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Speedworks Turbo Kit

Turbocharging is an easy way to increase your car’s power output and with the advanced yet affordable piggyback ECUs available today, blown gaskets and shattered pistons need not be a monthly affair anymore. While there is still a certain risk when it comes to turbocharging an engine, when it’s done right, the risks are minimal and the rewards are gratifying.

A turbo kit consists of three key parts, the piping, the intercooler and the turbocharger itself. Of course, one would also need a manifold for the turbo to hang off of. Other parts which a turbo kit would need are an uprated fuel regulator, higher flow injectors, a piggyback or standalone ECU, and a blow off valve.

While there are many ways to go around getting your hands on a turbo kit, it’s normally best to get one from someone who’s put in hours, days, maybe months, of research and development into bringing a quality product to the masses.

Speedworks have been around as long as the tuning scene has in Malaysia. The company is one of the first tuning outfits in Malaysia and can be credited with helping to develop the Malaysian aftermarket performance scene to what it is today. Speedworks have been creating turbo kits for numerous car makes and models over the years and now they have a turbo kit available for the sickeningly popular Suzuki Swift.

Speedworks turbo kit for the Swift consists of an AXT turbocharger, an AXT blow off valve, a K&N air filter, an alloy intercooler and intercooler piping, a Hot Bits exhaust system and your choice of either a GReddy E-Manage (blue) or a Dastek Unichip piggyback ECU.

Speedworks were kind enough to invite us over to try out their newly turbocharged Suzuki Swift and we would be quite silly to turn that offer down. Who can resist a turbocharged hatch?

Speedworks claims that their turbo kit will increase the engine’s output by up to 60% with 0.6bar of boost, with RON95 fuel. And according to their dyno charts, this Swift now pushes out 149.3hp at 6970rpm and 175.3Nm with GReddy’s E-Manage and 152.1hp at 6280rpm and 178.1Nm at 5440rpm with Dastek’s Unichip. In stock form, the Swift pushes out a measly 88.9hp and 116.9Nm of torque.

So now that we know what the kit is capable of, how does the Swift feel to drive with the kit installed? Boost arrives pretty early in the Swift, at around 2000-3000rpm and when the boost kicks in, the car pulls strong and hard. The engine continues to pull pretty well all the way until about 5500rpm, at which point the surge of power and torque then begin to taper off. The extra power and torque also mean that the Swift will happily accelerate all the way to 190km/h and stay there for as long as the road allows.

The best thing about this kit is that the standard cooling system can be retained and Speedworks have assured me that they have yet to encounter any cooling problems with their demo car. The gearbox is also standard, but it’s recommended that an ATF cooler be fitted to help the gearbox cope with the extra power and torque.

Overall, the turbo kit transforms the Swift from mild mannered daily commuter to a reliable semi hot hatch with lots of potential without breaking the bank; definitely an option worth considering if you’re a Suzuki Swift owner looking for a way to make your beloved hatch more exciting.

Speedworks Turbo Kit
– AXT turbocharger & blow off valve
– Allow intercooler and piping
– K&N air filter
– Hot Bits exhaust system
– GReddy E-manage OR Dastek Unichip

Before 88.9hp
After 149.3hp (E-Manage)
Gain +60.4hp

Before 116.9Nm
After 175.3Nm (E-Manage)
Gain +58.4Nm

RM6600 to RM7000 (kit only)
RM1000 (dyno and installation)

Speedworks – 03-7955 5533


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