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Untaming The GTI

40 years of evolution and 6 generations of developing the Volkswagen Golf have led to this current generation – the Mk7 Golf GTI. As ever, each generation surpasses the previous and the current GTI is unquestionably the best yet. With a 2.0-liter TSI engine, producing 188.3hp at the wheels, mated to a 6-speed DSG gearbox and clocking a 0-100kmh time of 6.5 seconds the Golf GTI continues to set the benchmark of its class and proves itself as the pioneer of the GTI designation.

pro’ART Motorsports began with a group of friends consisting of engineers, tuners and race drivers with an idea to work together, sharing their knowledge and experience, and create something unprecedented that would rock the automotive scene. The group is well known in Germany and other parts of the world, and is beginning to garner recognition in our local scene as well. They are also affiliated with Wing Hin Motorsports in a joint effort to share experiences and resources for both on-the-road and racing applications.

With the Mk7 Golf GTI being new to the market, it offers new opportunities to develop performance parts for eager customers with the need for speed. pro’ART offers a Stage 1 upgrade for Mk7 owners which is a full ECU remap. This remap overwrites the default software on the ECU with their own setup to optimize the engine’s performance without forgoing the reliability. Without any hardware upgrade, horsepower has been increased from 188.3hp to 218.3hp at the wheels while retaining a nice steady power curve across the rev range.

The Golf GTI has 4 driving modes available – Normal, Comfort, Eco, and Sport, so naturally we tested the car in Normal mode first as the benchmark. Suffice to say the additional 30hp makes such a significant difference and if you’re not gentle, and I mean REALLY gentle, on the throttle you’d be thrown back on your seat with the force of a raging bull. This was on Normal setting, and really, in any setting the car is able to unsettle the traction on the wheels effortlessly. Sport mode offers the most enjoyable use of the car with sharpened rev response and aggressive up and downshifts effectively utilizing all 218.3hp at the wheels and encouraging you to keep pushing the car harder and faster.

For more information about the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7 Stage 1 ECU Remap or to find out what pro’ART Motorsports can do for your car, please contact Michael Knaus at 017-3131 306, write to them at, or visit their facebook page at

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