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NS Performance Supercharger Kit

Superchargers are not new; they’ve been around since the late 19th century. Supercharging is a great way to increase your car’s power output, due to its simple nature of forcing more air into your engine. Unlike turbocharging, superchargers are less prone to oil leakages, engine destroying boost spikes and overheating. The downside is that they oftentimes don’t produce quite as much power as turbochargers, but the tradeoff is increased reliability.

Another advantage of superchargers is that there’s no lag. Driving a supercharged car is a lot easier than a turbocharged car, because there’s no sudden surge of torque which could send you understeering or oversteering into a curb or a wall.

If superchargers are so darn good, then why aren’t there more supercharger kits being offered on the market? For one, superchargers can be hard to acquire, unlike turbochargers which can be bought from just about any halfcut shop. Secondly, trying to line up the supercharger pulley with the crank pulley can be quite a headache. This is where NS Performance comes in and they hope to fill that gaping hole in the aftermarket performance market with their supercharger kits.

NS Performance have supercharger kits available for many cars, such as the Perdana V6, 1.3 and 1.5 litre Protons with the 4G13 or 4G15 engine, the EJ-DE from the Kenari and the Kelisa, the Campro, as well as many other models. We at Hypertune had the opportunity to test some of these supercharged cars and the results are quite satisfying, but none were as satisfying as this Gen 2.

NS Performance has taken the humble S4PH Campro engine and given it a total rebuild. The entire block was blueprinted and balanced while the cylinder head’s ports were polished and ported to promote better air flow. The standard camshafts were also replaced with wilder Powerzone ones to make the most of the ported cylinder head. Of course, there’s the supercharger kit with intercooler and the engine now receives fuel from a Powerzone fuel rail with 240cc injectors and a Walbro fuel pump. Also installed on the engine is a Powerzone 4-2-1 stainless steel extractor and the engine is now run by a Dynojet Power Commander III piggyback ECU.

Before the supercharger was installed, the Gen 2 already had the cams, exhaust, blueprinted block and polished head. This was enough to give the Campro 114.31hp and 146.62Nm or torque at the wheels. This is a pretty good bump in power, considering that stock Campro engines are usually capable of no more than just 90-plus hp at the wheels.

With the supercharger installed, the Campro is now capable of producing a whopping 181.26hp and 213.39Nm of torque at the wheels. Doesn’t seem like much, but for a 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder engine to be pushing out these power figures is not easy feat. We also got to test drive this Gen 2 and the results are very satisfying. Engine response is excellent and there’s so much torque, plus, the whine of the supercharger is just so gloriously addictive.

NS Performance Supercharger Kit

Before: 114.31hp
After: 181.26hp
Gain: +66.95hp

Before: 146.62Nm
After: 213.39Nm
Gain: +66.67Nm

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