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Rotrex Supercharger

It might seem slightly ridiculous to try to extract performance from a bulky SUV like the Harrier, but it really isn’t as absurd as it seems, especially if all it has under the hood is 2.4 litres of grunt. Besides, car manufacturers today are all taking the ‘small capacity, forced induction’ route with their engines for the sake of fuel efficiency, so it only seems fitting that we follow suit.

When it comes to wanting discreet and silent power in a refined luxury car like the Harrier, you can’t go wrong with a supercharger. A supercharger also has very linear power delivery which is perfect for a car like the Harrier, preserving its civilized road manners and refined nature. Some may not appreciate the whine that a supercharger normally has, but this Rotrex unit is a silent runner as it doesn’t run on gears and screws like typical superchargers.

Rotrex superchargers run on a gearless, traction drive system. The Rotrex patented traction drive uses an elastic annulus with a small pre-span to secure contact between the roller planets and the sun shaft with a reasonable force. The patented “ramp effect” increases efficiency and reliability in the transmission by regulating the torque transfer capability on demand through self-adjusting planet geometry. This is what makes Rotrex superchargers run silently without the typical supercharger whine.

Each Rotrex kit comes complete with everything one would need to make the kit work, including a heat exchanger, belts, pulleys and mounting brackets and clamps. The stock internals and cooling system can still be retained and reliability does not suffer. For optimal results, it is recommended that a piggyback ECU be fitted as well.

This Harrier was brought to our attention by Vision Auto in Sunway, who are also an authorized Rotrex dealer. In standard form, the Harrier’s 2.4 litre lump is capable of a paltry 114.96hp at the wheels, with 17.05kg/m of torque. This Harrier was also fitted with a Dynojet Power Commander so that it runs seamlessly with the Rotrex supercharger kit. With just the Dynojet Power Commander, the Harrier gains a slight increase in power and torque, with 119.87hp and 17.97kg/m.

With the Rotrex supercharger fitted, the Harrier makes a more wholesome 156.49hp and 20.20kg/m of torque with only 0.45bar of boost. While this may not seem like a huge increase in power, one must remember that in a car like this, what we want is lots of smooth, endless torque.

If you look at the dyno chart, you’ll notice that the Rotrex supercharger kit boosts the torque delivery of this engine quite significantly, with the torque curve being relatively flat and pulling well all the way to the redline. In comparison, the NA torque curves begin to taper off after 4000rpm. Bear in mind that this Harrier retains its stock exhaust system and the standard intake box.

Rotrex supercharger kits are now available for a range of car makes and models from Vision Auto. For more information, please call them at the number listed below.

Rotrex Supercharger Kit
Dynojet Power Commander

Before: 114.96hp
After: 156.49hp
Gain: +41.53hp

Before: 17.05kg/m
After: 20.20kg/m
Gain: +3.15kg/m

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