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The perpetually active local motor racing scene has stagnated, they say. And ‘they’ reasoned, being the hub of said scene, the impending absence of that ‘Formula Satu’ weekend from the SIC calendar come 2018 onwards, meant that there’s nothing much to look forward to. They say.

Well that’s the fickle state of the new cyber generation of self confessed racing enthusiasts, being all fixated on F1 and everything associated with the sport, meaning glamour, partying, happening, and high end lifestyle. They’re knowledge of racing, whoops F1 racing I mean, revolves around the all-excess cyber domain of handy clickable sources, which, despite being a sub-universe onto itself, these folks are only interested in Lewis Hamilton latest tattoo, or who won, who lost, who fast, who slow, who good, and who not good, and in that order.

I precluded the above ‘sideswipe’ specifically for those posers (there’s no other way to put it) in this Swift S1K feature to make them see what real racing is all about. What pure blooded and genuinely passionate motor racing fans slash enthusiasts slash practitioners do 24-7 all for the love of the sport.

There’s nothing much as per the glamour or ‘lifestyle of the rich and famous’ in it, even if quite a few are pretty damn rich themselves. Nope, nothing of the sort, it is pure racing, the buzz, the adrenalin, the dopamine fix a racing driver gets when they’ve devoted their mind body and soul in pursuit of their collective goal – to win, and the deep and utter satisfaction thereof.

This race prepped Suzuki Swift was one of the cars in the official entry list for the recently held Sepang 1000km which featured racing cars of the Group N and Group A categories – encompassing 1600 to 1800 cc (with stipulated rulings as such). The organization behind this Swift’s 2017 S1K campaign is none other than Works Engineering – a major player in every conceivable aspect.

Partnering Team DOT Eyewear, this Works Swift also counts Lucas Oil, Multi Profit Resources, Spike, Senira Motorsports and Tom’s Stickers, as their additional partners. The crew of KSJ Garage provides support.

Being a race car, this Swift’s list of modification is therefore strictly regulated, with nary a loophole to exploit or to maneuver around. You see for genuine racers such as these guys the thought of gaining some advantage via some illegal concept or approach would never ever occur, and suggest them not in that regard, ever. In any case the powerplant mounted snugly under the hood is, you could say, decent (in the grand scheme of things) but pretty much spot on for endurance purposes.

The Swift’s twin cam engine had its head ported and polished, its stock ECU reflashed, while the stock cams and valve springs were replace with Tomei and Monster respectively. The gearbox is stock as well albeit with Cusco LSD. The rest of the Suzuki hatch is all as straightforward as they come, meaning aftermarket parts coming in place of the stock.

The stock suspension was ditched in favor of Claw adjustable ones, the brakes had its stock pads replaced with Project Mu Racing 999.

The interior is all standard fair, for a race car that is. You’ve got the prerequisite rollcage (6 point), Beltenick racing seat & harness, NRG gauges, Sparco steering and that’s pretty much it.

Car: Suzuki Swift

Engine Modifications: port & polish heads, stock ECU reflash, Tomei cams, Monster valve spring

Transmission: Standard gearbox with Cusco LSD

Brakes: EK9 Project-mu Racing 999 brake pads

Suspension/handling: Claw adjustable absorber

Interior: 6-point rollcage, Beltenick racing seat & harness, Sparco steering, NRG temperature gauges (oil & water), oil pressure gauge, C four management

Partners: Works engineering, Lucas oil, Tom’s stickers, Multi profit resources, Spike, Senira Motorsports

Supported by: KSJ garage & crew

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