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The new Civic Turbo is riding high at the moment and we’re all catching the wind just like all you Honda enthusiasts Just to remind you that the ‘12 Basic Mods’ for the new Civic Turbo is exactly how the name implies: 12 basic modifications that you can do for the new Civic .


Now taking it up a notch or two here in our Power Page we bring you an honest to goodness tuning upgrade from the purveyors of chip tuning in all its power enhancing glory. We’re talking about RaceChip right here and knowing full well what they are capable of we can expect some mind-blowing power gains from the simplest of tuning jobs. They’re the tried and true experts in the field of engine tuning, the acknowledged go-to guys, simple as that.


Now we ought to agree that tuning your Honda Civic can be a very rewarding experience, and since the brand new Civic is turbocharged the rewards manifests itself two-fold pretty much, especially with RaceChip. For this Power Page feature 2 RaceChip products are installed on the new Civic 1.5T which is rated at 173ps and 220Nm, namely the RaceChip Pro2 and the RaceChip Ultimate.


Offering excellent value for money, as well as high level of Chiptuning variables and parameters as in adjustability, the RaceChip Pro-Series range remains among the most popular tuning options in the market. The RaceChip® Pro2 comes with a even sportier 24 MHz processor and a brand new unique and compact casing, made from heat-resistant glass fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) casing. The RaceChip® Ultimate is the latest development by RaceChip engineers. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 48 MHz processor, a glass fibre reinforced casing and FCI-automotive-connector, it is the best of what Chiptuning can offer, allowing performance output which in turn gives you the absolute maximum driving pleasure.



The RaceChip installation were initially R&D’d in Japan, for the 150ps CVT-equipped Honda StepWGN model with of course identical 1.5 liter VTEC turbo engine. Therein the RaceChip market expanded into China, Hong Kong, Thailand and then now into Malaysia. With the RaceChip Pro2 and Ultimate the Civic Turbo the new numbers are indeed considerably more impressive as you can see from the dyno.


The dyno run conducted at Ken Racing Shop in Bandar Sunway showed first of all the stock car’s 161ps and 216Nm at-the-wheel figures. With the RaceChip Pro2 the numbers shot up to 199ps and 268Nm. The max power comes at 5500rpm while the max torque arrives just after 3000rpm remaining linear up to 5000rpm. The 38ps and 52Nm gains were obtained with RON97 fuel, and RaceChip also provides differing fine tuning for RON95, RON97 as well as RON100 fuels.

KRS Honda Civic FC 1.5T Malaysia_RCU vs Pro2

The RaceChip Ultimate is even more impressive: 210ps and 274Nm, gains of 49ps and 58Nm respectively. Peak figures for power was obtained at just over 5500rpm while the torque figures i.e. characteristics were similar to the Pro2 reaching its peak over a broad range of revs. Obviously the performance of the RaceChip equipped Civic 1.5T is mouth-watering to say the least.


For more information please call RaceChip at +603-7772 7229 or go to their website

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