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Powerzone Supercharger Kit

True performance is all about the power-to-weight ratio. The lighter the chassis, the less weight the engine has to lug around, and when there’s less weight to lug around, there’s a lot more fun to be had.

Shoving a bigger engine into a small chassis is a tried and true recipe for blistering performance and that’s what NS Performance have done to this Kancil. But wait, there’s more…

This Kancil has the EJ-DE 1-litre engine from a Kelisa in the engine bay, which should make it quite a spritely thing to drive around. To make things even more fun, there’s a supercharger bolted on to it as well. Things are about to get interesting.

This Kancil is just one of the many cars which NS Performance has bolted a supercharger to. Not too long ago, we featured a Gen 2 with a supercharger kit in this section and we’ve also featured a supercharged Perdana V6 in the past. NS Performance is one of, if not the only, tuner in Kuala Lumpur who offers custom built supercharger kits.

In stock form, the EJ-DE engine produces a paltry 55bhp at the flywheel. It isn’t much power but it’s just enough to have fun with in a chassis as light as the Kancil. But NS Performance has managed extract much more than that from the puny 1-litre engine by fitting a supercharger, and a full exhaust system which includes a tuned length Powerzone extractor.

With the supercharger and the exhaust system installed, the EJ-DE’s power figures are almost doubled! With the boost set at 0.6bar, the little engine now makes 68.08hp and 90.76Nm of torque at the wheels, which means that at the crank, the engine makes 84.41hp and 112.54Nm of torque. The engine doesn’t have a proper engine management system as it only has a rising rate fuel pressure regulator to ensure that the engine receives just enough fuel. We reckon that with a proper engine management system, the little Kancil could potentially make at least another 10-15hp.

We also got the chance to test drive this little scorcher of a Kancil and we have to say that the engine transplant and the supercharger installation is a worthy alternative to the 660cc Mira turbo engine swap. The whine of the supercharger is quite intoxicating and acceleration is fairly brisk and grin inducing. Power delivery is fairly linear and while this Kancil won’t blow away and Evos or Imprezas, it has the potential to embarrass lots of boy racer hatchbacks out there.

Powerzone Supercharger Kit
Powerzone Tuned Length Extractor

Before 55hp (factory quoted figure, measured at the crank)
After 84.41hp (crank), 68.08hp (wheel)
Gain +29.41hp

Before 88Nm (factory quoted figure, measured at the crank)
After 112.54Nm (wheel), 90.76Nm (wheel)
Gain +24.54Nm

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