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2000 AD – Honda S2000 Hardtop 2003 AP1

With all the lime lights focused solely on its ‘lesser’ sibling, the S2000 fraternity; as in the substantially huge worldwide S2000 enthusiasts slash fraternity, has been sorta ‘disenfranchised’ but not by any means ‘discontinued’, to summarily define the kinetic nature of a full fledge subculture of an unquestionable icon.

The S2000 reaches further than being just another icon, its stellar merits and extensive repertoire of pure goose bump inducing driving sensation, more than justifies its reputation. In every precept entailing what constitutes a truly brilliant automobile, the S2000 have notably outshined some certified greats to the detriment of the latter. Inadvertently the many traits where the stylish roadster perpetually shines revolve around its mighty F20C motor (F22C in certain designated parts thereafter).

As impressive as that fabulous atmo engine was whence it first surfaced all those years ago, with its highest specific output for NA engines with what was it 240hp from 2 liter? Even now that number still commands respect and admiration all around does it not? In fact some sixteen or seventeen years the numero uno normally aspirated protagonist the Ferrari 458 Speciale churns out a ‘mere’ 132.7 hp per liter which isn’t all that far off the S2K’s own 125hp from 1000cc ( JDM spec S2K with higher compression ratio enabling 247hp at a bellowing 8600rpm).

With such a legendary motor, brilliant dynamics thanks in part to its front engine and rear wheel drive layout, the S2000 have preempted its rightful spot amongst the exalted unofficial sports car hall of fame, without so much as having an extra decal on its stylish exterior. It streaked to 60mph in a still respectable 5.4 secs, 14 clicks for the quarter mile, with a 149mph/240km/h maximum speed. You can only imagine what contemporary extrapolation these numbers entail; therein the current headliner from Honda the ‘wicked awesome’ Civic Type R ‘sizzles’ over the century sprint in err ‘roughly the same time’.

If you figure something to be askew as per the above narrative you might well be right. Then again, do not let the above less than flattering excerpts disenchant you from perusing in detail this eye-catching S2000 draped in bold glossy blue – the owner’s choice of finishing augmenting the INGS bodykit extremely well, ditto the carbon fiber hood. The low hunkered down look received further compliments thanks to a set of Bridgestone shod Enkei rims sized 18 inch. On the inside there’s a couple of Mugen components: seat and steering, plus a couple of Apex-i meters.

The Enkei TMEs partially hides a fine setup of aftermarket stopping power: Spoon calipers, 2 piece rotors, Endless CCRG brake pads and custom brake stopper. The brake setup does its stellar job as and when thanks in huge measure to an extensively modified handling setup consisting TEIN shocks, a slew of Spoon, Cusco and ASM chassis strengthening components.

Now the F20C VTEC inline four motor gets the lion share of upgrades: the stock piston and conrods were replaced by CP and BC kits respectively, the fully balanced motor gets Mugen headers (with J’s Racing header heat shield) and Toda Racing throttle body; plus a number of exotic aftermarket parts such as custom titanium water tank, aluminum radiator, carbon cooling plate as such. There’s also a trio Password JDM engine bling-er (heat shield, fuse cover, intake cover), while 5Zigen muffler sucks spent gases out the rear via a trick custom piping. Hondata standalone ECU – the unequivocal authority in the aftermarket ECU for Honda scene, supervised the perked up F20C which runs on Amsoil lubes. The drivetrain also received some handy extras such as OS Giken clutch, Spoon Sports capacity up differential case, differential bushing collars et al.

This exceptional Honda S2000 is maintained by Superture Motorsport and Dominatoz Sport.

Car: Honda S2000

Engine: F20C 1997cc DOHC VTEC inline four

Engine Mods: Engine fully balance, Mugen header, CP Piston kit, BC connecting rods, Toda throttle body, Custom titanium water tank, Aluminum radiator, HKS oil cooler, J’s Racing header heat shield, Password JDM heat shield, Password JDM fuse cover, Password JDM intake cover, Custom piping with 5Zigen muffler, Carbon cooling plate

Electronics: Hondata stand alone ECU

Transmission Mods: OS Giken hyper single clutch, Spoon capacity up differential case, Differential Bushing Collars

Handling/chassis: TEIN absorber, Spoon tower bar, Spoon Center Brace Bar, Cusco chassis bar, ASM under bar

Brakes: Custom brake stopper, Spoon caliper with 2pc rotor, Endless CCRG pads

Wheels & Tires: Enkei TME 18 inch wheels, Bridgestone RE003

Exterior/Aerodynamics: ING’S bodykit, Carbon hood

Interior: Mugen seat, Mugen steering, Apex-i 3-DIN meter, Apex-i RSM

Note: Car maintain by Superture Motorsport /Dominatoz Sport, runs on AMSOIL lubricants

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