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A True Rally Breed

Everyone who watches World Rally Championship would know Subaru as they are always in a heated battle with Mitsubishi to see who can come out ahead. Even after they have pulled out from the rally scene, Subaru has always stayed true to its root, in fact, they are one of the very few car makers in the JDM market who still produces a sports car.

The letter STi holds a very special appeal for many Subaru Impreza enthusiasts. Subaru Technica International is the mad division of Subaru much like M is to BMW or AMG is to Mercedes. The STi badged Impreza have serious respect and are always in big demand. The Bug-eye Impreza is Subaru introduction of the “New Age” Impreza as it replaces the much-loved original shape Impreza. As much as people tend to go for the 22B or the Hawk-eye Impreza, I have always loved their Bug-eye (Version 7) WRX STi as it has the unique look with the round headlights.

The feature car is the last batch of the Bug-eye Subaru Impreza WRX STi built in 2002 before they switch over to the Version 8 blob-eye Impreza. Under the hood, it houses Subaru famous flat-four boxer engine code EJ207 fitted with a VF30 turbocharger, a 565cc injectors and a larger top mount intercooler (TMIC). The EJ engine has been around since 1988 and was first introduced in the GC8 STi. It’s obvious that every car that we feature on Hypertune isn’t stock and this is no exception. Inside the engine, the owner decided to strengthen it with a Mahle forge piston in order to take some extra boost. Other parts of the engine were kept stock except the original radiator was changed to a Synergy Radiator paired with Forge hose and the original blow off was replaced with the HKS SQV blow off. To complete the car, Max Exhaust did a custom muffler which makes the rumble sound even better than what it came from the factory. The horsepower of the car remains stock which is sufficient enough at 265hp and 0-100 km/h time of 5.2 seconds and bare in mind this is from a car that is 17 years old now.

The transmission on the car should be the TY856WB1AA transmission which has an open front differential, viscous centre differential and an AP Suretrac R180 differential which does a phenomenal job of putting down the power of the car when the owner decides to send it round a bend. The transmission was kept stock as the owner feels that it is sufficient for him however, the car was given Tein SuperStreet suspension in order to give it more precise handling. The original BBS wheels were replaced by Works CR2P measuring 18 X 10JJ.

Moving into the car, the owner kept the interior in a pristine condition where every component of the car doesn’t look like it has aged at all. On the centre console, there is 3 Defi Genomo gauge which gives all the information the owner needs to know about his car condition. A Blitz turbo timer and Pivot speed meter were also installed onto the car. Besides that, every other part maintained stock as to how it came out from the Subaru Manufacturing plant.

The exterior of the car is fitted with a Varis carbon fiber bonnet to bring down the weight and also to give the car the look is lack off. With the carbon fiber bonnet installed, the car now has an angrier look from the front. A set of body kit by Fuza Motorsport & Venis Bodykits which include the canards, front splitter, and slight widebody arches was installed on the car.


Car : Subaru Impreza WRX STi Version 7

Engine : EJ207

Engine modification : Mahle forge piston, Synergy radiator, HKS SQV blowoff, Forge hose, Max Exhaust custom muffler

Wheels : Work CR2P 18-inch X 10jj

Suspension : Tein SuperStreet

Interior : Defi Genome gauge, Blitz turbo timer, Pivot speed meter

Exterior : Varis carbon fiber bonnet, Bodykit by Fuza Motorsport & Venis Bodykit

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