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Beam Me Up Scotty!

You’d be hard-pressed to come up with unflattering words and exclamations whenever you’re confronted by a fabulously decked out Rocket Bunny special. That is however wholly dependent upon one’s own proclivities as per their own disposition on the ‘wonderful world of modified cars’ – the word ‘wonderful’ in this case being entirely ‘opened to one’s own interpretation’.

Consider that very last point closely and then allow some measure of imagination to be thrown into the mix. Then you can go nuts at the notion of said ‘unflattering words and exclamations’ and without much prompting you’d easily come up with something along the lines of sensational, brilliant, superb, epic, fabulous, further emphasized by a couple of exclamation marks therein I might add, with just about any other (complementary) definitions in between thereafter.

Yeah, that’s about the right vibe a bonafide car dude ought to feel when they find themselves in the presence of greatness regardless of it being a Rocket Bunny party dress or a lower-key discreet, more go less show types. What gets these genuine pure-blooded car lovers juice all pumped up aren’t merely superlative examples of modded rides per se, instead they’re all about the impact upon the senses of the beholder – an emotive experience, something that is beyond mere words.

For Team Hybrid their signature rides were all emotive manifestations of their genuine unconditional love for cars It goes without saying that Team Hybrid has retained its time-honored build concept throughout its glorious 23-year history; they’ve kept their signature rides through and through coming up with a myriad of adaptations and base designs honoring, embodying and well nigh perfecting their ‘cross-breeding’ theme, culminating more than 4000 trophies and awards to their name in the process.

Okay enough with the emotional and heartfelt preliminaries; let us first hear from the dude whose signature is scribbled on this fine E46 M3’s ownership papers Scott Dean: “It was supposed to be a daily driver.  A Vorsteiner CF Hood found its way to me for zero dollars and Status Gruppe opening up only a couple miles from my house changed everything after only owning it for a year.  Every modification thereafter was just us replacing OEM parts as they needed to be replaced”

He continued, “A couple more fortunate opportunities came up to obtain parts for free or next to nothing and suddenly I had another project car in my garage. Things really amplified once the Rocket Bunny kit for the E46 came out.  Finally a kit I liked and was willing to chop up the body to put on.”

Said Rocket Bunny widebody kit takes the formally unassuming E46 M3 and turn it into a mega widebody masterpiece of epic proportions (in more ways than one). Together with that aforementioned Vorsteiner carbon hood & Status Gruppe parts, numerous custom made exterior components including custom Rocket Bunny front splitter and spoilers (both carbon fiber need I mentioned?) and custom one-off exterior reworking, as well as a number of top-notched, carefully selected exterior accessories, and this fat & fabulous E46 M3 rolling on exquisitely detailed fully custom treated Work S1 3 piece 19 inches, 10.5 inches wide up front and epic 13 inches wide around the back, wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires 245/35 front 295/30 rear.

Climb inside the inspiring setting of Scott’s 2005 M3 and you can tell right away what he’s up to – AutoPower Roll Bar (which does away the need for rear seats, and rear stowaways for that matter), Recaro Speed front seats with AutoPower 6-point harness mounted on custom RNZ Conceptz seat mounts, Status Gruppe Carbon Fiber CSL Center Console, Personal wheel with NRG quick release and short hub, and Alcantara roof liner (for when the hardtop is on like so). The rest of the cabin remains vintage BMW M – considered (by some respectable car fellas) one of the most if not the most driver-conducive setting ever conceived.

Further offerings of premium aftermarket components continue with the yellow finished StopTech BBK complete with slotted rotors and braided brake lines all around. Chassis upgrades come in the form of Status Gruppe Coilovers, Status Gruppe Top Hats (called top mounts over here), Whiteline front 30mm Anti-Sway Bars and rear 20mm Anti-Sway Bars, plus Cusco Upper Strut Bar.

Now finally we’ve come to the heart & soul of the 2005 BMW M3 – the 3.2 liter S54B32 Double VANOS 24 valve in-line 6 (333hp & 355Nm US spec), considered by automotive pundits the world over as one of the finest normally aspirated motor ever produced. And sure enough, our man Scott kept his as it is saved for K&N Typhoon Intake, Status Gruppe Exhaust with Status Gruppe Titanium Exhaust Tips, Mishimoto Radiator & Radiator Fan, and a pair of engine bay refurbishments in the form of the color-matched valve cover and intake vent. That’s it. Still, with the handy extra ponies, the K&N intake into the S54B32’s creamy smooth NA power, 6-speed manual box, Scott has one of the finest rear-wheel-drive normally aspirated performance car on the planet. With his fabulous Rocket Bunny M3, he seemed to have the best of both worlds.

Scott expressed his utmost thanks to: James Lin, Evasive Motorsports, LTMW, RNZ Conceptz, and Status Gruppe for helping get this project to where it is now.  Thanks to Michelin, Meguiar’s, Mishimoto, K&N, Amsoil, Whiteline, and NRG for supporting this build. Thanks to Sergio Guevara for all of his help behind the scenes and Efrain Garay (@efrainphotography21) for the most creative shots this M3 has been a part of. Thanks to Marcus at Golden State Auto Wash & Detail for keeping every inch of this project spotless.  Thanks to my Team Hybrid family around the world for the support of this build”


Engine: S54 B32 3.2 liter 24 valve Inline 6; (DOHC with double VANOS)

Under the Hood: K&N Typhoon Intake, Status Gruppe Exhaust (section 3), Status Gruppe Titanium Exhaust Tips, Mishimoto Radiator & Radiator Fan, Color Matched Valve Cover & Color Matched Intake Vent

Gearbox: 6-speed manual transmission, Rear wheel drive with limited-slip differential

Suspension/Chassis: Status Gruppe Coilovers, Status Gruppe Top Hats, Whiteline front & rear Anti-Sway Bars (30mm front, 20mm rear), Cusco Upper Strut Bar

Brakes: StopTech BBK (Yellow), StopTech Slotted Rotors Front & Rear, StopTech Stainless Braided Lines

Wheels & Tires: Work S1 3-Piece wheels 19” Step Lip, New Custom front & rear re-barrel: 10.5” f, 13” r; Custom Brushed Aluminum Finish (Face, Lip, Barrel), Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 245/35/19 front 295/30/19 rear

Exterior: Rocket Bunny Widebody, Custom Rocket Bunny Carbon Fiber Front Splitter, Custom Rocket Bunny Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Shaved Off Font Bumper reflectors, Molded Front Bumper Flare, Vorsteiner 1×1 Carbon Fiber Hood, Status Gruppe 1×1 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser, Black Housing Turn Signals, Yellow Lens covers over Turn Signals and Fog Lights, Tow Hook Mounted License Plate, Fog Light Covers, Piaa 6000k High Beam, BMW OEM Hard Top, Porsche “Chalk” Paint, Carbon Fiber Side Gills, Carbon Fiber Short Antenna

Interior: AutoPower Roll Bar, AutoPower 6 Point Harnesses (Black), Recaro Speed Seats (Black), Custom Seat Mounts by RNZ Conceptz, Status Gruppe 1×1 Carbon Fiber CSL Center Console, Personal Steering Wheel, NRG Quick Release, NRG Short Hub, Alcantara Roof Liner (w/Hard Top on)

Sponsors: Meguiar’s, Mishimoto, NRG, Michelin, Whiteline, Amsoil, K&N, LTMW, RNZ Conceptz
Recognition: James Lin, Sergio Guevara, Team Hybrid, Hybrid Hunnyz, Status Gruppe, Evasive Motorsports, Efrain Garay (@efrainphotography21), GS Auto Wash & Detail (@gsautowashanddetail)

Photo credit: Efrain Garay (@efrainphotography21)

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