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An Evolution That Raises The B.A.R

Does the man maketh the suit or does the suit maketh the man? This one’s clearly the latter

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so always strive to make a lasting one on your first shot. As fleeting as they are, first impressions cruelly tend to be based primarily on aesthetics as your looks or exterior is invariably the first thing people will notice about you.

Perhaps your charm and intellectually stimulating conversation could eventually win them over but if you’re dressed shabbily, eventually might not make the cut.

Therefore, you should dress how you’d like to be addressed. Be it the latest fashion if you’re after a higher social status or a suit and tie if climbing the corporate ladder is your goal.

If you seek to intimidate, aggression is the way to go… naturally. How that translates into clothes for a human we can’t really answer. Fortunately for us, the topic at hand is cars. And for that, a dynamic, assertive and in-your-face body kit usually gets the job done and dusted.

However, there are only so much body kits available for your ride and over time, people would have pretty much tried every combination possible; much like blindly mashing the buttons on your PlayStation controller for combo hits.

It begs the question then… how do you stand out? Well the obvious solution is to make your own of course.

B.A.R Boone Ae Ro is a new connoisseur on body kits in Malaysia and has been quietly sculpting some gorgeous aero for several legendary JDM machines.

The Evo 7 here proudly sports the first and only kit designed by the outfit for the model. Widened at the front and rear, it isn’t a rip off from existing wide body kits for the Evo. Instead, it’s clearly incorporated its own distinct design cues into the overall styling that translates well with the angular language of the Evo from the factory.

Although the key components of the kit are moulded; some in carbon fibre, by B.A.R, some big names in the body kit game also had a part to play that added its own personal touch to further stand out. Oh yeah, that shade of candy red from Aikka’s soft matte series shines a spotlight on it as well.

All the parts that help to widen the Evo’s track are from B.A.R. The front and rear fenders, including the extension pieces for the rear door, are all proprietary. If you’re an Evo fanboy, you would have noticed by now the front facelift that sees the aluminium hood and bumper from the newer Evo 9 retrofitted. Adding a personal touch to the front are a B.A.R carbon fibre front lip and front diffuser.

At the rear, the Evo 9 facelift continues with a genuine Evo 9 bumper and carbon fibre rear spoiler, complemented by a B.A.R carbon fibre rear ducktail on the boot lid. Lending an international touch to things is Yaris with a carbon fibre rear diffuser and side skirts with carbon fibre lip extensions.

Rounding up the look are carbon fibre door handles and canards with a pair of Ganador side view mirrors.

Admittedly, the initial impression is a busy one but once you actually take some time to admire the details, it’s a somewhat straightforward kit with some easter eggs thrown in to satisfy the visual appetite of those that take the time to digest the homemade ingredients.

No body kit is complete sans the right set of wheels. Here, a little inspiration from a tuning house that caters solely to its rivals Nissan. Impul NS-GT2 wheels that would have looked perfectly at home on a Skyline GT-R pair up rather well with the Evo. A square 18×9.5 setup with an offset of +15 all around fills up the wheel wells perfectly.

Bringing the car closer to terra firma are a set of Tein coilovers with EDFC.

Hiding behind those gloss black wheels are APP (Aviation Performance Product) big-brake kits. The front benefitting from six-pistons each while the rear makes do with four-pistons on each side.

The need for beefier wheels and stopping power is beyond cosmetic purposes. Although not making an obscene amount of power, the engine has still been given a minor boost-up with 270-degree Tomei camshafts and Tomei adjustable pulleys to dial it in. A Tial wastegate takes over from the internal one on the factory turbocharger. Intake flow is improved as well with RalliArt intercooler piping and an Evo 9 intake manifold.

An Apexi Power FC squeezes out more power from the engine to the tune of 349whp and 415Nm of torque. Enough to necessitate wider rubbers and larger brakes. The five-speed manual gearbox was also fitted with an Ogura twin-plate clutch set.

Lastly, the interior remains pretty much stock but is spruced up with some hydro-printed trim pieces courtesy of Aikka. A quartet of Defi gauges helps the driver keep an eye on the boost levels, oil temperature, oil pressure and water temperature.

Some say the man maketh the suit but in this case, it’s a safe assumption that the suit maketh the man and nobody would have any objections to that. Who says form and function can’t play well together?

Car – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 CT9A

Engine – Tomei 270-degree camshafts, Tomei adjustable cam pulleys, Tial external wastegate, Evo 9 intake manifold, RalliArt intercooler piping,

Transmission – Ogura twin-plate clutch set

Electronics – Power FC

Chassis & Handling – Tein coilovers + EDFC

Brakes – APP (Aviation Performance Product) six-piston caliper (front), APP four-piston caliper (rear)

Wheels & Tyres – Impul NS-GT2 wheels, 18×9.5 (+15)

Interior – Aikka hydro printing carbon-look, Defi gauges (boost, oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature)

Exterior – B.A.R Evo Series body kit moulded by B.A.R Boone Ae Ro, CF B.A.R front lip, CF B.A.R front diffuser, CF door handle, CF B.A.R ducktail, B.A.R wide fender (front + rear), B.A.R rear door extension, Evo 9 aluminium hood, Evo 9 bumper (front + rear), CF Yaris rear diffuser, CF universal canard, Yaris side skirts + CF lips, Ganador side mirrors, Evo 9 CF spoiler, Aikka candy red soft matte series

Power – 349hp and 415Nm

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