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A Dolphin With a Trick Up Its Sleeve

Those of you who are deeply rooted in the Honda culture will get the title reference. Officially sold as the EG6 Honda Civic, this fifth generation Civic roughly takes its design after a bottlenose dolphin, hence the nickname. Despite not being an eye catcher when it was launched 27 years ago, the EG6 has grown over the years to be something of a JDM cult icon. Honda fanboys stop dead in their tracks when a mint EG6 hatchback cruises the streets, even more so when it has been treated to a plethora of modifications.

Cue the turquoise street weapon of Club Project R. Rather than opting for a larger engine swap like the popular B18CR unit, this proud EG6 owner decided to stick with the original B16A power plant. That being said, by no means is the motor stock. The port and polished head is accompanied with Skunk2 valve springs and 82mm high comp pistons. Cams are taken care of by a Type R unit and a subsequent AVS cam pulley. The engines appetite for air and fuel is quenched via a Type R intake, AVS fuel pump, AVM fuel regulator and an AEM fuel rail. Giving it the spark it deserves a Type R distributor and Ultra Silicon cable plugs. Built and tuned by RS Auto, Pitstop Garage and RMD Tune, this little racer is a blur when you bury the throttle and wrangle the gears.

There is a saying that power is pointless if it cannot be harnessed. Well a LSD gearbox teamed with a super bitey Ogura clutch and Type R gear linkage does that job rather handsomely in this pocket rocket. Waste gases are turned to eardrum ripping screams through a 4-1 Jasma extractor and a complete Buddy Club piping system. The effects of these hardware modifications are managed by an ironclad P30 ECU that has been used for high performance VTEC models without breaking a sweat. Esteemed tuners would be able to identify that the owner has focused on maximising output throughout the rev range rather than putting all his eggs in the infamous VTEC zone basket. The act of doing so allows the car to easily place other cars in its rear view mirror.

Bringing the car to a halt with ease is an overkill pair of 6 pot GReddy brakes while the rear maintains the original EG6 discs. MINES Hi-Lo Soft-Hard adjustable suspension is employed allowing the owner to fine tune the handling as he wishes. Chassis stability is ticked off the list with Function7 alloy arms underneath, an internal rear Thai brace and an engine strut bar.

Exterior wise, the 90’s hatchback applies a minimalistic yet functional approach to road racing. The body kit is original including the fully functional sunroof but the rather large J’s Racing GT Wing does attract attention. The only other mentionable tweaks are the Mickey Mouse carbon fibre side mirrors, rear Sonar tail lamps and TYC Chrome headlights up front. Satisfying the drivers need for G-Force and unique outlook is a set of white Kid Racing rims wrapped in Toyo Proxes R888 rubber held in place with Rays lugnuts.

Inside the driver is stuck in place in Integra DC2 seats facing a Momo Race Gold, VAFC read out, white EG6 metre cluster, 5 GReddy metres and a Zoom rear view mirror. Not short of information there that’s for sure. Despite the performance orientated upgrades, the car is still a decent daily capable of blasting out tunes through Gathers speakers and a Sony audio unit.

Car: Honda EG6

Engine: B16A

Engine Mods: Head port & polish, valve spring Skunk2, piston 82 high comp, cam Type R, distributor Type R, intake Type R, cable plug Ultra Silicon, cam pulley AVS, fuel pump AVS, fuel regulator AEM, fuel rail AEM, extractor 4-1 Jasma, piping set Buddy Club

Gearbox : Gearbox LSD, ratio gear 3 & 4, Ogura Clutch

Electronics: ECU P30

Handling Mods: Adjustable Mines HiLo Soft Hard, Function7 Alloy Arms, Thai Rear Inner Brace Bar

Brakes: GReddy 6 pot (front), rear original EG6

Rims & Tyres: Rim Kid Racing, Toyo Proxes R888, Rays Nuts

Interior: Meter GReddy 5, GReddy Turbo Timer, EG6 White Meter, Integra DC2 Seat, Momo Race Gold Steering, VAFC, Type R gear knob, Type R Gear Linkage , Zoom rear view mirror, radio Sony, speaker Gathers

Exterior: Original EG Bodykit, Visor and Sunroof, Carbon Fibre Mickey Mouse side mirror, Carbon FIbre J’s Racing GT Wing ,Rear Sonar tail lamps, TYC chrome Headlamp

Tuner: RS Auto, Pitstop Garage, RMD Tune

Club: Project R (Honda Racing)

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