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Sparks Ahoy!

For an internal combustion engine to work, it needs three things: Air, Fuel and Spark. What decides whether the engine runs well, hard and fast, or poorly, boggy and slow, is how much air and fuel is used, and when the spark is fired. The size and intensity of the spark plays a small part as well, especially in highly tuned, big horsepower engines.

What we have this month is a fairly new product from a fairly new company, Okada Projects. The Japanese company founded in 2003, Okada Projects was set up with a goal to develop new, revolutionary products for the advanced ignition systems found in cars today. The product in question is Okada Project’s Plasma Direct ignition coils.

These new, revolutionary ignition coils from Okada Projects are able to provide a bigger and better spark in the combustion chambers, allowing for a more complete and efficient burn of the air and fuel mixture in the chambers. Additionally, the Plasma Direct ignition coil has a multi spark discharge, as opposed to the factory coil’s single spark discharge.

Newer cars, such as the current generation of BMWs, the GD series Imprezas and the new Evos, and Honda’s K series engines all use individual ignition coils (one for each cylinder), instead of a single ignition coil and a distributor to provide spark. This new Direct Ignition or Coil-On-Plug arrangement means that ignition timing can be more finely controlled by an electronic computer, which results in more power, and less ozone layer munching emissions.

Now that we know a little more about the Okada Projects ignition coils and Direct Ignition, let’s see what these coils did for our test mule, Hypertune’s very own Version 8 Project Scooby.

Replacing the stock coils with the Okada Projects coils is simple and straightforward, although changing the ignition packs on a Scooby is not a very easy job, due to the layout of the boxer engine. With an in-line engine, it’s about as easy as changing a spark plug.

The last time we put Project Version 8 on a dyno, she made 292.57bhp at the wheels. This was with a freer flowing intake and exhaust, a front mount intercooler and a reflashed ECU tuning map, courtesy of EcuTek.

Swapping in the new Okada Projects ignition coils netted us a healthy increase of 20.2 bhp at the wheels, which is quite a bit more than I expected. The final power figure has finally breached the 300bhp mark, and stands at 302.77bhp at the wheels.

A wondrous result for sure, but it has to be said, each car is different, so don’t expect to see the same sort of power increase on your car.

For more information on Okada Projects products, kindly contact N1 Racing at 603-5636 5557 / 603-5636 5559.

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