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A Former Lancer Given A Handsome TME Makeover

Amidst hypothetical and theoretical concepts of alternate universes being collectively accepted by the world’s smartest folks (supposedly made abundantly clear by their pristine collection of multiple doctorates and PHDs; though many have a wanker of a problem what that unofficial title), pondering the narratives of what’s doable, what’s attainable and what might altogether be impossible no matter how funky an alternative you happen to be in.

That sure does sounds like plenty of fun doesn’t it? It has been defined that an infinite variations of all of us goes about their merry ways in one alternate dimension after another. Sounding well nigh preposterous and outrageously inconceivable (smart people loves these long elaborate words don’t they) the alternate universe idea is empirically proven to be as real as any of their otherworldly theories and hypotheses according to smart people who works as scientists who were then invited by Nat Geo to explain with the aid of animations et al.

So I guess this lot together with their supporters (those who’re ever so inclined to speak and behave like smart folks) ought to be well up for a quick game of What-ifs; you know what if you had this, what if she did that, and what if Senna hadn’t died in 1994? You get the idea yes? Now back into my perfunctory character as a writer and the matter at hand. Please consider the following: what if there never was a performance-focused Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution? Would its Lancer donor car survived more than forty years in production throughout its lineage of ten generations, reaching record-breaking sales figures (with more than 6 million units sold)?

Well, marketing ploys and stratagems being what they are, the Lancer’s perfunctory design essentials: front engine & front wheel drive, 4-door sedan, compact dimensions, a multitude of choices as per its powertrain, contemporary styling et al, it’d do well enough for Mitsubishi as its flag bearer, with nary an inclination to ‘Evolve’. Although the introduction of the Evolution had for one elevated the Lancer’s image and repo, being Mitsu’s primary mass market car need not be beefed up, or fast, just reliable in the long run.

On the other hand att the other end of the spectrum such boring requirements as reliability, economy and all that wouldn’t even be mentioned let alone considered. Still that was then, yet this is now where in one solid wallop of an all in one package you can have it all, as in being reasonably fast and reasonably loud yet also being reasonably economical. As it is, all these need be within reason.

Being a reasonable kind of guy, this well made Lancer EVO TME conversion have pretty much placed reason at the center of his consideration. Well, perhaps not exactly conservative style-wise but again, reasonably funky all things considered.

Starting with a CK2A Lancer the journey to full fledge TME Evolution VI party dress, with the benchmark Evolution performance and handling upgrades et al. Sporting a full EVO VI Tommi Makinen aerodynamic kit, he opted for the usual carbon fiber exterior accessories: front hood, rear boot and spoiler all in the fibrous stuffs. Further additions include sunroof from Evo II, PIAA wipers, Coco door visor resplendent in Mitsubishi’s & Ralliart body stripes with appropriately placed decals therein. Matching the vivid white finish of the TME bodykit is the white also Volk TE37.

More TME accessories can also be found inside: seats all around from the TME, Ralliart accessories, Defi gauges, plus some token of carbon fiber as well. Performance upgrades centers around the 4G63T half cut from the Evo V, extra brain power courtesy of GReddy E-Manage, Jasma exhaust, Sard fuel regulator, plus a few more Ralliart engine accessories.

The manual gearbox gets HKS clutch, while handling gets Cusco adjustable coilovers, and Cusco strut bars, while added stopping power comes via the Evo V brake kit.

Mitsubishi Lancer CK2A

Engine Mods:
EVO V 4G63T 2 liter DOHC in-line-4, Ralliart red engine piping, Carbon fiber cooling plate, Sard fuel regulator, JASMA exhaust system, GReddy E-Manage piggyback system

HKS clutch kit

Cusco Adjustable coilovers, Cusco strut bars

EVO V (fully transplanted stopper kit)

Wheels & Tires:
Pearlescent White-finish Volk Racing TE37

TME Seats (front & rear), Ralliart red carpet, Momo Ralliart steering wheel, Ralliart meter stacks, Ralliart gear knob, bespoke/custom armrest, Defi Blue X5 meter, Defi air fuel ratio meter, carbon fiber AC vents, EVO V door trim

EVO VI Tommi Makinen Full Bodykit, front hood, rear boot, spoilers (all carbon fiber), EVO II sunroof, red rear step reflector, Coco door visor, PIAA carbon fiber wiper

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