport. On the inside things are as classy as the SL 63 always is – Harman Kardon sound system, and all manner of AMG interior accessories.

518hp 6203cc 32 valve V8

Engine Modifications:
BMC twin air induction kit, AMG exhaust system with Supercircuit X-Pipe, MBH headers, Weistec ECU

AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed gearbox with Race Start (Launch control) function, Weistec TCU remap

AMG 6/4pot Calipers with Brembo brake pads, BF Goodridge stainless steel brake hose

Wheels & Tires:
BC forged HB05 deep concave wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport tires

Prior Design front & rear bodykit with updated AMG stainless steel tail pipe, AMG boot spoiler, Carbon spoiler

Harmon Kardon ICE. Keyless entry, AMG carpeting, AMG illuminated Dash console

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