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Age Old Recipe, Still Tastes Sublime – Proton Satria GTI

Take one-part sporty chassis as the base, mix in a proven turbocharged engine for flavour and allow to bake for performance

It’s a recipe that has been proven time and again so if it ain’t broke, why fix it? The Proton Satria GTI was and still is a desirable machine with the right handling credentials to fuel the wet dreams of petrolheads that yearned for an affordable hot hatch.

That unfortunately made it a favourite among thieves as well but let’s not digress. The 1.8-litre Mitsubishi-sourced mill in the Satria GTI had some respectable numbers going for it but to truly extract the full potential of the chassis, everyone knew a little more power had to be coerced out of it.

There’s the easy route for that or the hard route; the latter of which negated adding a turbocharger into the bay. It’s no surprise then that the owner has opted for the easy; and should we mention proven, method.

If a turbo was going to be bolted on, the 4G93’s internals would have to be beefed up. An easier and more abundant option would be to go full retard and throw in an Evo engine that’s already turbocharged, proven and capable of handling the abuse.

Somewhere in Japan, an Evo 3 was sawed in half and the front end shipped here. Said front end was then bought by the owner of this GTI and sent for a comprehensive rebuild to refresh things at Speed R Automotive.

This constituted a port and polish for the head of the 4G63 before the crank and conrods were fully balanced. Before being put back together with a HKS metal head gasket sandwiched between, 87mm pistons were fitted on the balanced conrods, King bearings laid for the crank and 272-degree Brian Crower camshafts slotted in together with valve springs from the latter. Arospeed cam pulleys help dial in the cams.

Fueling and spark was upgraded to a Sard fuel regulator and Walbro fuel pump with NGK Iridium plugs and cables igniting the mix compressed by a TD05 turbo and regulated by a Tial wastegate. Waste gases are fed to an Apexi muffler by a custom 3.0-inch piping system.

Supporting mods include a HKS SQV blow-off valve, Power Enterprise timing belt, Apexi intercooler and Samco hoses.

Governing all the engine’s thinking is the stock ECU that was given a remap to handle the new hardware. Going a little on overkill, the cockpit houses a GReddy boost gauge, Defi ZD, Apexi RSM, AFC Neo and turbo timer.

The five-speed manual transmission now shifts via Sard shortshifter and bites through a Cusco clutch set.

With handling tuned by Lotus, there isn’t too much to meddle with in the chassis department. To get a little more adjustability, the lower arms were swapped for alloy units and an Ultra Racing monkey bar and room bar bolted in.

Bringing the GTI to a halt was going to take more coercion as power levels have more than doubled with the engine swap. The entire braking set from a Mitsubishi FTO were fitted for larger discs and calipers at all four corners.

Hiding those brakes are Volk Racing CE28 Club Racer wheels in 16-inch and wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE003 rubbers.

Fully gutting the Evo 3 halfcut, the dashboard was fitted into the GTI’s cabin and together with a Momo Race steering wheel and contrasting blue semi-bucket seats from an Integra DC5.

On the outside, the GTI has undergone a strict diet to cut all the poundage possible. Motocarbon provided a truckload of carbon parts in the form of the hood, fender, front bumper, trunk lid, side mirror, fuel lid, spoiler and diffuser. That’s a hell of a lot of carbon parts and the definitely lends the car a purposeful façade.

The Integra that lost its seats probably donated the sunroof that was grafted onto the roof of the GTI.

This car screams purpose and performance. There’re probably more carbon fibre on the exterior than the stock metal panels and hunched over those contrasting red wheels, this GTI could easily take on some European hot hatches without breaking a sweat.

Proton Satria GTI

4G63 Evo 3, port + polish, full balancing, 87mm piston, Brian Crower 272-degree camshafts + valve springs, Arospeed cam pulley, NGK Iridium spark plug, NGK plug cable, HKS metal head gasket, HKS SQV blow-off valve, King bearings, Power Enterprise timing belt, Tial wastegate, TD05 turbocharger, Sard fuel regulator, Walbro fuel pump, Apexi intercooler, Samco hose, 3-inch exhaust piping, Apexi muffler

Stock ECU remap, GReddy boost gauge, Defi ZD, Apexi RSM, AFC Neo, turbo timer

Cusco clutch, Sard shortshifter

Chassis & Handling
Alloy lower arms, Ultra Racing monkey bar + room bar

Mitsubishi FTO brake set

Wheels & Tyres
Volk Racing CE28 Club Racer 16-inch, Bridgestone Potenza RE003

Evo 3 dashboard, Momo Race steering wheel, Integra DC5 seats, carbon fibre gearknob

Motocarbon hood + fender + front bumper + doo + trunk lid + side mirror + fuel lid + spoiler + diffuser, Integra DC5 sunroof, adjustable spoiler

Speed R Automotive

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