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Belted Out

We have all seen one too many converted Protons; Satrias, Putras, Wiras you name it, some have even opted for the Iswaras and the Sagas. Why the latter would be opted for is beyond me, but most do so for the engines they can get their itchy hands on, the 4G93’s and the 4G63’s. It’s no surprise already what these engines are capable of; the kind of power it is able to produce if its proprietor has the spending power to go with it.

D3 Racing Proton Satria

Few of these conversions have missed our line of sight and we’ve featured quite a number of these locally-built gems but just when we thought we’ve seen it all, we’re blown away again by yet another surprise package built on our home grounds by D3 Racing. As the astonishing pictures would show you, being conventional is not really their thing; and by that they’ve opted for a GSR power plant instead of the more commonly seen Evo motor.

And boy have they knocked this one way outta the park, way way way out of the park! Looking at the clean, meticulous build, you know it’s not been put together by amateurs with butter fingers but by those who know their stuff and know it well. Seeing how in-your-face this build is and the straight-forward functionality of this setup, it reminded me and I’m sure it would to you, a lot of that no-nonsense discipline teacher we once has back in school who’d speak and whip when she sees fit; nothing more nothing less.

D3 Racing Proton Satria

I mean just look at where the exhaust, a D3 Racing Megaphone, sticks out from; and by saying that I’m not sure if exhaust is an appropriate term as it’s more like just a cone sticking out into the air like an old steam train’s funnel. And I think if the “exhaust” sticks out of an engine bay like that, more often than not there’s a monster lurking from within; the monster of choice here is one that is groomed out from a 4G93 power plant.

As its exhaust gases flow through a D3 Racing customized turbo manifold, part of the waste gases spools up an enormously-oversized “hybrid AR70” turbine where the charged air would be cooled by D3 Racing’s customized intercooler and piping as the Satria charges off the line. The cooled, compressed air is then channeled back to the chambers through a 70mm Super90 throttle body and an Edelbrock Victor X intake manifold before its explodes in an inferno.


Before this “explosion” takes place, because of how hungry and needy this ferocious motor is for fuel, the E85R grade in particular, it is delivered through D3 Racing customized Fuel Delivery System with an ATL fuel cell with not one but TWO Bosch 044 fuel pumps for it requires a much higher fuel pressure due to the type of fuel used; regulated by a Turbosmart fuel regulator and evened out by a Golden Eagle fuel rail kit before being sprayed into the chambers with utmost precision by a set of FIC 1850cc injectors.

If one isn’t informed that this Satria is used for drag racing, it wouldn’t be surprising to anyone if D3 Racing said they were planning to power a lorry!

Onwards to the vicious lump of an engine; taking things from the top, its head which now houses a pair of JUN Auto 288° camshafts, has been meddled with by the delicate and skillful hands of Nasty Port Flow. Onwards to the mid-section, a set of 83mm Wiseco 10.5 CR pistons attached to Duratech conrods are now the beating pulses of the motor where at the bottom of it, is a 95mm custom crankshaft resting on ACL Race bearings playing the middle person between power and performance.


At the VERY bottom of it all is a customized 6-liter oil sump and because this is a drag machine which is almost always revving in high gears, a standard oil pump gear would not be able to handle the strains, with engine failure being a subsequent consequence so fittingly the stock unit has been replaced with a more robust lump from Billet. Cooling this beast is an in-house effort done by the boys at D3 Racing with their customized cooling system setup which includes an oversized radiator along with a spare tank that works in tandem with a DERALE performance radiator fan.

An Evo 1 gearbox with 3.9 Final Drive now holds the responsibility of putting all that immense power generated down the strip along with a Competition twin-plate clutch kit set that, I would imagine not only give the motor’s, but also the driver’s legs a good stretch and foot workout. A set of HWL adjustable absorbers with custom spring rates now act as the ground work for the Satria’s stability which is also significantly enhanced with customized Teflon bushings.


All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks will have nothing on this Satria as it now sports a set of BELAK Industries wheels wrapped with Hoosier Drag Radial rubbers with 225/50/R15 dimensions in the front and 23.5/5.5/R15 at the back.

For those who cynically think that drag racing or the building of such cars is only widespread and common in America-land, do reconsider and reevaluate those thoughts. Credit’s where is due to D3 Racing, Carworx Autogarage, DINN Dynamics and Tuning, RND Plus Performance and Pakelo Lubricants on such an astonishingly eye-opening build for the strips!



Car: D3 Racing Proton Satria

Engine Modifications: 4G93T Engine Assembly, Nasty Port Flow CNC Machine Head, Edelbrock Victor X Intake Manifold, 70mm Super90 Throttle Body, JUN Auto 288° Camshafts, Wiseco 10.5 CR Piston 83mm, Duratech Conrod, 95mm Custom Crankshaft, ACL Race Bearing, Billet Oil Pump Gear, Customized 6 liter Oil Sump, 2 unit BOSCH 044 Fuel Pump, 2 Units 40mm Turbosmart Wastegate, 70mm Turbosmart Blow Off Valve, Turbosmart Fuel Regulator, FIC 1850cc Injector, Golden Eagle Fuel Rail Kit, DERALE Performance Radiator Fan, Customized Cooling System Setup (Radiator, Spare Tank, etc.), D3 Racing Customized Turbo Manifold, D3 Racing Customized Intercooler and Piping, D3 Racing Megaphone, D3 Racing Customized Fuel Delivery system with ATL fuel cell

Transmission: 4G63 Evo 1 Gearbox with 3.9 Final Drive, Competition Clutch Twin Plate Clutch Kit set

Chassis/Suspension: HWL Adjustable Absorber with Customized Spring rate, Customized Teflon Bushing

Wheels & Tires: BELAK Industries Wheels (Front & Rear), Hoosier Drag Radial Tires 225/50/R15 (Front) & 23.5/5.5/R15 (Rear)

Electronics: Haltech Sport 1000 ECU, Honda K20 Coil On Plug, Hondata 4-bar Map Sensor, Haltech Boost Solenoid, DIS4 MSD Blaster and Amplifier

Fuel: E85R

Workshop & Sponsors: D3 Racing, Carworx Autogarage, DINN Dynamics and Tuning, RND Plus Performance, Pakelo Lubricants

Text: Pan EJ
Photos: Tola Hansem (Irwan Hamdee)