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Alzheimer Inducer – Perodua Alza

When you talk about Perodua these days, in general if you like, there’d be no disregarding the one awesome element concurrently associated with the self heralded ‘runner-up’ car maker – its perpetual dominion of the local compact car market. Even a lame ‘below the belt’ jibe of its ‘number two’ namesake (thus runner-up by default) like I just made would hardly ‘discolor’ it’s appeal, let alone put a wee bit smudge on its well merited best-selling car status.

Sure, that fame and glamour went rather exclusively in the direction of the all-conquering MYVI, it barely prompted this ‘elongated MYVI’ right here up the pecking order. Never you mind what harsh remarks and none too flattering comments that gets derided seemingly right after it was given in the first place (the vicious cycle of social media, posting and reposting and what have you). Such backhanded criticisms sourced from ‘sore losers’ have been a common thing in so competitive an arena. What it all comes down to is this: Perodua has become, and shall forever more be an inspiring success story for Malaysia.

Of course, the MYVI and the Alza shares a mother-load of DNA and should you happen to own Perodua yourself, which statistics says could well be a 7 to 10 certainty, you ought to get it. It is akin to how a proud owner of a brand XYZ budget smartphone feel when he found out his favorite celebrity owns the same brand XYZ albeit higher up the range.

Okay then for this very feature we ought to provide a short back story so as to amplify the far reaching extent of this dude’s Alza modifying sojourn. For starters the production Perodua Alza is powered by the 1.5-litre 3SZ-VE DVVT engine, while this anything but standard example gets a healthy inducement of forced induction for his 3SZ-VE 1.5 liter engine.

A bolt-on TDO4L turbo unit it was uninstalled off a Subaru as it were, running on 0.5 bar boost. Accommodating the above is a mish-mash of turbo ancillaries’ namely Tial wastegate, Monza blow-off valve, and a crafty custom intercooler piping and the whole shebang by an avid speed fiend who goes by Abu of JS Racing. Keeping the stock internals, the power hike does necessitates higher flow of fuel – enter Walbro fuel pump, a few other parts therein includes Works Eng fuel regulator and custom banana pipes. Extra processing power comes from an e-Manage GReddy.
Chassis upgrades features GAB Adjustable suspension with stiffer spring rates – 6k front and 5k rear, brawnier stopping power was achieved via a double layer servo brakes Honda Odyssey RB1, Honda Odyssey (front), Toyota Vios (rear). The stock rollers went and In came the 16 inches Advan RG shod with Goodyear 205/45/16.

As you can apparently see it is all about the ever appealing ‘sleeper’ exterior this Alza and indeed, with its feisty blown firepower, it goes without saying of the loads of grin inducing fun the owner have had toying with some cocky snobs with shiny and expensive brand new ‘performance cars’ who went and disturb our erstwhile Alza driver cat nap.

3SZ-VE + Bolt-on Turbo

Engine mods:
Stock Internal, 295cc YRV Injector, Custom banana, WORKS Fuel regulator , Walbro 255LPH fuel pump, Tial 38mm Wastegate, Turbo TDO4L Subaru, Blow off Monza, Boost 0.5 bar, Intercooler piping & exhaust system Custom by Abu Js Racing

GReddy E-manage

Suspension & chassis:
GAB Adjustable, Spring rates 6k front 5k rear

Double layer servo brakes Honda Odyssey RB1, Honda Odyssey (front), Toyota Vios (rear)

Rims & tires:
Advan RG 16” x 7jj et 38, Goodyear 205/45/16
Interior: Apexi Boost meter, Defi water temp, oil temp & oil pressure, Blitz turbo timer

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