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A Wide-Body Waja Like No Other

With the recent hype surrounding the quadruple launches of brand new Proton models, it’d be somewhat nonsensical to not allow ourselves some reminiscing of Proton’s earlier models, the likes of the GTi, a car that is still talked about in hushed tones by those who have been ‘touched’ by its greatness. Then there are those that wore the bold Proton badge with somewhat less glamorous repo but with Proton’s performance pedigree intact. Like the Waja – the first model designed in-house by Proton.

However, the Waja’s chassis was based on the first-generation (1995–2004) Volvo S40 / Mitsubishi Carisma models. The development of the Waja began at the end of the 1999 together with the Campro engine, however, the development of the Campro engine was still in progress at the time of its launch, and therefore Proton had to source the 4G18 engine for the Waja from Mitsubishi, before switching to CamPro engines in 2006. It was launched in August 2000, together with the introduction of Proton’s new corporate logo. Early batches of the Waja had no airbags, ABS, and came with fabric seats only. In 2002, a 1.6 variant X, was launched.

Sure enough at that point in time the GTi was stealing all the thunder from the Waja, and rightly so, as any of those touched upon by it mentioned earlier can attest to. But still there were those who preferred the Waja’s less ostentatious looks, and that modest ‘daily ride’ personality. With the Waja‘s repo being slightly hampered by its GTi stable-mate, there’s every reason for some of the more established tuners in the local scene to do their magic on the Waja, established tuners like KLG.

Their resume speaks for itself: racing programs, time attack machines, a whole host of variations in between the two, with tailor made packages for race-ready cars that caters to everything from full blown competition FIA compliant racing cars to performance-inclined production cars that possess KLG’s ‘Mojo’ through and through. Also for those in the know, for those not in the know but are genuinely keen in knowing, and for those who had no idea whatsoever but have the one thing all the enthusiasts have in common and that’s a heavy or heavier right foot, KLG Auto’s stellar reputation in the local tuning scene have been well and truly acknowledged all around the region throughout time immemorial.

Now the KLG treatment on this here Waja consists of numerous upgrades and modifications covering the essentials, really, with the brunt of the mods going into the 4G18 motor. As you know KLG is the sole distributor for Fanatic Racing Parts more aptly known as FRP and you guess it this mighty red wheeled Waja has beneath its front hood a pair of FRP goodies – the TD05 turbocharger and the requisite FRP intercooler. Then comes the custom stainless steel manifold, S90 throttle body, Synergy aluminum radiator and the likes. The stock 4G18 pistons were replaced with semi-forged pistons, while MMC metal gasket is installed to alter the compression accordingly. Other mods include the fuel delivery system (510cc injector and Sard fuel pressure regulator), Works oil catch tank, Turbosmart wastegate, HKS SQV, custom stainless steel intercooler piping and Samco hose.

Extra brain power, ever more so crucial with a handy performance upgrade such as this comes in courtesy of the Link Atom ECU. Transmission upgrade was limited to the Exedy Racing Clutch.

Aesthetically there’s no mistaking the wide-body work and the huge GT-style wing, making this KLG Waja Turbo a truly one of a kind Proton, especially with those loud and attention-grabbing red Vossen wheels. Other noteworthy mods includes a pair of R34 4-pot front brakes, HWL adjustable suspension, Ultra Racing strut bar, while inside there’s a stack of Auto Gauge full range meter and 3-spoke Sparco steering.

Car: KLG Proton Waja

Engine Mods: 4G18 FRP TD05 Turbocharger, FRP intercooler, custom stainless steel manifold & intercooler piping, Turbosmart 38mm wastegate, HKS SQV, semi-forged pistons, King bearing, MMC metal gasket, Works oil catch tank, S90 throttle body, Synergy aluminum radiator, 510cc injector, Sard fuel pressure regulator

Electronic: Link Atom ECU

Transmission: Exedy Racing clutch

Brakes: Skyline R34 4-pot calipers front, 320mm custom disc rotor (front & rear)

Suspension: HWL adjustable, Ultra Racing strut bar

Wheels & Tires: Vossen 17 inch red wheels

Exterior: Custom designed body kit, GT Wing

Interior: Auto Gauge full range meter, Sparco 3-spoke steering

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