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A Gallardo Full of Chic and Panache Imbued With More Than 620 Ponies Courtesy of Exotic Mods

I have been going through a series of updates and news on that upper reaches of ultra mega premium supercars where mortals like you and me daren’t thread. Recently a supposed ‘entry level’ Ferrari dubbed the Portofino was launched and as those funny folks at Jalopnik had stated, to have an entry level Ferrari is something of a misnomer.

Be that as it may, misnomer or not it goes without saying that from one end of the spectrum to another; this spectrum referring to the collective car loving fraternity everywhere, we are forever smitten or besotted or infatuated by Ferraris and Lambos and everything in that exalted company. Such infatuation is reason enough to be the driving force behind the perpetual release of not only this particular magazine but when you really put things into perspective, it goes some ways in the progressive development of humanity as well.

Yeah that last part might be stretching it a little although it doesn’t take a far fetching imagination to put two and two together in that regard to conclude how one man’s desire to own an Italian exotic is in any way related to the ‘progressive development of humanity’.

Inasmuch as the beeline for the matter is concerned, us mere mortals with a dashboard full of unpaid bills, with bank cards that ‘retaliates’ unfavorably when prompted, we ought to accept that such exotics as unfathomably fabulous and majestic as they are to both our eyes and hearts are forever more kept away from our reach, as such they reside upon an exclusive domain with darkened hallways, guarded by fearsome faceless knights with sharpened blades that scythes any unwelcomed gesture from the onset.

Which is why we have the utmost admiration for those well heeled individuals that possess both the means and perhaps more importantly the tastes to own and experience these fine examples of high-ended automobiles that have been imbued with all manner of go-faster and look better components seemingly straight out of the box. And more to the point we are all fortunate to have the likes of our dear friend at Exotic Mods who have dedicated their energy and life force to come up with such sublime creations like this exceptional Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.

Brought to bear at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the Gallardo LP 560-4 was a significant update of the Gallardo, powered by a new uneven firing 5.2 Liter 40 valve V10 engine rated at 560ps delivered at 8000rpm (hence the name) and 540Nm at 6500rpm of torque. Featuring “Iniezione Diretta Stratificata” direct fuel injection system to improve efficiency; fuel consumption and CO2 emissions have been reduced by 18% despite the increase in performance. It also has a new design inspired by the bolder and distinctively more exotic Murciélago LP 640 and Reventon. Key features as per the LP560-4 new powerplant includes 40ps hike over the previous model, a Corsa mode 6-speed E-gear with 40% quicker shifts and reconfigured restrictions of the traction control, with a Thrust Mode launch control system added. Oh all in there was also a handy 20kg weight reduction to boot.

As you’d expect the result was a hellishly quick ‘entry level’ Lamborghini – 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 11.8 and a 325 km/h top end. And as impressive as all these numbers are we haven’t even take into account the handy Exotic Mods upgrades the owner have opted for. Now we do not have all the ‘sleazy’ details with regards to the resulting gains yeah?

The perfunctory details falls under the heading ‘for us to know and for you to either not know ever, or if you’re determined to do so, to find out’; seeing as this way we sound more mysterious.

Anyway here’s the lowdown on the performance upgrades: no messy splitting up of the engine block, no excessive reworking of the bottom end, just simple and straightforward bolt-on aftermarket stuffs that yielded considerable gains both at the dyno and also on the owners’ right foot. As per the intake on the high riding normally aspirated V10, a BMC High Performance Carbon Racing Filter System is installed while on the exit a fine cat-back exhaust system from Kreissieg went in, and along with custom ECU remap from Exotic Mods the upgrades took power up to 620hp!

Keeping things classily simple on the styling front, I mean simple for a Lambo pretty much, a trio of Exotic Mods aerodynamic enhancements are put in place: Exotic Mods LP570-4 Style Front Bumper, LP570-4 Style Side Skirts and LP570-4 Style Rear Spoiler; the LP570-4 designation referring to the ‘impartial’ hike in output.


Car: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Engine: 5.2 Liter 40 valve V10

Engine Mods: Exotic Mods Custom ECU Remap, Kreissieg Cat-Back Exhaust System, vBMC High Performance Carbon Racing Filter System

Max Output: 620hp

Max Torque: Unspecified

Chassis/brakes: stock

Exterior: Exotic Mods LP570-4 Style Front Bumper, Exotic Mods LP570-4 Style Side Skirts, Exotic Mods LP570-4 Style Rear Spoiler

Workshop: Exotic Mods (Sunway Damansara)

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