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Adding more bite to an Italian beast

Sports cars are ripe for modification because you want them to go faster. What about supercars though? Do they really need more power or better handling? The simple answer is, yes. If squeezing more power or trying to help a car stick to the ground more wasn’t needed, the aftermarket would be obsolete.

Throwing in turbos and even meatier tyres on supercars are as common as fart can exhaust systems on regular econoboxes trying to sound intimidating on the streets.

DMC Luxury is a small, niche outfit that caters to the aftermarket requirements of the rich that need to stand out from the rest of their fellow peers at the country club.

The point they make is, when everyone owns a supercar is it really that special anymore? Therefore, the supercar will need to stand out for them to be seen as unique or special.

DMC Luxury does just that for a number of luxury or performance makes and even has a small selection of parts for Tesla. But before we get distracted, the model from their catalogue here is Italian and a raging bull.

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 was one of the longest-selling models in the supercar makers portfolio at over a decade on the order sheets. It kept selling and wasn’t truly losing any ground to its competitors that were updated more frequently. That stonking V10 probably played contributed the most as the rest of its competition made do with at least two cylinders less.

Nonetheless, the owner of this beast wanted to stand out even more, be heard from even further away and obviously go a little faster because why not?

To get about doing that, the first thing was to address the engine’s breathing. Inhaling was improved with an EVOMSit intake kit but the real party trick here is the Kreissieg F1 Valvetronic exhaust system.

If you thought labeling their systems F1 was ambitious, we suggest a quick stop on YouTube for a sample of what their systems sound like. Done? Yeah, we told you so.

EVOMSit though are more renowned for their software upgrades and an ECU tune from them did help to liberate a few more ponies from the V10 engine that now sounds like an old F1 car at full chat.

The transmission has been left untouched because it’s capable of handling a lot more abuse than what’s currently thrown at it. So has the handling and braking package. However, more grip is one area that was given some attention and the stock wheels were replaced with some fine pieces, or rather 12 of them from BC Forged.

Why 12? Well they’re three-piece wheels so each of the four corners have three pieces and that makes 12 in total. They’re BC Forged HB-05 in 19-inch sizing if you’re considering a set for your car.

“Hey, didn’t you mention DMC Luxury earlier but what did they do to the Lambo?” Well, the entire exterior is their handiwork. The full DMC Luxury body kit is constructed from carbon fibre for some weight loss and the grille has been swapped for that of a Gallardo LP570.

Finally, the entire exterior was given a coat of ceramic coating to seal the coolness in. At first glance it might look like any other Gallardo on the street; not that there’re a million running around here, but take some time to admire this particular one and you’ll notice the subtle cosmetic enhancements that the DMC Luxury kit presents that makes this one unique bull.

Car – Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
Engine – EVOMSit intake kit, Kreissieg F1 Valvetronic exhaust system
Electronics – EVOMSit ECU tune
Transmission – Stock
Chassis & Handling – Stock
Brakes – Stock
Wheels & Tyres – BC Forged three-piece HB-05 19-inch wheels
Interior – Stock
Exterior – LP560-4 DMC full carbon kit, LP570 original grille, ceramic coating