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A Storm is Brewing

What do you do when you’re one of the most accomplished tuning garages in Kuala Lumpur, with ties to renowned Thai engine builder, Mr. Toon? What do you do when the cars which roll out of your workshop are totally different beasts compared to when they first rolled in? What do you do when your tuning garage is known to many as a problem solver? Simple. Build a super monster of a JDM supercar with some of the rarest and most coveted parts around, and give it lots of power, around 800 to 1000bhp, to be exact. Chris of Power Qube estimates that the car is now vapable of around 700-800bhp, but the ECU has yet to be tuned to its full potential. “Once the engine is run in, I think we can hit 1000bhp quite easily,” says Chris.

With the resources that Power Qube has at their fingertips, building a car like this may seem easy, but we can assure you it hasn’t been an easy journey for them. First, they had to find a suitable donor car, and Kenny gracefully sacrificed his own Toyota Supra for the project. Then came the hassle of rebuilding the whole car from the ground up. The chassis was completely stripped and repainted. All unnecessary parts were removed or replaced with lighter items, all in a bid to make the Supra one of the wildest Malaysia has ever seen.

Building this Supra required a lot of phone calls to Japan, as well as countless trips to Bangkok. Parts were ordered from Japan, while most of the engine work was done by Toon Engine Shop. A year’s worth of blood, sweat and tears has finally culminated into the wide and low blue beauty you see before you. Enough with the lengthy and boring intro, let’s get on to the inner guts of this baby.

As always, we start with the engine, the heart of any car. And in a typical Supra, there’s the legendary 2JZ-GTE engine, but this is no typical Supra.

The bulky, 3-litre 6-cylinder engine was removed from its comfy home and torn apart for a full and proper rebuild. Nothing of the block’s innards remains, as the pistons are now forged items from JE which are connected to the fully balanced crankshaft by forged I-beam conrods from Crower. The whole rotating assembly’s kept in place with Calico conrod and main bearings with ARP main studs holding everything together.

Up top, the head receives a pair of Brian Crower camshafts with a 280º duration and 11.49mm of lift. With such high lift and long duration cams, the valve springs and retainers are upgraded accordingly with Brian Crower valve springs and custom made titanium retainers. The valve lifters, valve shims and valve guides were also custom made to higher specs for better reliability. Finally, GReddy adjustable cam pulleys were thrown into the mix to tweak the camshafts to perfection, along with a HKS timing belt to make sure everything runs in perfect harmony.

Most of the engine’s 800bhp (which has yet to be tuned) comes from a giant Garrett GT45 turbocharger. The 2JZ-GTE now breathes through a MiT 100mm throttle body which is attached to a fat MiT intake manifold. With a big fat mouth ingesting all that air, the engine needs an equally big…exit chute to eliminate any power sapping restrictions. Exhaust gasses are taken care of by a free flowing MiT exhaust manifold and a straight pipe exhaust system with no muffler. This thing is LOUD. MiT stands for Made in Thailand, by the way.

The meat of the turbo system is the earlier mentioned, football sized Garrett GT45 turbo. This monstrous snail huffs and puffs through custom made piping and a 5 inch thick MiT intercooler, while excess boost is released by a HKS GT2 wastegate. Finally, a HKS EVC 5 boost controller governs the massive turbo’s boost level.

Fuel is provided by a massive maze of fueling equipment, all of which can be seen behind the front seats. Fuel is pumped from an internal Walbro fuel pump, supplemented by a trio of Bosch 044 fuel pumps. A SARD fuel surge tank ensures that the engine is never starved of fuel while a SARD fuel rail and a Mallory fuel pressure regulator send fuel to the massive injectors. Governing the engine’s fueling parameters is the revered HKS F-Con V-Pro Version 3.24 standalone ECU.

Last but certainly not least, keeping the highly stressed engine safe from terminal failure are custom made, race spec water and oil pumps, along with ORC power steering fluid and oil catch tanks.

The Supra’s standard gearbox is renowned for its strength and ability to handle big horsepower, but as is the case with a lot of other cars, the clutch needs to be replaced with something a little hardier to cope with more power. Acting as the coupling between engine flywheel and gearbox is a massive ORC 4-plate racing clutch, which has a surprisingly light action and is actually quite forgiving.

For precise handling and a deliciously low ride height, a set of Zeal coilovers are installed. These coilovers allow the pretty Supra to sit nice and low, and help to keep the 800bhp coursing from the rear wheels under control.

It wouldn’t make much sense to create a car with mega horsepower without taking care of the braking system, so Power Qube wisely sourced a set of Grippen brakes (8-pots front, 6-pots rear) to bring the massive JDM supercar to a halt. A Hurst Line-lock kit was also fitted, which allows the driver to divert all braking force to the front brakes if he feels the need to indulge in a bit of hooning and perform a glorious burnout.

The wheels on this car are probably the only set to be found in Malaysia, as Power Qube sourced these wheels from HKS Thailand during one of their many trips up north. These wheels were specially created for Nobuteru Taniguchi’s HKS liveried Nissan Silvia drift car, and this set of wheels is one of only three available in the whole world. These wheels weren’t for sale, but after much persuasion from Chris, HKS Thailand finally let Chris have the wheels, and for a very good price too. Much to his delight (and mine, they look absolutely stunning), the massive 18 inch wheels filled up the arches perfectly. Many tyres would gladly kill for the chance to be fitted onto these wheels, but the honor was given to a set of Goodyear’s Eagle RS Sport tyres, measuring 265/35R18 at the front and 285/35R18 at the rear.

Inside the stripped out and very orange interior, a pair of Bride Zeta III bucket seats gently cradles the driver and passenger. Attached to the removable, quick release hub is a Sparco Monza steering wheel while a massive Autometer Carbon monster tachometer glares angrily from the right side of the instrument cowl. Nicely positioned on the dashboard is a plethora of Defi gauges, which display just about everything one needs to know about the engine’s parameters. A very cool Moroso switch panel which houses the switches for the fuel pumps is fitted on the centre console while a genuine and finely crafted SARD battery box houses the battery, which has been relocated to the rear of the car.

Outside, the Supra is transformed into a true monster with the Top Secret GT300 bodykit. The bodykit consists of the super wide front fenders, rear quarter panels, the front and rear bumper, sideskirts, the bonnet and that massive GT wing. Finishing off the pseudo Le Mans racecar look are the tiny Craft Square carbon fibre mirrors.

Looking at this Supra, you’d think that it was complete, but as Chris mentioned, it’s still about 200-300bhp shy of its true potential. When this thing hits the streets with its full 1000bhp at its disposal, I think it’d be a safe bet to lock your doors and stay indoors until the storm passes.

Car: JZA80 Toyota Supra
Engine: 2JZ-GTE, 3-litre, DOHC straight-six, twin turbo
Engine modifications: Brian Crower 2JZ Full Race 280°/11.48(Mm) Camshafts, GReddy 2JZ Cam Sprocket, custom Titanium Retainers, custom Valve Lifters, custom Valve Shim, custom Valve Guide, Brian Crower 2JZ Valve Spring, Water Pump racing spec custom, Oil Pump racing spec custom, HKS Twin Power DLI, HKS GT2 60mm External Wastegate, MiT Intake Manifold, MiT Aluminium Radiator, MiT Exhaust Manifold, MiT 5” Intercooler, MiT 100mm Throttle Body, HKS Timing Belt, ARP Head Stud, ARP Main Stud, JE 87mm Pistons, Crower I-Beam Connecting Rods, Calico Conrod Bearings, Calico Main Bearings, Garrett GT45 Turbo, ORC Racing power steering fluid tank, ORC racing oil catch tank, SARD fuel surge tank, SARD Fuel Rail, 1 X Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump, 3 X Bosch 044 Fuel Pump, Mallory fuel pressure regulator
Transmission: 6-speed manual, ORC 4-plate clutch
Suspension/Chassis: Zeal fully adjustable coilovers
Brakes: Grippen 8-piston calipers and rotors (front), Grippen 6-piston calipers and rotors (rear), Hurst line-lock kit
Wheels & Tyres: 18 inch Super Advan Racing Ver.2 (Nobuteru Taniguchi Version), Goodyear Eagle RS Sport tyres, (265/35R18 front, 285/35R18 rear)
Electronics: HKS F-Con V Pro Version 3.24 ECU, HKS EVC 5 boost controller, Defi gauges (boost, oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, exhaust temperature, fuel pressure), HKS Launch Control System
Interior: Sparco Monza steering wheels, Bride Zeta III seats, SARD battery box, Moroso switch panel, Autometer Carbon Monster tachometer
Exterior: Top Secret GT300 bodykit
Tuner: Power Qube – 03-5637 9637

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