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Optimization is Key

Hondata ECUs are steadily gaining popularity amongst Honda enthusiasts, especially those who know their stuff. Hondata ECUs are based on factory Honda ECUs, with a few extras added in. Hondata’s philooophy is that nothing runs a Honda better than a Honda ECU, which is what makes Hondata ECUs so good.

This time round we have a completely stock DC5 Honda Integra Type R, without any modifications whatsoever.

The Hondata’s features include :

• High and low speed 16 x 20 ignition and fuel tables for correct VTEC tuning
• Injector size fuel trim
• Fuel trim for starting, throttle tip in and individual cylinder trim
• Rev limiter with fuel cut
• Launch control with anti-lag
• Adjustable VTEC window with load and throttle control
• Adjustable idle speed
• MAP sensor type and calibration
• Adjustable boost cut with hot and cold settings
• Closed loop control
• Air temperature compensation
• Fuel and ignition correction based on gear
• Closed loop
• Three general purpose outputs for nitrous control, quad boost control or similar
• On board datalogging trigger conditions

The Hondata K-Pro ECU is a straightforward swap; just swap your standard ECU for the K-Pro and start tuning. With features like this, it’s easy to see why the Hondata is such a popular choice.

Before the Hondata was swapped in, the DC5 pulled 188.83bhp and 18.13kg/m of torque at the wheels on the dyno, which is typically what a stock DC5 would put out. The Hondata was then swapped in, and Jacky started working his magic on the laptop.

After the fuel and ignition maps were optimized, the DC5 managed to churn out 216.95bhp and 20.81kg/m of torque. The owner is quite pleased with the results, as he says the car is now a lot more responsive and more fun to drive.

With the Hondata K-Pro, the K20A of this DC6 gains a healthy power increase of 24bhp and 2.5kg/m of torque. Not bad for a box of chips and circuits.

Honda K-Pro ECU

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