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Petron Blaze 100, Is It Silently Available?

On the 8th January we ran a short feature on the transformation of a number of Petron Fuel stations which were going through in anticipation of the Petron RON 100 fuel launch this coming 15th January. The automotive enthusiasts in general were ecstatic as this would mean they could finally really maximize the performance of their rides safely without the aid of costly octane booster. While the preliminary launch date was a week from the wildfire announcement there were some rumors spreading that the transformed RON 100 fuel terminals were actually in fact already retailing the RON 100 fuel at the RON 97 price. Could this be the test phase?

Hypertune Petron Ron100 BMW 2

Some of our staff and enthusiasts however swears that the fuel they filled at the Petron stations were definitely not RON 97, so could it be RON 100? One of our colleague visited the Bangsar Petron to fill up his COBB Tuned BMW 335 breaking away from his normal fuel choice of Shell V-Power Racing to test the rumor. According to him, the Petron fuel did make some obvious difference for his BMW’s power delivery whereby the car now feels much smoother power-wise, with lighter revs and no obvious timing retardation on his BMW’s COBB 98 MAP tune.


Furthermore even some of the Volkswagen Club enthusiasts prior to last weekend track day filled up at RON 100 designated bays at some of the Petron stations and were surprised at the difference they felt compared to their usual RON 97. One VW GTi owner Mr. Joo Hun whose vehicle runs an aggressive REVO Stage 3 tune was very pleased with the performance of his car on the rumored fuel. He felt some noticeable differences on the track as his car rev’s better and best of all after clocking about 230 KM covering both the track outing and his drive around, he still has a little more then half a tank of fuel left.


Well, most of us enthusiasts know how fuel thirsty the Subaru Impreza STi’s are. This particular S204 owner is running a custom tuned on his ride pushing more than 300 Bhp at the wheel. During any road plus track sessions that he participated in, he was able to clock around 110-120 KM’s on a full tank, however this time around with the mystery fuel, he managed to clock close to 200 KM’s while at the same time seeing some good power delivery.

Now, there is no news from any parties at PETRON with regards to the fuel availability or which stations already completed its switch as the official launch is on the 15th January 2016. All this are feedback from enthusiasts like you and me who are always looking for something better. Why don’t you give it a go and let us know what you feel, furthermore its at a bargain price of RON 97 fuel. By the way, listed below are the 8 confirmed stations the new Petron Blaze 100 will be made available at which for the moment covers just Klang Valley and Johor.

Klang Valley
1. Petron Jalan Maarof
2. Petron Sg. Besi Toll Southbound
3. Petron Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
4. Petron Kesas Westbound
5. Petron Mile 3 Federal Highway
6. Petron Damansara Kayu Ara

1. Petron Skudai Toll Northbound
2. Petron Linkedua Southbound

Below is a short video done by 5th Gear UK on some different Octane fuel’s and if your car will actually shows improvements. Higher RON fuel would only show significant power improvement on performance oriented vehicles which means most of our daily rides could just stick to the cheaper RON 95 offerings.