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Ultra Racing Bars Build Series

Just how much of a difference does installing Ultra Racing bars make? We’re finding out by having a Stage 1 Ultra Racing bar package installed ...
// December 7, 2018

What’s Good at KLIMS 2018

2018 is coming to an end so it’s only right that we deserve an automotive treat. Such a treat is here, from 23rd November to ...
// November 27, 2018

The MYVI GT is the Myvi We Need

Thank the heavens! Perodua has looked at the aftermarket scene and seen how whacky and diverse Myvi owners modify their cars, so they’ve had a ...
// November 26, 2018

It’s Tyre Wars and Falkens Got A Weapon!

Falken Tyres and their official Malaysian distributor, Stamford Tyres, launched the Azenis FK510 in Malaysia this month. Those unfamiliar with the code names, Falkens Azenis ...
// August 24, 2018